Maulana Sheikh NazimSalam is for whom?

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim...Salaam is for whom?
Once Rasulullah sws was sitting with his Shabas when the door was knocked.
Rasulullah said to one of his companions: 'Go and look who is there.', and
quickly that one ran to the door. When the Prophet was saying something, his
companions were like arrows coming from the bow. Not like this... (moving
slowly and hesitating) saying: Ohhh, maybe someone else will move, better.
No. A Muslim must be in such a way for keeping the orders of Rasulullah sws,
because his orders are the orders of Allah Almighty.

He couldn't speak if Allah didn't give to his tongue to speak and say
something, because his tongue with the tongue of Allah Almighty. When the
Prophet reached to 4o years the speech that belonged to him stopped, and he
began to speak on behalf of Allah. There was no more Sayidina Muhammad-
finished. The personality of that one who reached 4o years finished, and a
new personality was coming to be Rasul. When Allah sent Archangel Gibrail
a.s., the ordinary Muhammad sws finished. He reached another personality: to
be representative of Allah Almighty.

You must understand in such a way- it is the way of Ahl Sunnah wa Jamaat.
Rasulullah is not an ordinary person as the Wahabis are saying, no. When
Muhammad sws passed 4o years and the Archangel came to him, he dressed a
heavenly dressing and his personality finished. So that he was saying: 'Who
is looking to me, looks to my Lord, to Haqq.' You must understand, but I am
sorry to say that first Arabs are not understanding, what he said: 'Who is
looking to me, is looking to Haqq, to Allah Almighty.' Because his new
personality was to be representative of the Lord for all creation. From
pre-eternal up to eternal he is the representative of Allah Almighty. Ma sha
Allah! This is an important subject.

Therefore his commands are the commands of Allah Almighty, his orders the
orders of Heavens, coming from the Divine Presence through Archangel
Gibrail. People say: 'It is Sunnah. Is it obligation, fard? It is only
Sunnah.' And they are not taking care for Sunnah, making it down; first of
all the Wahabis, second ignorant Muslims, and third the whole heedless
islamic world. And Allah has made the name of Rasul high. Never his name is
written under the Name of Allah, but on the same level. And the Wahabis are
never putting the name of Rasul in the new buildings, only Allah, Allah,
Allah. Where is Muhammad?! They say: 'He finished.' Allah makes them to

Who is understanding that point is never going to be lazy or late for
getting up for his orders- must be like an arrow leaving the bow! And if
Rasul is asking their souls, they must throw their souls in front of him. If
you are living for Allah, not for your ego, it is so easy to throw your soul
to him.

Therefore that companion was running to the door to look who is there. He
looked and came back to the holy presence of Rasul sws, and he was
trembling. Even he knew, but Rasul sws asked him: 'What is happening to you?
Who is there?' 'Ya Rasulullah, I saw a creature that never before I saw such
an ugly creature; and such hatred dressed on him.'

As long as Shaitan was obeying to Allah Almighty, he was dressed lights of
Heavens and beauty. But when he became disobedient, getting against the
command of his Lord, that heavenly dressing of heavenly lights was taken
away from him and he was dressed the dressing of hatred and ugliness, so
that no one can bear to look to him. That is a good lesson, a warning for
everyone- disobediency brings ugliness on people. People try to show
themselves beautiful and handsome and they use for that purpose so many
cosmetic products. Men and women use are using that, and they are so
heedless and ignorant, thinking that by painting their faces they are going
to be beautiful and handsome. With their disobediency the beauty is just
taken away from them. As much as they may use cosmetics, even a whole
factory- never they are going to be attractive and bautiful. No mind people
now in the 21st century. They don't know that to be beautiful is a grant of
Allah Almighty to His servants for their obediency. Disobedient people
quickly going to be so ugly, so that you can't look to them. And if you are
looking, your stomach wants to turn and throw up. Shaitan is in such a way,
among all creature no one can be more ugly than him, because the dressing of
hatred is dressed on him, finished.

