Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Running in Circles and Never Reaching the Target


Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, mutlaq haqq. Absolute glorifying to You, O our Lord! We are Your weak servants, You are the Creator. Give us from Your endless forgiveness. Grant us from Your endless blessing oceans, O our Lord, for the honor most honored ones, honor grant us, we are weak servants. We are in need support to be Your weak servants. Ya Rasulullah. Alfu ’s-salaat alfu ’s-salaam `alayka ya sayyidi ’l awaleen wal-akhireen wa `ala sahaabatik, most glorified, most honored one in Divinely Presence, you are Ohh, the Seal of Prophets, you are first, you are last through creation. Creation beginning with you, ending with you, but no beginning and no ending (for Allah swt). You are so big, so glorified, you are so majestic. Give us from your intercession. We are weak ones.

Alfu’s-salaat alfu’s-salaam, countless blessing and salutes through creation on you every moment, every second from pre-eternal up to eternal. You are our honor. For you we are living, we are living for your honor. Allah grants to you more and more and more endlessly oceans of blessings, to you O our most beloved Prophet and most beloved intercession whom you are giving us. We are so happy. Even we are so cheaters, but whole sins going to be nothing through your intercession oceans. O Prophet! O the Seal of Prophets! O biggest one! O most most glorified one! Most majestic one, through creation.

Dastoor Ya Sultan al-Awliya, O master of this world! We are asking a heavenly support to kjnow, to understand to do as our Lord likes to be done.

May Allah bless you our listeners that you like to listen. Dont look to me but look who is making me to address to you.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, AllahAllah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah SubhanAllah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Sultan Allah
Allah Allah, Sultan Allah
Allah Allah Allah Allah `Azeez Allah
Allah Allah Kareem Allah

As-salaamu `alaykum. O our listeners! Don’t listen to me. I am like you, a weak servant, but try to hear the sound of heavens; the sound of messengers; the sound of saints; the sound of glorified ones. Hear and hear, and listen and obey. Try to be obedient ones. We must try.

Yes. As-saalaam `alaykum. Heavenly salute on you, O our Lord’s deputies on earth.

O people! Are you thinking that the Lord of heavens He has only one world? What do you think, O people? O people! O mankind! Leave your nonsense thinkings; nonsense actings. Leave your nonsense efforts, O mankind! Come and use your efforts for heavenly aims.

Tomorrow you are going to be dust. Why you are wasting everything for nothing. Use your mind and think on it. You must say what you are doing. What you are doing? For what we are living? For what we are working? For what we are trying to reach? To where you are trying to reach, O mankind? I am asking!

For every level people, that they are on different levels, I am asking. First-level people, second-level people, third-level people. Fourth -level people. Fifth-level people. Sixth-level people. Seventh-level people.

This what we are speaking on it that the master making this weak servant to say and to give some explanation on it.

O people! We are speaking on seven levels, as seven heavens. Seven heavens. Heavens it is well-known above our heads, covering this planet. But you are looking and seeing only one cover daytime and one cover nighttime, over your heads. Covering you daytime a blue cover. You’re looking but you are not interesting. For what this blue blanket, covering east and west and finally that blue cover disappearing and changing? Changing, this cover that we are looking and seeing it as a blue blanket, after sunset coming and covering our world another cover. It is a black cover. Through blue color, you are seeing. You are looking; you are running, coming, going, making, building, destroying, running. And asking to reach something. Just you are going to reach something that blue cover running away and coming a black cover. And you are saying, “O we must wait for another period, another opening from this black cover. And we may continue on it.”

Yes, second day, in your beginning awakening, and asking to run after something, to reach, to reach. You have a kind of effort according to your demands and you are running, running and then you are looking and seeing black cover coming on earth and covering you also, you are going to be unseen one through that black cover.

I may ask, that running people, from sunrising when skies just wearing blue cover, from that time up to, til our world just covered by a black cover, I am asking, “O my friend! Today you were running from early morning up to late time of another world, that day never going to be same as night. I am asking you, O running one! What do you think, you reached to your target? Finished?”

You may say, “No sir. Yet I am not finishing but I am tired and black cover just covering our world and our physical being we are entering in another space. And whole that we did, whole day, now I am so tired and never reached to my target or to my wish today. And one day just passed away.”

“O my friend! What about you are going to reach to your target after one week?”
“No sir.”
“Do you think you can reach after one month and no more to run after it?”
“No sir.”
“Do you think that your running to reach something, to reach something, do you think that now you are 20 years old, do you think that when you are going to be 30 years you may reach?”
“No sir.”
“Do you think that you may reach to your target?” What is target? It is a secret secret desire through your heart; through your mind.
“Maybe when you are reaching to 40 years do you think that you are going to reach to your target?”
“No sir.”
“what about if you are reaching to 70 years, do you think that you reached your target?”
“Never sir.”
“Do you think that after 70 years what you can do? What you can be able to do? When you are young you are not reaching your target. After 70 years old do you think that same effort with you to ask and to reach?”
“No sir.”
“But, O man who reached 70 or 80 or 90 or 100 years, what about your efforts? They taking you to your target?”
“No sir.”
“Yes, you are speaking true but you may say something: that 'O my friend. I was running so many years perhaps 70 years or more, but I am looking myself that I am at the beginning, as a circle, beginning from one point and going on, going on, going on and coming on same spot, beginning.'"

