Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Story of Saint Barnabas

I am zero, I am zero on left side, no value. But Lord of Heavens asking to make zero to do something, (and) He may put behind 1, a zero, millions zero, (and it is of) no value. Behind 1, zero has no value. But in front of 1, zero gives something, it is a value. One zero is ten, two zero's is hundred, three zero's is thousand, four zeros is ten thousand, five zero's is hundred thousand! Try to be zero, and let be in the hand of the Almighty, so majestic! Let yourself in the hands of Majestic One, Almighty One—He gives you value! And if you try and find a way, and try and be a valuable thing, it is impossible, you are going to be zero's. If you giving yourself to your Creator, the Lord of Creation, it gives you value. They are trying to be something now, without coming to One, to approach to that One whom most Closest One! Keep your chance with that One to reach to Absolute Essence of the Lord of Heavens.

Right hand, right one. The Lord of Manifestation, the Lord of Existence, you must be one on the right hand, the right hand means you must be a right one. If you are not a right one, impossible for you to approach the Divinely Presence. Perhaps that one going to be in the presence of most dangerous enemy of Mankind, Shaytan.

(Member of Italian Parliament, Signor Marcello*, enters and is greeted by Mawlana Shaykh, and sits next to him.)

Of people, be right, therefore, be right and you may just give honor to us about this humble association, just coming respected servant of our Lord, coming for a visiting to our very humble association. Yes it is humble, humbleness is most involved number one characteristic from whole prophets. No any prophet going to be proud ones, because they are knowing something from Almighty Allah, something making them to be humble, and humbleness is highest honor for Mankind! Prophets they were humble ones. Proud ones in the Divinely Presence he said, “Ya Allah! You are wrong (astaghfirullah) because you created Adam and told me to make sajda to him, why? If you are ordering it was suitable to say for you to go to me.” Shaytan, very proud one. “Why you are saying to do to Adam? Who is Adam? At my level, he can’t reach to me! How you are ordering?” That is Shaytan’s way, making Allah Almighty … unacceptable. That is wrong. But Shaytan was representing crime of whole creation—he was proud. And whole prophets are representing humbleness. Who is humble, the Lord of Heavens is raising him up, who is continuing to be proud, is making his level to be downstairs, deepest point for proud people.

Glory for the Lord of Heavens, now we are big, living in a time that everyone is asking to be something that may dress something from pride, it is wrong. While prophets coming for teaching people how they should be servants, if you are not understanding that you are a servant, it means you understanding nothing! How you can be on same level, on pride and the Lord of Heaven? He is Absolute Proud One. No one can be proud from creation, all of them we are servants. Therefore, the teachings of whole prophets, nothing but whole people, come and move to your Lord! But Shaytan saying to them, “Don’t listen them, listen to me because I am proud one among whole creation!”

You may ask (him) where is your level now, deepest level for Shaytan? We are saying something that we are all zeros and zero, no value for zero. But there is One. One. Zero, if you are putting on left hand, nothing, but if putting in front of one, you are taking to be 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000, 10000000, 100000000 … endless. Valuable, if you are asking, I am something with one, if I am going to be right of 1, that means rightness. Shaytanists are zero behind of 1! That was teaching of whole prophets, you can’t find any prophet to be proud one. They were representing humbleness of all creation. And as long as you may grant yourself in the Divine Presence as a humble one, the Lord of Heavens taking you up.

Therefore, who is giving to his Lord his humbleness from, how any times there is good days in Christianity? Easter. If you are giving your humbleness through one year, two times or three times, who is doing daily his humbleness to Allah, saying, “I am your servant, O my Lord, O my Lord, O my Lord…” putting his forehead (sajda) he is going to be accepted in the Divine Presence.

We were living here with Greek people, they are Orthodox, Italians are Catholic and the Church just divided, east and west. West (went to the) Pope, east (went to) Archbishop Bartholomeos, and he is my friend. Church of Cyprus was independent here, because Byzantine Emperor just granted to Church of Cyprus independence, for what? Because of Saint Barnabas. You must know that one, St. Barnabas was a disciple of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, and perhaps you may visit his tomb if you are staying here longer, you may send Your Excellency to look at ancient monastery in Cyprus and he was really there. Barnabas. And every time I am passing closer to his tomb, his spiritual power asking me “O shaykh, come and visit me” and I am going to his tomb, underground, very simple grave, over it there is a big dome on that place.

Because the archbishop he was living on that monastery, he dreamt a dream. In icons it is mentioned, it means your Excellency must go and look after that. ikon. Icon you are saying? ikon. That episcopus was sleeping and then dreaming that Io Barnabas waking him and saying, "O Bishop of island! Get up and look my tomb's place." And he was asking "'where is it?" and Saint Barnabas saying, "My tomb disappeared but it is under these olive trees, bring your laborers and dig and you can’t find it there."