Look to the 21st century. There are 30 dirty leaders, just like the Prophet
had informed, that 1oo% represent shaitanic works. Like Shaitan you cannot
look to them, they are so dirty, so hated face, so bad looking, because they
are representatives of Shaitan. The Prophet had informed his people: 'Before
the last and big Dajjal should appear 30 Dajjals, dirty representatives of

Especially at dawn heavenly lights are coming down. Those who get up and
pray the night-prayer when other people sleep, will be dressed those lights
and daytime their faces are going to be shining. Therefore you can't find a
good person, a good Muslim, salih, sleeping that time, because Allah
Almighty is making a big feast for His servants that time and who is awake
and sitting for the feast is taking his share from it...This is another
point...And it is clear now why Shaitan is so ugly and hated...

So the Prophet sws said: 'Let him come.', and the Sahaba called him in. He
was in such a state like a dog when he is fearing, putting his tail between
his legs, he was trembling, and greatness was on the Prophet. He said first
of all: 'As-salamu alaika, ya Muhammad.' If he was saying 'Ya Rasulullah' it
would be finished, but he never said it, like Abu Jahil, whose teacher was
Shaitan. And so many people have Shaitan as their teacher, never saying
salat wa salam for Rasulullah. They are the students of Shaitan.

The Prophet answered: 'Salaam belongs to me and those who believe in me.' He
didn't say: 'Wa alaika salam', because if he would, he would fall down from
the station of prophethood. If a Saint gives Salaam to Shaitan, he falls
from the level of Sainthood. If a believer gives Salaam to Shaitan, he falls
from the level of Iman. Rasulullah said: 'Salaam is only for Muslims, not
for you and your followers.'

This is an important point to be made clear for whole nations: Salaam is for
Rasulullah and his followers, not for Shaitan and his followers.

The evidence is that after the Ottoman Empire who was using to say 'Salaam
alaikum' people in the Turkish republic are now saying: 'Gunaydin'- because
Salaam is for the Ottomans, not for the people of the Turkish republic. The
government changed it, instead of 'Salaam alaikum' they say: 'Good morning',
because they left the way of Rasul, they are not following the prophets.
Quickly Allah changing... So if anyone says to you: 'Gunaydin', 'Good
morning', 'Guten Tag'- say the same to him. What is suitable, Allah making
them to change also...

If saying 'As-salamu alaikum', blessings from Heavens are coming. They left
it. Now Turkey is drowning in a flood. That rain is not a blessing. Every
day there is snow or rain as a sign of Anger from Heavens. Because when
Salaam finihsed on earth, cursing was coming. 'As-salamu alaikum' means:
'Blessings and safety from Allah to you'. 'Wa alaika salaam' means: 'Same to
you'. People are not saying this, and it brings blessings and mercy from
Heavens. People are so heedless and ignorant, never thinking on such
points...We were going to speak on something, but quickly they changed the
page, bringing this important point...So many brothers and sisters from
everywhere are coming here to my humble place- you are welcome to my humble
mental-house- Therefore they make my tongue to speak on this. It is for all
nations, for the whole islamic world. No one can object on this association
and my advice... I am not preparing anything to speak- what they send, I must
say. May Allah bless you and give you good understanding. Islam brought
perfection. From every direction you may look- you will find perfection. In
the St.Peter's Dom in Rome the Italian architects built so many columns.
From each direction you see the same, there is nothing disturbing the
vision, you may find perfection on it.

Islam is not 1oo% but perhaps 1ooo%, million % perfect. It is impossible to
say for something: This is no good. But people hate Islam. Allah Almighty is
saying: 'Oh my Beloved Servant, don't be sad about what they say against
what you bring to them. They may know that it is perfect, but they have
jealousy and envy through their egos, and that makes them to face you with
enmity and refuse.' Now the whole world knows that Islam is pure and in its
most perfect situation, but yet they have envy and jealousy in their heart,
and therefore they hate Islam. It cannot be that a perfect person looks to
islam and says that it is not perfect.

May Allah show us the perfection in Islam, so that we may live with islam in
a perfect way. May Allah bless you and forgive me. He is the King of kings-
try to be His obedient servants. May Allah increase the honour of His most
honoured servant and keep us on his way.

(Make copies of this speech and make people to listen to the cassette!)

Lefke - 27.12.2001

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