Maulana Sheikh NazimThe safe way is our way!

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya. Meded, ya Rijalallah.
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitanir rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!

Mostly people are coming from far distances and they are understanding
English. Therefore, insha Allah, I am asking from our masters,
particularly (the) master of masters, Sultanu-l Awliya, to support
ourselves and to grant us something that maybe useful for me for you.
We are saying: Ashadu an la ilaha illallah wa ashadu sayyidina
muhammadan abduhu wa habibihu wa rasulu. This was well known kalimatu-l
ikhlas. La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadan rasulullah. It is (the) biggest
pleasure for a person to be able to say: ‘La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadan
Rasulullah’. There are millions of people they can’t speak this. For us
it is easy to say: ‘La ilaha ill-Allah’...(short Dhikr:) La ilaha
ill-Allah... la ilaha ill-Allah... la ilaha ill-Allah...

The biggest pleasure, (the) biggest treasure, for a person (is) to be
able to say: ‘La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadan Rasulullah’!
O people, it is a short life. As (the) Prophet- peace be upon him- was
saying: “My Ummah’s life age is going to be between 60 and 70 years and
(it is) very rare (for someone) to get up from 70 to 80, 90, and 100,
very few.” It is a short life and we must try to reach something through
our short life period, to collect some treasures.

Through all books it is written so many histories that they are giving
to people good lessons. It is written through some Islamic books that
once upon a time a caravan they are passing, asking to reach (from) one
city to another. And they are not reaching, because just nighttime (was)
coming and everyone (was) tired. They are giving a break to rest and
people (were) landing they are asking to rest.

One person (was) coming and saying to them: “O people of (the) caravan.
Do you know, where we are landed?”
“We are not seeing anything here, because it is so dark!”
“Yes, it is true, but I know- it (is) just mentioned through our old
books- that (in) this valley could live precious stones like emerald,
ruby, diamond, pearls, so many! Every piece of this land it is such a
precious stone. O people, listen to me and try to take something from here!”
Some of them (were) saying: “Now we are so tired, we can’t be able to
move, to look such a things. Doesn’t matter! We may sleep, we may take a

Some of them (were) believing in that person and trying to collect.
Some of them (were) collecting a lot of stones and some of them they are
taking one handful, putting (it) in (their) pockets. They are in
different situation and taking: So many people (were) taking, so many
people (were) not taking. So many people (were) taking more, so many
people (were) taking less. Some others (were) never taking.
And dawn time they are preparing for themselves to move and everyone
(was) taking, what it is necessary for them.

(They were) preparing themselves and beginning on their way. Till dawn
(was) appearing and lights (were) coming, they are trying: “What was
(it) we are collecting?” They are looking so beautiful precious stones.
Some of them they are happy that they filled their bags, very happy!
Some others are saying: “Why we left half (of the) bags empty, why we
are not putting much more?” Some of them (were) saying: “Why we are
taking only through our pockets?” And some others (were) saying: “(We
were) even not taking one (single stone) from here!”

That is a good lesson for living people. That is an example of Dunya,
life, our life on this planet, through this world.
And who was saying: “O people, wake up! O people wake up and fill, as
much as you can, fill your bags, because this is a place filled with
precious stones”?

Now we are living on this world and Allah Almighty (is) sending Anbiya,
Prophets, and (the) Prophets (are) saying: “O people, look! Carry in,
through your short life, as much as you can carry. Carry! What is that
precious materials? That is ‘amaalu-l salih’ good deeds and servanthood,
and to believe- Iman! Iman. Look and take as much as possible, because
you should find it when dawn (is) coming and lights (are) getting up.
You should know, what it was, you were collecting!”

But people mostly they are drunk. “Eh”, (they are) saying, “ what are we
doing with these stones! Our bags are full with so many things, yet we
are taking more stones? For what? No need. Then we are not listening to
such a foolishness!” They are saying and never taking anything. Coming
empty, going empty, yes, therefore we (are) now through darkness through
this life. Prophets (are) coming and saying: ‘O people! Try to collect
much more precious servanthood to reach your Lord’s pleasure, o people!”
(They are) calling, (but) they are (saying): “Ehhh...” They are not
believing in Akhirah.

