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Today is the beginning of the holy month of Safar, starting on the morning of Tuesday, and also the Solar Eclipse is one of the small signs of Judgement Day. It is difficult. You should say 3 times daily Shahada and 300 Isteghfar und daily give charity. Inshallah we hoped nothing should touch anybody and God's Willing, we hope that no one is harmed and that all problems and burdens stay away from us. This are the news. Is it 1432 from the migration of the prophet. 2011 from the christian calendar. The head of the pilgrimage calendar Allah makes our end in a good way and our days blessed.

You have to start prostration, paying sadaqa, and asking forgiveness (istighfar) 300 times a day. Don't forget the daily charity (sadaqa) no matter how small or big, it is still a sadaqa written for your benefit. It will be written for your goodness. These are the last days. Allah may forgive us.

Many signs of the End of Time have appeared. Thus people have to return to their humanity and those who have left pursuing knowing Allah, must resume on the path of knowing Him. These are the instructions of nowadays.


Sadaqa (charity) protects against problems, calamities, burdens and a bad ending. Don't let the day pass without paying out sadaqa and praying 2 rakaats daily. Istighfar (asking forgiveness) is at least 70 times, a must for rectifying your state, since the sacred angles' role is to protect those who follow instructions to make sujud (prostration), not those women and men who walk around bare-headed, we are not responsible for them. They must put something on their heads for their own protection. Only on Arafat can men expose their heads, but all other days they must cover their heads in glorification of the Lord, not just now, but always. Women with no exception must cover their heads, on Arafat or not, heed well these instructions. If you wanted to listen, then something must cover your heads first! May Allah make our state that of the best.


At any time a flood can sweep the country or an earth quake or also hurricans can destroy the whole country and there is also tsunami. That can also destroy the country, can bring it upside down. Fear God. Human beings, Make tauba, ask forgiveness and turn to God, turn to the way of warship. Later on you will be at peace, here and hereafter. Otherwise, what will come on your head, you will see. Allah makes us our way protected from the ego and its evil. Dont act in forbiddens, dont leave prostrations, this is an advice. Assalamu aleikum. Peace is the way to God, keep it and otherwise you will never experience safety and pressed(?).

Lefke, 04.01.2011, aus dem Türkischen

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