And the archbishop was bringing whole laborers quickly and beginning at that place Io Barnabas showing to him, and he was like this (lying down, arms folded) and on his chest was a book. Archbishop taking that book from his chest and kissing and taking away, and then making his tomb there, making a monastery and taking that holy book, New Testament. Taking and directly riding on a ship and making his way to Byzantine Emperor. It is mentioned also on the walls (of the tomb) that happened and he gave that holy book to the Emperor and he was so happy!

And emperor dressing him as his dressing and also giving to him independence from Constantine monastery independent Church of Cyprus, not to be under Orthodox word or Catholic word, no, independent. He was emperor also giving for him to sign with red ink, no one may using up to today red ink on the name of anyone, only archbishop, he had been granted through Byzantine Emperor, signing with red ink.

Therefore Subhanallah, there belonging to all the Lord of Heavens making peace here, every time coming down, spiritual power, I am going and coming down, it is like a cave and I am beginning also f`alam annahu la ilaha illAllah, la ilaha illAllah, la ilaha illAllah, la ilaha illAllah, la ilaha illAllah, la ilaha illAllah, la ilaha illAllah, la ilaha illAllah, Sayyidina Muhammad Rasulullah” he is very happy! I am happy also! Now my age is older than his age, he was in his 70s, and my age over his age. He was younger when he passed away.

(Mawlana Shaykh speaks with his guest)

He is our respected honorable guest. I am believing that no one can do something if the Lord of Heavens ordering to him. I am in the Divine Presence zero, and I hope that Signor Marcello he is in front of one, he has on his face lightening, lightening, first I am looking these icons, there is a sign of nur. Signor coming and there is nur coming and he is from noble people, all noble people that belongs to Rome, he is not an ordinary person. I am ordinary, but he has such a good quality that the Lord of Heavens sending him to a humble place to a zero person on the left hand, or else he may do his best for being in front of Divine Presence. He may say, “I met such a person, he is 90 and more.“ May (be his) intercession in the Divine Presence.

Yes sir, we are happy, our conversation going only one hour, less or more, for those brothers come from America, they are thinking that here there is some zero maybe in front of one, points to camera, this now giving to space, (speaks in Turkish, “They are sending this through the sky.”). Subhanallah, sending His servant to a weak servant, but his family was right people, clean ones their blood, therefore, I have been honored and it is an unexpected visiting. Who am I? I am nothing! No value for me, but such a people that they are respected ones to come here, it is from my Lord’s grant to me and everyone. May the Lord of Heavens grant to Signor to be his rise up, up, up. To be closer to the Lord of Heavens and to Jesus Christ, pbuh.

I hope that Jesus Christ’s coming at the end of this world and we are approaching and to the end of life on this planet according to our knowledge in all holy books, Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Holy Qur`an. But I am weak one, and I hope to reach to those glorious days when Jesus Christ coming down. I like to look to his face, because divinely lights on his face. Therefore people thinking he is Lord, but (he is) representing Lord of Heavens with His lights on himself. People changing, understanding of people very short about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a miraculous happening through creation, the Lord of Heavens granting to him. May Allah Almighty blessing who is believing in Jesus Christ and the prophets of Allah, including the last prophet, Sayyidina Muhammad. Allah akbar.

Any questions? (Mawlana asks of Signor Marcello)

Signor Marcello: I just wanted to see your face.

He already showed himself to the one who wants to see him 60 years ago, but she left him and go. We are saying if a person going to marry he is going and looking bridegroom and bridegroom looking to him, to each other. If there is a kabul, accepted by both sides, it is ok. I am therefore saying anyone coming to meet me, I am thinking, "O my guest thinking me through your higher imagining someone else and when coming and looking ...(they are thinking) ‘Oh, nothing that one. He is not what we are asking.’” But he (Signor Marcello) is good one, good quality one, bourgeoisie, means asabet. You have highness, noble people.

Signor Marcello: There is no light except God's light and there is no light except given by God.

InshaAllah he is granted, when someone granted nobleness from Lord of Heavens, therefore my soul is very happy, (and) as long as he may stay with us (he is) welcome. I am very happy because I am looking and Signor Marcello, (Signor Marcello: Call me whatever you like, call me what you want; you give me a name, if you like.)

(Mawlana names him) Ibrahim! Ibrahim is a powerful name, very powerful and very beloved name, as he is father of all prophets.

Signor Marcello: He has to put his hand on my head. (smiling)

(Mawlana Shaykh prays on his head, and Signor Marcello cries.)

(Speaking in Turkish. Mawlana says to second guest, "You also have beauty." They discuss more in Turkish)

It is impossible to meet to people here if their souls not getting a meeting in the spiritual world. My son was meeting with Signor Ibrahim, therefore that bringing Signor to meet me here. If he is not coming, I was going to him! (Mawlana laughs.)

