Maulana Sheikh NazimSafety, peace and eternity are with Allah! Or: S.Muhammad sws - Saviour of all nations!

As-salamu alaikum… wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!
We are happy that Allah Almighty created us and (He is) giving honour
for these people that they are living now to be nation of S.Muhammad
sws. That is an honour that all Prophets they were asking to be…to reach
to that honour, but Allah granted to us. But it is pity that our people
or whole world people that (are) living now, they (are) never speaking
the name of S.Muhammad sws, that he is Saviour for all nations; from
beginning, Adam, up to Yaumu-l Qiyama, Last Day, he is Saviour, here and

People (are) coming the Day of Resurrection… Allah Almighty first (is)
killing them, everyone (is) going to die, must die, but Allah Almighty
(is) keeping them from Last Day and He is that one who (is) fully able
to bring all passed away, dead people that they are now through their
graveyards, to make them to stand up, giving their souls once again.
Without souls we are only earth, dust, clay. Allah created (the) first
man from clay and it was lying as a statue- no sense, no life; and Allah
Almighty (was) blowing (in)to that clay from His divinely Soul and (it
was) standing up. He gave and He may take it away, back. So that
billions of people just lived on earth, lived and then they died, they
passed away; coming and passing, coming and passing, till the number (of
souls) that should come this life to be complete. When it is going to be
complete, then Allah Almighty (is) ordering that Israfil to make trumpet
and everything that (is) living on earth, on Heavens, they are going to
fall down dead- (even) Angels (are) falling down- only (not) what Allah
Almighty (is) asking not to fall.

Shaitan also going to die and Azrail, (the) Death Angel, (is) running
after him to take his soul also. He was running away. When (he is)
running away, he is finding Azrail in front of him. Coming another
direction, running, finding him there. East- finding, West- finding,
North- finding, South- finding him and taking (his) soul and he is
falling down.

Then Allah Almighty (is) ordering to Death Angel: “You also, you must
die! You must take your soul, through My Command- die!” And he was
falling dead and he was saying: “If I was knowing the pain, when I am
taking souls of people, (that it is) going to be so painful- I wasn’t
(knowing, but), now I tasted! If I was knowing (before), I was never
going to be able to take one soul!”

O people, death (is) coming! Don’t think you are created forever to be
on this planet, no! It is only a short period that you may be here, then
you must leave- another one (is) coming… the number that Allah Almighty
(is) knowing… all souls should come here, then finishing. This earth
also (is) going to be like a sandy place- from East to West, no any sign
of life on it. No mankind, no animals, no trees- nature (is) going to be
a dry desert; from East you may look and see to West: a sandy place. Allah!

Then Allah Almighty (is) asking: “O mankind, you were claiming that
‘This for me, that (is) for you… this (is) for you, that (is) for me’…,
(that) lands (are) for you or cities for you, even seas, oceans. You
were fighting to say that ‘This (is) for me, (that is) for you’, you
were never going to be happy, if (some)one (is) passing from your limit
(even) one foot! You were fighting and you were claiming that just earth
belongs to you! Now I am asking: Liman al Mulk al Yaum? O mankind, that
you are going, you were fighting for lands, for everything on earth,
saying: ‘This (is) for me’- now what you are saying? To whom (belongs)
now that world? For what you were fighting? Anyone may say that (this)
world now ‘It is for me’?” No one can say anything; Allah Almighty (is)
answering (Himself): “Li-llahi-l Wahidu-l Qahhar! That is for Me and I
am (the) Owner, I am (the) Creator! …Say now!” No one (is) saying

That Day (is) coming! On doors! Just we reached the last point of this
period; (it is) going to finish and foolish people, foolish mankind (is)
fighting yet that ‘This (is) for me, that (is) for you’!

English (are) asking (for that), Americans (are) asking, Russians (are)
asking, Iranians also (are) asking… Hindus (are) asking, Chinese (are)
asking. (The) Japanese (Are) saying: “What are you doing? I am here!
Must be (the) whole world under my command, I must be (the) owner!” …
(Here Sheikh is sneezing and saying: “Shahidu-l Haqq! What we are saying
it is true!”)…

No mind people; (they are) making troubles on earth, to reach much more
land. It is only one handful, Cyprus also, they are fighting with
Greeks, Turks. They are saying that: “No, Cyprus is for us!” Greeks
(are) saying: “No, you are liars! We have much more land, therefore
Cyprus (is) for us!”

