This Holy Month is filled with sadness which has never been in such a way before. The Lord of the Universe is neither happy with Muslims nor with Christians. Muslims are very careless. The Muslim World is not asking what is happening to other Muslims. They do not want to do anything. Christians, who when they call people to Christianity, say that you will find kindness, mercy and love there, are at the same time doing the worst. They are slaughtering small-ones, old-ones and defenceless people. Allah Almighty's Divine Anger is approaching now. It will hit the Muslim world as much as the Christian world. That is why you must excuse my appearance, which is according to the circumstances: very heavy. So please don't occupy me too much with your small problems. Every big kind of problem is now falling on the people living in Bosnia. Compared to their difficulties our problems are nothing.

You must try to say, 'astafirullah' to ask for forgiveness from Allah that we are so careless concerning Muslims and non-Muslims. When there are innocent people we should take care, we should never be careless for any innocent people being slaughtered or raped. This is prohibited in all religions: in Christianity, in Judaism as well as in Islam. Whoever does it, is going against the Divine Rule of Allah Almighty. May Allah forgive us and send his Divine Support against the devil's kingdom which is now coming to the last point. I hope that with nothing else in our hand than prayer, our application to Allah Almighty to take away that sadness from the Holy Month of Ramadan, will be accepted. For this we must say at least 1000 salawats between maghrib and isha, or 'la illaha illalah', or 'bismillahi rachmani rachim', or 'astaghfirullah alathim ala thubile' or 'qulu Allah u ahad'.

LONDON - 21.02.1993

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