Signor Marcello jokes: But with an appointment!

Here (people are coming) without appointment, like an inn! (Mawlana laughs.) Italian parliament, the Lord of Heavens giving to Signor Marcello, gives him much more power and should be so many changing now, coming days, because the time of Jesus Christ to come from heavens to earth is on limits.

Signor Marcello: How can I be humble if they give me more power?

You can’t be granted a rank if you are not understanding the meaning of that rank, first class, second class, third class. If you are not ready, you are not passing from first to second. Therefore, you are going to prepare and there is now, you are going to be closer from heavenly positions because as I said, your ancestors are not official religious people, they are saints. Oh my dear one, I was passing from Germany to come back through Austria, and passing through Switzerland, there was a monastery on the way, St. Nicholas, a good building and buried there St. Nicholas. Every time I am passing, subhanallah, calling to Lord of Heavens, calling, "Come and visit me." I visited him and he is so happy, I am happy also, I am happy. Therefore, those people that they are asking belongs to Allah Almighty’s Divine Presence, are not for dunya, for this life, but their Lord’s divinely service.

I was visiting and coming down, one person, I look, he is coming towards me on same stairs, and I am giving salute to him and, “Are you priest here?” I say to him, “Your holiness.” He said, “O shaykh, I am not holy one, holy one lying inside, I am not holy one.” I asked, “If you are not holy one, what about pope of Rome?” He said, “No, he is not holy one; holy ones they lived in the jungle and worshipping to their Lord, throwing away this life and their lives coming together with the life of heavens. Therefore he is die inside. Therefore neither me or the pope are holy ones; we are official people.” Officiality with holiness is impossible, one of them you must leave it and be an ordinary person, and your clothes never giving to you holiness. Holy people you may find in all clothes, and they are running from people, because people occupy themselves to be with their Lord’s servants. Running away. Every time I am passing he was calling me! I am very happy with St. Nicholas!

(Mawlana is speaking to Signor Marcello.) Therefore, our precious guest, through his ancestors there is some I am looking, his spirituality appearing and closing, appearing then closing. On seventh level of your family (is) one holy one. And if he is not giving permission to say to me now, “I am sending my grandson to you now, look after him.” And I am saying, I am nothing, how am I looking after him? Welcome, you are very welcome any time, it is not something of our will, but the will of the Lord of Heavens making Your Excellency to come, once again, and don’t fear, don’t fear anyone. They may be fearful from Signor Marcello, (he says it’s a funny name) He is like my grandson. Anytime you are very welcome. Don't fear from anyone, Signor Ibrahim, Signor Ibrahim. Much more powerful name.

(Adhan, Salat al-Asr)

(Mawlana writing on back of his photo for Sr. Marcello, who reads inscription. Mawlana puts photo in envelope and gives to him.)

Thank you sir, now, Your Excellency, there is tea, coffee, and other drinks, not wine! (laughs), soup, as you like. You may come again.

(They discuss going to tomb of St. Barnabas. A woman appears with covered head, is introduced by Shaykh Hisham as one who works for the mayor of Rome.)

Signora Serena. Serena. Are you married, if not we marrying you two!

Signora Serena: Yes, I am married.

You understand what I am saying?

Signora Serena: A little bit.

You are theologian.

Signora Serena: You are most important number in the world!

All of them something but I am nothing. Yes, yes sir. We hope to see you before you leave the island. Welcome, very welcome. His spirituality, very light on the heart. He belongs more than earth, heavenly being, his spirituality, look after him.

Signor Marcello: It is a big responsibility!

When granted such a responsibility, the Lord of Heavens helping them. Don't worry, you can carry whole world. Don't worry. Now in parliament, coming to be Prime Minister!

Signor Marcello: This is too much for me; make it down, to be zero point five.

But his zero on right hand. He is saying 10 is too much for me. I am saying 100 or 3 zeros, 1000 or 4 zeroes, 10,000, or ten thousand, liras. Still using liras?

Signor Marcello: No more, now using Euros.

Welcome to you sir. Masha-Allah.

Signor Marcello: Just a little present for you (hands Mawlana Shaykh a gift).

Thank you, thank you sir, and we shall give to them also tomorrow. If he comes third time, I may write this place on his name. (Shaykh Hisham explains, “He may give you the house!”)

Signor Marcello (delighted): Maybe on the third time. Tomorrow is two times!

(Mawlana speaks to a Turkish woman, who has some official position regarding St. Barnabas Tomb.)

Lefke, 19.07.2009

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* Signor Marcello, a member of the Italian Parliament, has read about Mawlana Shaykh Nazim in books and came to visit him before he went to see any body else, among his official appointments in Cyprus.
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