Maulana Sheikh NazimRevive Your Spiritual Life

Not every man is human. Humanity is an honourable title, not everyone has a right to have it. This is why prophets were sent to us: to change our nature from being animals to becoming humans.

Whoever is a follower of Heavenly Teachings will get power in their souls and will reach levels which can be called human. Whoever does not follow Heavenly Teachings will experience that their souls will get weaker and weaker and they will never be able to change their animal nature. On the contrary, the weakness will grow and they will become worse and worse.

We all have an animalistic nature: we eat, drink, get married and have physical desires. If someone only lives for the sake of eating, drinking and sexual desires, he is on the same level as an animal. You cannot trust such a person, he can bite you at any moment.

This is why we need the teachings of prophets on every step of the education: starting at the level of kindergarten children have to learn Heavenly Knowledge. Tell them which characteristics are good, which belong to humans and which are like animals. You must continue this education right up to university. Even professors should learn such things. Their title means nothing if they don't change their animalistic nature. In Heaven they will not be asked for their title, they will be asked for their level of humanity and if they have done all they could to become better persons while on earth.

Everyone will die. Our souls come from Heaven brought to us by an angel. In the same way an angel will bring our soul back when we die. When they reach the first of Seven Heavens, they will be asked, "Has this person changed his animalistic nature, or remained the same?" If he hasn't changed he will be kicked down. The doors of Heavens are not open to the ones who have lived like animals. This rule applies to everyone, whether they are English, French, Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist. It is only interesting if the person has changed his nature, or not.

It is honourable to be a human, but animals will be kicked down again. Everyone must try because everyone will die and will be taken up. Jesus* is looking out for his nation, Muhammad* is looking for his nation, Moses* is looking for his. All of them are in Heaven. Only Jesus Christ* has his physical body there with him too, the Lord took him up to Heavens exactly the way he was. The other prophets have their physical beings in the graveyard in their tombs. Only their spiritual body is in Heaven. All of them look out when someone new is coming, to see which nation he belongs to. Then the prophet in charge of that nation has to check him but very often he cannot accept the level of the people coming.

We must change our animalistic nature. We must try to take more care of our humanity and to improve from day to day. On our last day we must try to be the best. We are beginners and our goal should be to become the best.

People nowadays think that just because they reached the 20th century, they have become angels. They want to continue in the same way into the next century just drinking, eating and enjoying themselves sexually. They do not consider to enter the new century in a clean way. They are preparing to transfer all the dirt of this century into the next. But according to Heavenly Knowledge that is impossible. The 21st century will not be dirty. It is enough that people in this century have made everything so dirty. Whoever have the intention of taking such a dirty life style with them into the next century, will not reach that century. So many dirty illnesses, actions, beliefs and ideas are filling up this century.

I saw a writing on the wall in Peckham, 'Save our school!' I do understand what they want to say, but I don't understand why they don't write, 'Save our children!' instead, because that is the most important thing.

I saw another writing today, 'It is better to kill your speed than to kill a child!' People in this century are so worried about their physical death, they don't take any precautions for their spiritual life. They don't care whether they are alive spiritually, or not, and they do not care whether their children are. This is the case in all western societies, not only in England, and our foolish Muslim countries are trying to copy it.

It is the source of every problem, crisis, war and evil. People are letting the satanic kingdom prosper and they are encouraging everyone to join in. At the same time they claim to have reached the top of civilisation. What a lie!

From the animalistic point of view we are all alive. Prophets and holy people came to revive the spiritual part of us and make us able to enter Heavens.


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