Maulana Sheikh NazimSave humanity!

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya!
A udhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l Aliyi-l Azim.
As-salamu alaikum! If you like translate, if you like, don t I don t
know anymore...
Ashhadu an la ilaha ill-Allah wa ashhadu ana Sayyidina Muhammadan
abduhu wa habibuhu wa rasuluh sallaLlahu alaihi wa sallam.

Audana hadhi kalimatain shahadatain indaka ya Rasulullah, wa hiya
wadiyatun yaumu-l qiyama innaka la tukhlifu-l miad...
Amantu bi-llahi wa malaikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi wa yaumi-l
akhiri wa khairihi wa sharrihi mina-Llah wa ba thu bada-l maut.
Ashhadu an la ilaha ill-Allah wa ashadu ana S.Muhammadan abduhu wa
habibuhu wa rasuluh!

I was saying to Sheikh Adnan for nasihat , to call you to obey
Heavenly Orders. Today he is moving, insha Allah, we hope that his
baraka is going to be with us. Then- (it is) coming to me now some
inspirations to address people; not only for you, but for whole
mankind. And (the) main purpose (of) nasihat , advising, it is to
save humanity! That is (a) very important point to be well-known: To
save mankind, that mankind they have been ordered to keep the honour
of mankind that it is humanity. That must be well-known, but I never
heard from anyone to say this up today! For what (were) coming (the)
Prophets? For what (were) coming Holy Books? What is the importance of
Prophets and Awliya also, Saints? It is in such a short sentence: To
save humanity!

From whom?
Asta idhu bi-llah: Inna shaytana lakum aduw, fattakhidhu aduwa!
Allah Almighty (is) saying in His endless Greatness and endless Power
and through His endless Greatness Oceans, through His endless Wisdom
Oceans: O people, O My creatures! There is a dangerous enemy, (a)
most terrible and dangerous enemy for you, that is Shaytan, Diabolo,
or Sadanas - Allah Almighty makes that terrible enemy far away from
ourselves! - Khudhu hizrakum (?)! Take your defence, because that
terrible enemy (is) attacking on you! You can t expect from where,
from which direction (it is) coming on you! (It is) so terrible,
therefore take your guard! You must take your guard from that
terrible, terrible enemy!

And Sadanas main target (is) to destroy humanity! Humanity is (the)
highest level of creation on earth and Sadanas (is) asking to take
humanity from its highest level (and) to bring (them) to (the) lowest
level. Humanity (is) sailing through heavenly Lights and Sadanas (is)
asking to bring humanity... to extinguish their Nur, their Lights, and
to bring them tahta sarra , underground, that is dark darkness! Dark
darkness a udhu bi-llah! Its main target that is: to bring humanity
from Heavenly Lights, Nur, to carry them, to take them, to put and to
imprison them through that dark darkness! Na udhu bi-llah! Allah, ya

And Allah Almighty (is) sending His beloved ones and (the) most
beloved one Sayyidina Muhammadan sallaLlahu alaihi wa sallam,
sending thousands of His blessed people, heavenly people, for saving
humanity from the traps of Sadanas, Shaytan.

La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llah! Everyone (was) coming, from
Prophets, to save humanity, but Sadanas, Shaytan, (is) using countless
tricks and (is) putting countless traps and (is) calling people: O
people, follow me! I was looking and seeing through airports some
small cars, written on it: Follow me and these big aircrafts (were)
following... And Sadanas, big Sadanas, (is) one, but (there is) coming
its generation. It is through our knowledge that (is) reaching to me
also, that one leg (of his is) male, one leg (is) female and (it is)
making itself by itself and (like this it is) bringing Shaytans! Na
udhu bi-llah! Na udhu bi-llah!

Therefore that cursed one (is) urging people to make man with man,
woman with woman. Dirtiest level! Thrown away from humanity! (Shaytan
is) asking to carry them on that level! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-
llahi-l Aliyu-l Azim! But now (the) whole world (is) running after
Sadanas; their nations, governments, they are running to keep Sadanas
teachings and practisings everywhere! Everywhere now 21st century
people they are making competition (with) each other, which one (of
them is) going to be (the) first one to follow Sadanas! La haula wa la
quwatta illa bi-llah!

And humanity (is) just finished; through (the) 21st century humanity
just finished. (They are) just tied by Sadanas. As Pharaoh was tying
slaves- one to the second one, (the) second one to the third one - now
Sadanas (is) making whole nations, tying one (to the) second one. And
through his hand (there is) a whip: Yallah! You must go this way! You
must do this way, that way! For destroying humanity; (he is) making
mankind to destroy their honours and now (there is) no honour for
mankind on earth! No, no any honour for mankind, because they lost the
level of humanity and (they are) falling; all of them just fell down.
Aman, ya Rabbi!