Once upon a time (there were) coming some atheist people, unbelievers,
and asking to visit Sayyidina Ali -Allah blessings him- and saying: “We
are coming to visit you and to make a discuss.”

Sayyidina Ali (was) saying: “Discuss- maybe, but argument- I don't
accept it. Argument is forbidden, but (to) discuss something- it is okay.”
They are saying: “As you like. Say, o, you are Imam, Imam of Muslims.
You are saying that there is another life beyond this life on earth.
(That) this is a short life and beyond it there is an eternal life and
you are believing such a thing and saying for something ‘ This is Halal’
and ‘That is Haram’. And you are also making so many prayings and
fasting and doing so many things and you are giving trouble to
yourselves- you are not living freely. Freedom (is) so, so beautiful. To
be free- no Halal, no Haram. Everything Halal, no Haram- this is our
philosophical ideas. And you are carrying so many difficulties- we are
free! We are doing anything we like. What are you going to say?”

Sayyidina Ali (was) saying: “I am asking one question to you. You are
saying that you are so happy through your life, because you are free to
do anything, not preventing anything from your egos. Yes, (that) may be.
And you are saying (that) we are carrying (a) heavy burden, because that
is Haram, you must not do this and then we must pray, we must fast, we
must do charity, we must hajj- such a things. Yes, o people, you are
saying this”, Sayyidina Ali (was) answering. “One question: Do you think
(that there is) coming a day that that day you and we are going to be on
(the) same point?” They are quickly understanding... (Countdown)....”Now
it is everyone- good doing ones and bad doing ones- their lives (are)
coming day by day to reach to zero point. Yes?”

They are saying: “Yes.” That means you are going to be zero one day and we are also coming
to be zero. What you was getting pleasure (from), doing everything, whenour lives (are) going
to be zero, (is) finishing. Zero, finish!

And you are saying: ‘We tasted everything through our life.’ But that day all
pleasure that you are running after, is going to be zero, finished. And
what you are saying for ourselves, that: ´Oh, you are carrying so many
heavy burdens to do this, to do that, from prayings´- also our burden
(is) coming... coming... (and on the) last day (it is) going to be zero.
That means you are going to be zero and we are also reaching to zero.
Now, there is a question. A question. When you are going to be zero and
we are going to be zero, zero (is) going to be equal (to) zero. You are
not going to be able to reach something that should be for you. Also we
are going to be zero and we can't carry anything also- after zero (there
is) nothing. You are going (to be) zero, we are going (to be) zero.
Yes?” “Yes, as you saying, we are accepting.”

“Now another question”, S. Ali (was) saying, “O unbelievers, o
materialists people, atheist people! As you are saying, you are nothing
beyond your life. You and ourselves (are) equal. But you must think: If
we should find, what we are believing, we are going to reach endless
pleasures. Think about yourselves, what is going (to come) to your heads!”
And Hazrati Ali (was) making (on) their heads tak... tak... “What is
going to come to your heads, to you, if there is Hells and Paradise?
What should be your position? That time, if (there is) nothing from
Hells and Paradise, you and me, we are going to be equal. But if there
is Hells and Paradise, (as) they are believing, they are getting into
Paradise and you are losing everything and you are going to Hells. Think
on it!”

They are thinking and saying: “O Imam. You are so right! Your opinion,
what you (are) saying, it is just 100% filling our mentalities. Now we
are understanding that we must keep the safe way. (The) safe way (is)
your way. (The) wrong way (is) our way! We are also saying: Ashadu an la
ilaha ill-Allah, ill-Allah, ill-Allah, wa ashadu ana Sayyidina
Muhammadan ´abduhu wa habibihu wa rasuluh, salla-llahu ´alayhi wa sallam!”


Lefke, 5.3.2008

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