Maulana Sheikh Nazim Salam’ gives safety to people - Salamullah gives safety on earth

Audhu bi-llahi minash-shaitan-ir-rajim, bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim. As-Salamu ‘alaikum! ‘Salam’ gives safety to people - Salamullah gives safety on earth. Rasulullah s.a.w.s, the last one (prophet), the most honoured one in the Divine Presence, Sayyedina Muhammad s.a.w.s said: “Salam is safety for people living on earth.” No other word may be put instead of Salam. Salam brings ‘Salamet’ - safety - to people and also it brings peace. As-Ssalam! In Arabic, the meaning of ‘Salam’ is peace, and since 8o years, people in our (Islamic) countries are trying to change ‘Salam’ and put another artificial word instead of it. And they try to create hatred between Arabs and Turks. Hatred is very difficult and brings terrible results… and we say: Audhu bi-llahi minash-shaitan-ir-rajim - running from satanic works to Allah. That is a balance that every believer must use - even if they believe in Christianity or Judaism, they must also use the balance that Islam brought, and that is mentioned in all Holy Books. In all the Holy Books Allah Almighty has mentioned the signs and showed the work of Iblis, the work of Saitan or satanic works. For what purpose were all those Holy Books sent to - to protect people from Satan and his disease, from his terrible, horrible and violent teachings. To protect the servants of the Lord - that is the main purpose of Holy Books, which had been sent from Heavens to the prophets, and prophets were trying to teach people -because the most terrible enemy is Shaitan.

Now half of the world is saying for Saddam Hussein: “He is violent, (even) beyond that violence, he is wild and terrible for the whole world’s people. Therefore we must fight to him to protect people from his dangerous violence. Because, he has no balance. He never thinks anything good for his people. When anger controls him, he may do such terrible things - he may destroy millions of people, he may destroy countries, old civilizations or new ones - may take them away.” A sign for that person: ‘Beware of Saddam Hussein!’ “Therefore we are going to fight to him, to take him away, so we may save the whole world from his danger and keep people safe from his assaults and violence.” This is an example. And half of the nations are saying: “That is true, because he has so many things (weapons) hidden. If any nation would even touch him, he would use these weapons against that nation”.

He may only be a weak student from satanic university; graduated, but not yet attaining a ‘Dr.’ title. What about Shaitan then, who was the teacher first to Kabil (Cain, who killed his brother Abel), the first murderer Kabil? Shaitan taught him how he could kill his brother, how he can murder him. First lesson. Kabil - the first graduate person on earth from the satanic university. And Allah is saying: “Beware of Shaitan!” People write on their doors: ‘Beware dog!’ A dog is a weak creature, what more can it can do (than bark and bite)? Everywhere people put this sign: ‘Beware of dog!’ For protection from thieves or bad people, they use those dogs. But no one writes: ‘Beware of Shaitan!” Sometimes, in London, I said that to people putting up these signs; but people are saying: “How it can be? He is our best friend! We must not write ‘beware’. Instead of writing ‘Beware of Shaitan’, we must write ‘Be with our patron, our boss, Shaitan!’ “No, he is our biggest teacher. We have reached the top of civilization now through his teachings, so that we may use a little of his teachings and we may throw some poison or a chemical on a country and kill its people. Even ants can’t live there (anymore). How come you say this (Beware of Shaitan) for our best teacher who made us reach this (high point in ) civilization?”

There are some people who see green instead of red and red instead of green… Now people have put eyeglasses on peoples’ eyes to cheat them, and people think that they have reached the height of civilization. That is the biggest lie and cheating, the biggest trap for mankind. And people now say: “Our biggest friend Shaitan”, and try to do everything on behalf of him. And all works on earth now are on behalf of him, and all works now on earth in the name of civilization, are satanic works, satanic actions. From the beginning, starting from Adam (a.s), Allah Almighty has, one after the other, sent heavenly personalities to mankind, Auliya, Prophets and Messengers to wake people up. Warning people from Shaitan; but people never take heed to these warnings from Allah Almighty, saying: “We are not listening to those words. Our boss is the best and his teachings are the best for mankind.”

