Qisas Ghrayri l-Muslimin

Dastur Ya Rijal Allah, madad! For the occasion of the sorrowful events it is our duty to give
advice to the Muslims. Because the Prophet (saws) said "Religion is advice." Although it is not
welcomed, but my conscience forces me to speak a few words for the sake of the legacy of the
Master of beginning and end, Sayyidina Muhammad (saws). "Religion is advice." Subhana Allah
Al 'Aliy Al 'Azim, Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Allahu Akbar Al Akbar!

O Muslims, I am your brother, a weak servant. But my conscience did not leave me till I speak to
the Muslim world. As the Prophet (saws) said, "Religion is advice." I am sorry, that there are no
more people who give advice to the Ummah and people are left in the hands of the lowest kind of
people Sufaha. You understand the meaning of the word Sufaha? Safih means the worse of
people. They are the ones who have no mind and do not have goodwill. The Prophet (saws) says,
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi Al Hamd.

O Arabs, welcome to you. My Arabic is little but you must understand about what the Prophet
(saws), what he (saws) says. The Prophet (saws) of the end of times, the Beloved of the Most
Merciful, the pride of all creation, the Master of beginning & end. "If matters are not in the
hands of the rightful ones, wait for the last hour." Arabic or Turkish? If it is Turkish translate it to
Arabic. If it is Arabic then you understand. Allah Allah! If the matters are not in the hands of the
rightful ones, other than the rightful ones, means? The Sufaha. Sufaha/lowest kind of people
who are not honoured by Allah (swt) nor by the Prophet (saws). Safih, sufaha/lowest people.

Listen & take wisdom, "And I free not myself from the blame.." (12:53) as Prophet Yusuf (as) said
"And I do not free myself from blame. Verily, the ego is inclined to evil" (12:53) He is a Prophet
(as), free from blame, then how are the rest of people? And the Prophet (saws) says "listen & take
wisdom and if you take wisdom you will benefit." Listen! Listen... The words of Allah (swt), the
orders of Allah (jj). I wish to stand up every second, but I became weak and I ask my Lord (jj) to
have mercy on me since I cannot give enough honour to our Lord Al Haqq (swt) and His
Prophet (saws). I am sorry about the events that have fallen and are continuing to fall on the
Arab countries.

The point of our words is, as the Prophet (saws) says, "listen and take wisdom O Muslims." O
Muslim world, the Prophet (saws) said "There is no harming nor reciprocating harm, in Islam."
Finish! Finish.... These are only two words but, they can teach the whole world; teach them
lessons, educate them & give them manners. What did we say "La darar wa la dirar fil Islam."
True? Yes, Haqq. What have you done? What have you done, in the Muslim countries? They
stood up, the Muslims.. May Allah (swt) have mercy on us, forgive us. We don't accept what

We have a word... translate it "if a dog ate shit, it could never dirty the ocean. We have a Turkish
Muslim saying "if a dog ate shit that does not make the ocean dirty." One dog, ate shit would the
ocean of Islam the Prophet (saws) whom all the worlds stand to honour, get dirty? That dog ate
shit! How is my Arabic O Muslim Arabs? You like it? One dog ate filth, filthiness it is not
appropriate to say it, so we say he, the pimp ate shit, (bad insult) Why do we have to punish him?
(film maker) For the sake of this dog, his words, if a dog ate shit would a sea, an ocean get any
dirt? Hasha! Hasha! Let what he ate, eat him. What does it have to do with us?

To stand up... the Muslim nations, all the people stood up and made aggressive demonstrations.
And therefore we say that the Prophet (saws) says "There is no harming nor reciprocating harm,
in Islam." Who listens to the words of the Prophet? They listen to the words of shaytan. That dog
ate dirt and for him, millions of people went out & spread in the streets. They did not spread for
what is happening in the Muslim countries, in the land of Sham. "The Land of Sham is Kinanat-
Allah" treasure house of Allah (Hadith Qudsi). With this commotion and, for the sake of these
shaytans, for something like this, it is easy, but it is not for (Sham).

Shame on them. Shame on who provokes fitna in the Muslim nations. To cause harm and the
Prophet (saws) says "There is no harming nor reciprocating harm, in Islam" Do you listen? Let
him eat his own shit. Why dirty the world with the words of that shaytan? That shaytan is a devil,
curses will come on him. For what he did millions of people stood up destroying & burning.
Whether for the sake of truth or not, you do not do things that are forbidden in Islam "La darar
wa la dirar fil Islam." Who has done all this badness is a filthy dog. if he ate dirt, it will never
dirty the ocean.... Once you stand up with your own mind to answer him back in this manner
you made dirt to touch... to dirty you from East to West. Islam became in the eyes of the world
like a beast, a beast who harms and harms the rights of people.

Where are the Muslims? Not one person spoke about this honourable Hadith "La darar wa la
dirar fil Islam." What made it permissible for you to burn, to violate the property of people and
harm them? And for Muslims it is forbidden for us to do harm. "There is no harming nor
reciprocating harm, in Islam" the Sharia says, the Mighty Sharia says that on the Day of
Resurrection, Yawm Al Qisas, Allah (jwa) will not leave the rights of any man, everyone will be
given his due rights. The harshest rights that will be exacted from a person, are the rights of... the
rights of the non-Muslims. These ones will not forgive & will say "O our Lord we do not accept
his apology. We will take of his faith to make us accept." The harshest matters on Judgement Day
will be this.

