Maulana Sheikh NazimRun to Allah

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim
Run to Allah! That is an order mentioned through the 54 Fard, commands, in
Islam, which give the real structure of Islam. Before there were booklets in
Arabic and in every language mentioning how a Muslim should be, how he must try
to accord his life to the heavenly commands, the 54 Fard or obligations. It is
coming to my heart to look to that book and to speak to you, so you can write
one after one and make a booklet. That is necessary. There are obligations and
they can’t be changed, and you must arrange your life on that way or direction.
One of these 54 commands, orders, obligations or advices for mankind is to run
away from Shaitan and to run to Allah. That is one Fard: Every Muslim must run
away from Shaitan, as well as from satanic works. You must try to leave every
action that is well known to be for Shaitan and run away from it.

How many works are mentioned or written under the title of works of Shaitan,
‘amalu shaitan’? The number mentioned through the Shariat, the holy commands of
Heavens, is 800. It is forbidden for a Muslim to do them; all of them are
teachings of Shaitan, prohibited through the Schariat. And Shaitan is calling
people in spite of the holy command of Allah not to do those works and he says:
’Do it, follow me.’

The summary of the holy command is: Run away from Shaitan and satanic works. It
is obligatory, Fard, and therefore every Muslim must try to be enlightened
through the holy commands of the Schariat, to know which work and acting belongs
to Shaitan. A person who comes and says the Shahada: ‘La ilaha ill-Allah,
Muhammad Rasulullah’, is enlightened, and he must try to keep that light, not to
be extinguished. A mu’min, a believer, must try to be enlightened or to ask more
enlightenment on his way; he must look and see and know where he is stepping,
where he is putting his step.

Grandsheikh was telling me through some associations: ’Abdul Khaliq Ghujdawani,
Sayidina- may we reach from his high spiritual power for protection and
enlightenment- used to say: ’In 37 years I never stepped on dirt or jumped on it
by accident.’’ He was showing and enlightening the whole Ummah, that who is
asking Allah, it is not true for him to step on dirt. Dirt is not only a
material dirtiness, but he meant to say: ‘I never left my ego to do a dirty work
that is forbidden; I never followed Shaitan or listened to him to do the even
smallest thing that is forbidden.’

That means he was never heedless, ghafil. The biggest danger for Muslims is to
be heedless, individually or commonly. Allah is warning His servants not to be
heedless, and the holy Prophet was asking through his prayers: ’Allahumma la
ta’jalna mina ghafilin’, as a teaching for his Ummah. He said: ’O my nation, ask
from Allah and say this Dua.’

In old times the Muezzin used to say this after the prayer and before the
Tesbih, then they said: ‘Subhanallah’. Now they lost it; they leave everything
and run after Shaitan. The Prophet was saying that we should ask from Allah
Almighty to keep us away from heedlessness, because it makes the biggest harm
for the Muslims individually and commonly.

And the real reason for what is happening now is heedlessness; people are
heedless, they never know what they are doing. No one keeps the balance of the
Shariat through his efforts, works and words. Most people run after Shaitan and
they think that they do a good thing. So many people do wrong things, and their
ego is showing to them bad actings and bad efforts as good. And now Muslims fell
into a depthless, dangerous valley; all of them think that their ways and
directions are good and perfect.

Individually people ask to be western Muslims; and all Muslim countries and
governments, states and their leaders think and run to be westernised Muslims.
Westernised Muslim means: a Muslim, when he is going to be westernised, must be
Kafir (unbeliever); no other way; to be westernised Muslim means to be finished. That is the
foolishness of some agents of Shaitan who ask for reforms, a renewment in Islam.
Who are you? How you are asking this? If there was the necessity for a renewment
in Islam, Allah would know, and He may renew it. But He sent Islam through His
most highly honoured last Prophet with the last message- how you are asking a
renewment in Islam? What is that mentality among learned people, scholars in
Islam, to ask a renewment in Islam for people?

The Prophet was saying: ’Islam is guidance.’ If a person is going to be a guide,
or something, like a book, is going to be guidance for a person, and that person
is going to be guide for people, that means you must follow. The Prophet was
saying: ’Islam is guidance from Heavens and the Lord of Heavens is asking people
to follow His guidance, so that they may walk in His guidance.’ And you say:
’This guidance must follow us; we are going to make another guidance’? What is
that foolishness among doctors in Islam, that learn something, write some pages
and then ask to make a new guidance for people. How it can be? That is Batil.
Allah sent us His guidance that we may follow it. You can’t change it- who are
you? You are a prophet of Allah? And all trouble comes after that bad idea.
The Jews did it- they changed their books and the guidance of the Lord Almighty
Allah according to their egoistic wishes or wills. And the Christians also were
on the same way, the Jewish way, they did what Judaism did and changed also
something from the originality of Christianity and now they finished. And the
power is in Islam. They see that they can’t do anything for Islam, because Islam
is powerful, so they use a trick: They teach scholars and tell them: ’You must
renew your book and the Shariat as we did.’ But when we put our hand on Islam,
its virginity just finishes.