Palestinians also (are) so clever ones; they are also fighting through
each other: Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians- fighting to each other.
For what? I am asking: For what? “To be (the) command to be for me! I
must be leader, I must be President, I must be Nr.1 here!” Your name is
Fetta, your name is Hummus… Hammas it was really Hummus, they are
changing (it), not to be known that they are Hummus, saying: “Hammas. We
are Hammas. Therefore, if we are going to be (the) owners, that time we
are going to be Hummus; now we are not Hummus, we are Hammas…” Turks
(are) fighting each other, Afghans (are) fighting each other, Arabs
(are) fighting each other- for what? Looking every day, every hour, that
so many people they are sending them, shooting them, killing them, and
they are living, but never (they are) thinking for themselves that maybe
a bullet comes on them and (is) taking them away… “No, no! We must be on
Lebanon! (The) North (is) for us, (the) South for you, (the) Middle (is)
for Shaitans…” They are making so no good things; they are thinking on
it and they are spending- not spending, (but) wasting their lives- for
nothing. For nothing!

O people, we are reaching the end of this period that Allah Almighty
should call everyone for their Judgment! If you are not hearing and
listening and obeying to your Creators Commands, then you should kill
each other, you should eat some of you some others! O people, come and
follow (the) holy Orders of Heavens!

This is not an addressing to you, in front of me, in Cyprus, in Lefke,
for a handful of people, but my declaration (is) through East and West!
I am addressing to all mankind:
Use your minds and come and accept truth!

Till you are keeping holy Books’ Orders… No crisis, no trouble, like in
our days, but when they are changing everything against holy Books,
particularly the Seal of Prophets’ last Message, (the) Holy Quran, they
fall in(to) a depthless well, they (are) never finding any way (out).
Everyone (is) sitting: “Yes Sir, we are thinking to do something that
you may be in peace.” Another one (is) coming- they have so many like
this- saying: “No, that is Shaitan, don’t listen to him! What I am
saying, you must listen to me!” Another (one is) coming, saying: “No,
you are Iblis, we are not listening to you! You are against our idea
life, modern life! We are modern people! We are never going to be such
(like the people) before that they are never leading their life. We are
modernized people and all of you (are) Shaitans!”

Everyone- from early morning up to early morning (of the) second day-
everyone I am looking: coming a person, speaking… coming another one,
speaking… coming another one… We have a saying: If by speaking you may
do pillau, rice, if we are asking to do pillau by speaking, we were in
need butter like oceans! So big amount butter must be, because everyone
(is) speaking, speaking: “What we shall do this pillau, rice?... We
can’t reach, even (if) ocean bringing… Perhaps may be pillau to eat and
to be happy…”, but never (there is) going to be anything by their speaking!
They are… what you are saying… insisting on shaitanic ideas, shaitanic
teachings. Shaitan (is) saying: “No! Die and don’t taste heavenly
Teachings! No! I am carrying you to a safe life here and don’t believe
the life after this life!” That is their ideas now; they (are) never
believing (in the) next life, eternal life, no. They are saying: “(The)
only life (is) here.” Let them go to Hell then, all of those, who are
not believing in eternal life!

O people, if not today, tomorrow may reach (you) death! If not tomorrow,
next month. If not next month, next year! Must reach (you); (it is)
running after you, death, must catch you! Don’t escape from Allah! Run
to Allah! Don’t run way from Allah, run to Allah! Safety, peace,
eternity (are) with Allah Almighty!

May Allah bless you and forgive us, and to be sincere servants! We must
live for Allah, not for Dunya! Use your mentality, don’t be cheated
through Shaitan and shaitanic groups of people. They are on top,
everywhere (they are) on top, forcing people not to believe in eternity.
Eternity- so sweet word!

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured one, respected
servant, honoured servant, glorious servant for Allah Almighty,
S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!

11.02.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryPalestine
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