What is the mission, whole Prophets mission? Only to save humanity,
to keep (the) honour of humanity, nothing else, but even Popes,
Patriarchs, Rabbis, Patans (?), Muslim Ulemas, they are not
understanding yet (the) main purpose (of the sending of the Prophets).
They are fighting to each other for this or that - look what we lost
and try to save what we lost, to find it! Allah (was) sending all
Prophets to save the honour of humanity, why you are fighting? You are
fighting for what? Russian, Americans, Arabs, Israel, Iran, Pakistan,
Hindistan, China, Turks - for what (you are) fighting? For whom you
are fighting? To save humanity? What is that? No, they are saying:

Therefore, now terrible days (are) coming! Therefore, (there is) going
to reach to whole people, whom they are only slaves or labourers for
Sadanas, coming now (a big hurricane)... People (are) saying: Ohhh,
(there is) coming again a hurricane to America! That is nothing! Look
now, what is coming (from) hurricane, how it is going to be! From 5
one (is) remaining. If (the) whole (of) mankind (is) 5 billions - 4
billions that hurricane, that Armageddon (is) coming (and) taking them
away! Only those, whom they are hearing and listening (to the) Holy
Commands of Allah Almighty: Khudhu hizrakum! Take your defence, keep
yourself, keep yourself! There is a word...danger...there is some red
writings: Danger area! Don't approach! Danger!

What is another word?...Precaution...People uhhh, (they are) running
on it! Who (is) running on it, (is) falling down! They are fearing
from (that) hurricane, but they are not taking any precaution for
Armageddon. Armageddon! For (that) hurricane people (are) trembling,
but no one (is) thinking on that Armageddon s hurricane that should
take (away) not millions, (but) billions! That is going to be! Only
whom they are running to Allah... Allah only (is) sheltering! Who (is)
running and asking (for a) Heavenly Shelter, they should be in safety!

Or... the nation of Ad, Qaumu Hud, how is the Ayatu
Karima?... ...jabbaran anid... Qaumu Hud...what heybet ! Allah
Almighty (was) ordering (the) Angel of Hurricanes to open a very small
hole from that terrible hurricanes. (Then) ordered Allah Almighty to
Sayyidina Hud to make a circle and to sit there and (also those,) whom
they (were) believing in him, to be there. Yes, they were sitting.
Therefore I was saying: (Only the) Heavenly Shelter may shelter you!
Ad, they were (tall) like (the) Statue of Liberty, like this...
people, jabbar ; they were saying: We are not fearing from anyone!
(The hurricane was) taking them (up), putting from mouth (?), coming
down, taking up and throwing down - finishing! Only whom they (were)
sitting with Sayyidina Hud - (there was) coming this terrible
hurricane - (for them it was) like (a breeze) from Paradise!

Now, O people, no one can save themselves with any means! (The) only
shelter (is for) who is running to Allah!

Therefore it is a declaration to whole nations from here, from a
humble place, for (all people)... Whole Prophets, they were sitting in
a small place and speaking (to) some slaves, some weak people, but
their declaration just (was) reaching to East and West. Here is a
humble place; not I am thinking, but my yaqin , (my) certainty is, to
reach to everyone one, (to) everywhere that declaration. If not, they
are going to be taken away! Laylati-l Bara at (was) put on (the seal)-
finished! May Allah forgive us!

This is (a) holy month, Ramadan; I don t think that through this holy
month (there is) going to be something - for the honour of the Seal of
Prophets and for his nation, but after Ramadan, I can t be able to
give any guarantee to anyone! Who is against Sadanas, should be
sheltered, whom they are running after those people, they should be
under (the) Heavenly Revenge, (they are) going to be taken away. May
Allah forgive us!

Just now (it is) coming from our Masters, Grandmasters, to address to
you in the presence of a big Saint, Sheikh Adnan Effendi Hazretleri;
he should be a witness (for) what we are saying here. Allah Huwa
Ahkamu Hakimin; whom they are running away, (they are) never coming
back; (those,) whom they are keeping their positions, their
servanthood, whom they are trying to keep the level of servanthood,
should be saved and sheltered. May Allah forgive me, forgive you!
O people, write big writings: O people, save humanity! O mankind, O
mankind, try with your whole ability to save humanity! Who is running
to save humanity, they should be under Heavenly Shelter, others should
be taken away, finished! Fatiha...

(Put a) writing in Arabic, in Turkish, in English! Say: O people,
save humanity! Don't follow Sadanas! Write (this) and put (it)
everywhere! People, they are running through streets, saying: We don
t like war! No, it is not enough! (If) you don t like war, you must
say: We are trying to save humanity from Sadanas and his followers!


This is important!

(Sheikh Adnan is leaving)

Lefke, 02.09.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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