Other religions did their worst for their holy Books, and they ask Muslims
to do the same to make Muslims down. Therefore there are hundreds of doctors and
their brain is washed, or rather their mind is dirtied. Every doctor is asking
to do something to destroy Islam from inside. When they take the power from
inside and put their hand, the virginity of Islam is finished, and then no one
is asking for Islam.

People ask a virgin religion, a virgin belief. If men bring their ideas in it,
there is no more virginity in that religion. Now Islam is in its virginity, but
they are trying. At least they tell people: ’You must try to be modern,
westernised Muslims.’ When you surrender to western people, there is no more
Islam. It has no more effect on Muslims, no more attraction- finished. For
example: here are two iron pieces; but one is magnet, it may carry metal, the
other can’t carry. Now they can’t be able to attract even one person; but Islam
with its whole power may take…

We began to say something and ended in another way…It is an ocean…If we are
going to continue on wrong decisions, if we follow our way heedlessly, it is
going to be very dangerous finally. When Mehdi a.s. comes, he will cut the heads
of 70 000 scholars!

There was a great man, Sayidinna Omar, who was dressed greatness by Allah Almighty,
heybet. (And a man is never going to be great with his uniform, even if he
dresses a grand uniform, because a uniform never gives greatness to a person. If
you take it off, he should be an ordinary person. Greatness is something else.)
Once there came a representative of the Byzantine Emperor to Medina Munawwara,
an ambassador who represented the Caesar. He asked the people: ’Where is the
palace of Khalifatu Rasul, Amir-ul-Mu’minin?’ And they said to him: ’He was no
palace.’ ‘So where is he sitting?’ ‘He is sitting in the Mosque usually, but now
is the time of Kailula, midday, and he is sleeping now.’ (Because the people
were praying nighttime, working for Allah when others sleep, and they needed a
rest through the daytime.) The emissary asked: ’Where is he sleeping?’ ‘He is
sleeping in a garden of dates.’ ‘It can’t be! Where?’ ‘Under the trees.’ ‘I must
meet him, please guide me unto him.’ And the people brought him up to that
garden, where S.Omar was sleeping, and showed him to the ambassador from far:
’There he is sleeping.’ The ambassador began to tremble and he said: ’I am that
one who has been through the royal palaces of kings and emperors, but I never
felt such a fear and trembled from what I am seeing now.’ S.Omar was like a
lion! Such is the greatness that Allah grants to His servants who keep His high
respect; He dresses them that greatness- it is not with clothes.

Another great man dressed by Allah Almighty once saw Iblis resting, sitting with
his feet crossed. He asked him: ’What are you doing? How you are sitting down
and leave the Ummah to do everything as they like and you don’t run after them
to carry them to Hells?’ ‘Oh, I put my deputies to work now and I am resting.’
‘Who are they?’ ‘Scholars, whose target is only Dunya, not Allah. Therefore they
do their worst, worse than me, and I am resting now.’

In Turkey they have a new term for Ulema, for those people that lead the prayers
in mosques: ‘din Adam’, religious man. It is such a suitable name for them. One
of the great ones said to me once: ’O Sheikh Nazim, those people are ‘din adam’,
not Allah adam, not for Allah- why you try for them? No good comes from them.
They destroy Islam, not building; they take people to Dunya, not to Allah.’

Once I was in Switzerland, visiting St. Nicolaus von der Fluehe, and there we met
a priest. I said to him ‘Your Holiness’, but he said: ’I am not holy; it is this
one, Nicolaus, who has holiness. I am sorry, I am only a priest.’ I asked him:
’What about the Pope? He is His Holiness?’ ‘No’, he said, even not accepting the
Pope to be holy. They are all din adam, that means, not holy or heilig, but
religious people. Therefore all of Dunya is in its worst time; ahlul dunya
(wordly people) make Dunya and scholars under their feet. Holy people have
power, but all of them disappeared, they ran away, they are veiled, and you
can’t find them.

There are hundreds and thousands of scholars, doctors, and ‘din adam’ to destroy
the belief and the Shariatullah- and we need ‘Allah adam’, men of Allah. If you
can find one, call me, we go there together. Those people don’t say ‘salat wa
salam’, they don’t wear Sunnah and object on our brothers’ and sisters’
dressings, who are looking for Allah; they are not asking Dunya. If they were
asking Dunya, they wouldn’t come to my mental-house here, which is like the
stable of horses. No, everyone lives in such beautiful buildings. But because
they are asking to be for Allah, not for Dunya, therefore they are coming here.
People are surprising why they come here- they ask Allah and come here. Some
square-head people from Europe come and jump over here and go to India…

Who is asking Allah, may come here! These are not my words- finished; I must say
the truth, that is my oath with Allah Almighty. Who is asking Allah, welcome,
who is asking Dunya and Shaitan, may go to India, China, Europe, America. If you
can find another place- I don’t think you can now, it is closed; you may find
only ‘din adam’, religious people. None of the Imams can be a Murshid, none of
the politicians can be a Man of Allah.

To be a Man of Allah is an important subject…

Lefke - 15.01.2002

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