You are beginning from zero and ending to zero.

This circle may be big, bigger, bigger, may be hundred years big circle. May be 1000 years, we may think on it. 1000 years you are beginning from zero and ending to zero. Or we may think that ten thousand years circle. We are beginning and running and running and running to reach to something. And finally you are coming and looking that you are on same point.

O people, I may say a very very important tale, historical tale and that it is written through holy books, through Old Testament, New Testament and through Holy Quran. A historical event. It is a big lesson for whole mankind. Because holy books giving to people anything that they may ask to know and to learn. They may ask. They should find its answer and they should reach to a place that they may see that that happening in front of their eyes. Yes, that is important event that happened and just informed through holy books.

When the children of Isra'eel they were getting against hoy commands of Allah, refusing for a city to conquer, qariya, the Lord of Heavens ordering to them “go and get in that huge city - it is for you" they are saying to Moses, “We can't do that, O Moses! There is in that city gigantic people living. We cannot do that. If you like you and your Lord may open that area for us and we may come in.” And Allah Almighty punishing the Children of Isra'eel saying, “O Moses! If they are getting a rebellion or rebellious, rebellious my Holy Command, I am punishing them. I am imprisoning them through Desert of Sinai. I am giving a sentence for them, 40 years to be there. And Sayyidina Musa Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam ordering them, “Come with me now. Leave that city, come with me, Allah Almighty punishing you and sentencing you through desert 40 years. Come with me now!”

No one can escape. They were following Moses, as flocks following its shepherd. Coming and landing that place. And Moses saying, “Allah Almighty just punished the Children of Israel to be here 40 years in prison.” They said, “Doesn’t matter. He may say but tonight we may escape, we may leave.” They were so proud and brave ones upon the Holy Command of heavens, huh? They slept and in the morning they are beginning, taking a way and saying, “no any guardians. No any around anything, it is open place. Why we are sitting here? We must go and we must get out.”

They are beginning the first day, from right hand and going, going, going, going, and they were saying, “O we are just saved ourselves from prison.” And they are reaching sunset time to a place to landing there for a rest, break for some time. They are looking, “O we are on same point that we began morning. We reached same place.” Tomorrow we must use another way. And tomorrow they were taking another way from that tent, going, going, going, going and sunset they are saying, “We must rest here, now and we may look what happening.” They are looking and seeing same place, same camping place for them. 40 years they were every day going to get out but they are finding themselves at the beginning.

In such a way man also they are trying, even hundred years or more or more or more to reach to some target or their targets or their desires and they are finding themselves on zero point.

O people! That is a reality. Finally you are going to reach the beginning of your life. You are coming from zero and turning back to be zero. Zero, you should under graveyard as a dust. O people! 21st century people. Be mind,.. mind your heads that you never going to reach your target. Everthing going, every effort should be finally zero except whom they are asking to reach to their Lord’s Divinely or Heavenly Present, whom they are happy for working for doing, for running, for asking, for loving to reach - those people. Those people they should reach to their targets and others going to be dust underground; going to be dust. O people! Mind yourself. Look and think on it.

Enough to be drunk ones, O mankind! Europeans, Africans, Asians, American, Australians and other people. Mind yourself.

What we are saying it is important. Finally you are going to be dust. Therefore don’t run after something that making you finally dust, but you must ask heavenly targets. Heavenly, heavenly wishings to reach to save yourselves from darkness of this short life and dirty life to reach with your souls through heavens. O people! Enough to be drunks. Come and listen. Come and think on it. Come and try to understand or should be too late when people putting you on coffin automobile, car. And you can’t walk but by force they are putting you in a car and taking you. Even you are not asking to go, taking you to cemetery and putting you underground. Leaving you there and coming back.

Where is your targets? Where is your happiness and efforts to reach? Where you reached, O mankind? You reached to graveyard. Cemetery.

Don’t forget. Come and leave to be drunk, you should be happy here and hereafter, making your Lord to be pleased with you and you should be welcomed to another world through heavens. Not to be buried under dark darkness worlds under your feet.

May Allah forgives us.

O people! Hear and obey. If not billions going to be repented but no benefit for them. MayAllah forgives me and forgives you also, O people!

As-salaamu `alaykum.

Oooooh. Oooooh. Oooooh. Oooooh.
You....Huuuuuw. You...only One.
Who may be asked.
Come and say,
Ya Huuuuuuw.
Ya Huuwwww.
Ya Huwwww.
Huuuuw, Huuuuw, Huuuw.


(44 minutes, tamam)



Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,
That angels welcoming you
When you are leaving this life
Huuuuw, Huuuuw,
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,
You can enter lightening world
and leaving dark worlds
Come and hear what
the Lord of heavens
saying to you.
Saying to you,
O my servant, come to Me
O my servant ask Me.
O my servant,
be happy with Me.
Iiiyyy,iiiiy, iiiy, Hiiiy, Hiiiiiiiiy, Huuuuuuuuw, Huuuuw, Huuuuuw, Huuuuw, Huuuuwu, Huuuuww
Only Huuuuw

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