Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Rights of the Lord

Allah supports those who have good intentions in their hearts. So many people come and complain about their situations and I understand that they are not getting Divine Support. If you get Divine Support everything will be all right. Everyone who complains about their situations must once more have a look at their habits and find out what kind of relationship they are having with their Lord.

When a car stops it is important to see what is wrong with the machine. If you do not find the mistake you will not be able to move. Make a check-up! So many people make check-ups with their physical beings, but they do not bother about their spiritual being, about their relationship with their Lord.

Allah supports true ones, He will never let them down. He supports His trustworthy ones because they are the inheritors of the Prophet* who are always in Divine Service. If anyone wants to improve their situation and save themselves, they must make their Divine Service their priority.

As long as you are giving more value to this worldly life and putting your Divine Service in second place, you are not a true and trustworthy one. It is the most important lesson for mankind.

When you are given honour you are also given responsi-bility. In an empire the King and Queen deserve the highest respect because they carry the highest responsibility. Those who carry responsibility will be asked, "Did you use your authority to urge my servants to give me the highest respect?" It is not easy to be a king, a queen, a governor or a minister. Allah will ask them first, "Oh my servant, I dressed you in majestic clothes and people were respecting you and bowing to you. If I had not dressed you no-one would listen to you, you would be like others. I chose you. Have you used your power to call people to my Divine Service?"

Someone who is responsible for 10 people or more will come into the Divine Presence on Judgement Day. Allah will ask these 10 people, "My servant was responsible for you. Did he give you your rights and urge you to give your highest respect to me?" If these people say that he did his best, he will be blessed.

If people now would do a referendum in all the countries of the world asking that question, I do not think that people would give their governments a good report. Governments are only concerned about giving their people work, make them earn money and pay income tax. That is the priority of every government. They do not ask what their citizens are doing in respect of the rights of their Lord. They only ask for human rights. What about the rights of the Lord of Heavens?

We need to make a U-turn. The direction we are on is the worst and most dangerous. One day London might be gone. One day Paris may be gone. One day the whole of the Western civilisation might be gone. One day the whole of the Oriental civilisation might be gone. One day everything on earth might be in ruins and people's bodies burnt. Satan and his devils will be the only ones laughing. Allah the Almighty is giving His first chance to governments. They may issue laws for people to obey. Just like cameras catch you speeding and the governments punish you if you do. In the same way governments could prevent evil, but they are not using that power. This is why they will be the first ones to be punished.

We cannot do anything for our children and save them from the hands of devils. If you try, the governments will even tell you off. Children must be free! What foolishness is this? Which religion is saying this? We are under the control of devils and the devils will destroy us. Governments should give their Divine Service first and then the other services. Every department, factory and schools should first give their high respect and then start their work. If not, no blessings will come on earth. This applies from east to west, from north to south.

Everyday when you open the television there are bad news. I don't like to see it. It makes me sad and can occupy my heart for several days. It makes you lose your peace. I never advise people who are worshipping to watch news. It will take away the peace in their hearts.

This is Holy Ramadan, a month of peace. But only the ones who are fasting will know this. Those who do not respect and keep the rights of this Holy Month, will not ever get to know this peace. Those who know this peace should try to extend it until after Ramadan and keep it for their whole life.

People ask for peace through material aspects. Don't think that richness gives you peace, that gold and jewels will bring you peace, that beauty or youth will give you peace. It is temporary. The time of your youth is not permanent. Every day you will lose a bit of it. It cannot give you peace. As long as you are dependent on material aspects you will have a heavy burden which will make you weaker and weaker, like someone loading himself with a heavy stone. Materials make people like a carton, unable to taste this life.

Try to achieve peace through spiritual aspects. The strongest of which you can find in this month. You will feel day and night that you are for Allah. In the daytime you are fasting for Him, in the night you are praying for Him. Feed you spirituality instead of your animal, your ego. Your soul belongs to Heavens, feed it through spiritual ways just this one month. During 11 months you are looking after your physical bodies. Give this one month to Him!


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