And therefore Muslims respected the non-Muslims, their honour, their wealth and their souls.
This is the reality. And therefore throughout the centuries the non-Muslims lived in the Muslim
countries, happy & proud; keeping their religions according to their beliefs. Churches nor
Synagogues, never did Islam touch them. Synagogues.... History witnesses the justice in Islam.
The purity of Islam, the honour of Islam. Who taught them to do like this? Millions of people like
beasts did things that the mighty Sharia forbade them to and threatened them on Judgement
Day that the harshest judgement will be on them for oppressing People of the Book... There must
be punishment!

Where are our scholars? Don't they know these things? So someone like myself must speak. Al
Hamdulillah Who honored me with long age, and ornamented me with reason and Islam and
awareness. Especially the bombs that they are making, they are forbidden from the start! Allah
(swt) does not approve of this, not our Lord, nor His Beloved! And not the conscience of anyone
who has a conscience!

O Muslims, leave the biggest of forbidden things! Return back to the path of Allah. The Lord of
Glory revealed to his Prophets (as) and especially the Prophet (saws) of the end of times. He
taught us everything. But we didn't learn anything! We only learned what the disbelievers and
obscene people are doing! And we are walking on their path! God Forbid! There are true
Muslims amongst us. They are the men of Allah! If they say Allahu Akbar nothing will work
anymore! Not bombs, not planes and not ... They would stop!

Where are the Muslims? Where are the Muslims? No harming anyone, and no harming one's
self! Look at the integrity of Islam, the dignity of Islam, the dignity of Muslims! O Muslims, did
you learn these things from the fools among the disbelievers and obscene ones? You learned from
them & you left the path of Islam, the manners of Islam, and took their path! And so, Allah (swt)
paid you back with your own hands!

Nauzu Billah Ya Rabbi! Ya Rasulullah Forgive us. Send us a king Ya Rasulallah, to fight for the
sake of Allah (swt). That's what we wish for! We wish for a king! No king remaining! All kings are
busy with themselves! They left the path of Haqq. They left the advice of the Prophet (saws). O
Muslims, return because this way is blocked and it is a path of destruction. If you continue on it
not a single one of you will remain! Allah (jwa) says (swt) Astaizzu Billah "Qul Huwa Al-Qadiru
`Al√° An Yab`atha Alaykum `Adhaban Min Fawqikum Aw Min Tahti Arjulikum" (6:65) And
the Prophet (saws) said Aman Ya Rabbi. "Don't send upon my nation punishment from Heavens
or from beneath their feet. But if they continue going along the path of these devils The Holy
Verse Aw Yalbisakum Shiya`an Wa Yudhiqa Ba`dakum Ba'sa Ba`din" (6:65) Return back!
Return back to the mighty Sharia O Muslims, and if you don't return back, then "Verily the
Vengence of your Lord is severe!" (85:12)

Take your care! O Muslims in the east and west. I wouldn't say a word but this is something I
was ordered to do, to speak to the Muslim World to return back to Islam, to the Order of Allah!
And Allah will defend the believers. Sadaqa Allahu Al Azim Ya Rabbi, we repent and return
back to You.Ya Rasulallah tawba Ya Rasulallah Tawba Ya Rabbi. Send us a King Ya Rabbi. to
fight for Allah's sake. O our Lord Subhansin Sultansin... Send us a king. Send us the promised
King, Mahdi (as) to save us from the hands of disbelievers, obscene and ignorant and unjust ones.
Aman Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi.

O Muslims forgive me. If I make a mistake, ask your Lord to forgive me. I am a weak servant. If
I make a mistake, He and His Prophet (saws) will punish me. And if I didn't make a mistake then
you are determined! Allah will punish you!

Thanks be to Allah (swt). Thanks be to Allah, and to His Prophet thanks and praising.
Allah..Allah We are ashamed in front of our Prophet, Ya Rabbana forgive us O Master of
beginning and end, intercede for us intercession! Send us a king to unite us, Unite all the
Muslims who....O you granted us a good news Ya Sayyidi, Ya Rasulallah, after will come....
"after the tyrants, a man from my family, who will fill earth with fairness & justice as it was filled
with unfairness & oppression." The Prophet was asked, "who will lead after you O Prophet?" He
said, "there will be after me Khalifas." and after the Khalifas? "after Khalifas Princes, then after
princes Kings, then after kings tyrants." "Be wary O servants of Allah (swt) from following
tyrants! Or there will come upon you what will come upon the tyrants!"

Tawba Ya Rabbi We repent and return back to You. I want to witness Mahdi (as), Sultan of the
Muslim world and of all the world! Be prepared to receive Mahdi (as) - no other for you! No
salvation for you without Mahdi (as)! May Allah (swt) support him, make him appear, and answer
our prayers.

For the honor of His Prophet (saws) Fatiha.

Lefke, 24.09.2012

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