And they have now reached a point that if they find a chance to make an explosion, they may burn the whole world. And they are now trembling - nations are trembling, people are trembling. They can’t sleep (in peace) now, finished! Because, the end is very quickly approaching - and ending in Armageddon. The whole effort of Shaitan was to divide the whole world in two parts and to start a big fight among them and to destroy mankind and everything that they have built in thousands of years. And now the whole world, Dunya, is running full speed towards that point. Satanic teachings and works - for mankind to fall in Hells here and in the hereafter…

Therefore we begin and say: Audhu bi-llahi minash- shaitan-ir-rajim. That is order from Allah Almighty. On every occasion you must say: Audhu bi-llahi minash-shaitan-ir-rajim. That means: “O my Lord, I am running away from satanic works, satanic teachings and actions. I am running to You, give me Your protection!” Therefore, you must now say at least 40 times daily: “O our Lord, shelter us, protect us and hide us from Shaitan and satanic works and from the people who represent Shaitan on earth.”

In the coming days now - I don’t know what will happen next week - but it should grind everything on earth… a terrible war! People say: ‘O Sheikh, (is there) going to be war? Is fighting going to take place?” They never think! They think that (it is going to be) like before, from 2nd World War up to today: Sometimes a fire (flares up) in the Far East, sometimes a fire in the Far West, sometimes in Europe, sometimes in the Middle East, sometimes in the West and sometimes in East (small, local wars). And they think that it is not going to affect other countries- that that fire is going to be extinguished in its place. They think that the war, that is going to begin soon - at the end of the Hijri year of Muslim calendar - is going to end in Dhul Hijj and then comes the new year according to the Muslim calendar: 1424.

After twenty days we have Muharram coming. Allah knows what is going to happen… Terrible! But people say: “Nothing much will happen, we may travel, we may go and come, we may think of making companies, of building factories, to do this and that.. To correct our economical crisis - we must think about it.” People have lost their minds. Shaitan is diverting their attention away from the main point. People for example here in Cyprus - they think day and night only about Annan’s plan, nothing else! Turkey is only thinking about what it is going to be like after the war, our economical crisis in Turkey just finished. And they say: “ What will happen to our economy after this war?” Are they ever asking if they are even going to be there or not, living or not? Only thinking: “What we can do for our economy?!”

It is not important! Everything you did until now was according to satanic rules. You were never taking care of heavenly rules that raise people from the lowest, Asfala-Safileen, to the highest level. You are not interested (in heavenly rules), only in economy. People are only occupied with some non-important issues. Shaitan also (has?) satanic rules - everything they try to do is according to satanic rules. No more heavenly rules on earth. They must finish!

This world must be changed! The people living are going to be changed. Everything they built upon falseness will probably be destroyed and taken away. Impossible! Finished! ..taken (away)!

After one week, this operation may begin - it should be the biggest operation, like Noah’s (a.s) operation. Noah’s (a.s) operation was an operation to take away all false and its followers. Noah’s (a.s) flood. And now, floods of fire are reaching everywhere to take away everything belonging to them. People don’t care for divine rules on earth. Therefore, they should be taken up. We say: ‘Audhu bi-llahi minash-shaitan-ir-rajim’. Calling Allah. “Come and I shall give you protection. Say: Bismillahi-r-Rahman-r-Rahim! My rule for people, first rule: Whatever you want to do, you must honour My Name and say: Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim.” This means: O our Lord, we live for You, we work for You, we die for You, we ask only Your pleasure, not our personal pleasure, no! Only Your pleasure.” Unless they say this, they are going to be killed. Who says this is going to be saved, others are going to be killed.

I don’t know, (if) after one week, the biggest operation to take away falseness from earth is coming (starting) - to bring Divine Law and Rules on earth and to put them in action. First operation is for cleaning this world of everything that belongs to Batil, falseness, and after that, by the heavenly order, there is going to be a new operation. Those, who are asking only their Lord’s satisfaction and pleasure, for them there is a new operation coming. First cleaning the world, then (re)building the whole world for those who live for Allah.

Who lives for Shaitan will be killed and taken away through that first operation Armageddon. Then come the people who live for Allah. They are the caliphs, deputies for Allah on earth and the earth is going to be dressed with heavenly lights, as now the whole world is dressed with darkness and dirtiness from satanic operations and works. Everyday and everywhere there are satanic operations. TV isn’t able to bring to our sight all those satanic operations taking place in the East and in the West - it is not enough! If you sit 24 hours, you won’t be able to count all the satanic operations taking place against humanity on earth.

They must be taken away! Allah is protecting the Ummat-e-Muhammadi and those in the Ummah who are asking to live with Sayyedina Muhammad s.a.w.s, to be for Allah - they should be taken under protection and should be sheltered. But others, who run after Western countries and their falseness, should be taken away through another operation - by themselves, some of them with others, and taken away.

O people! Ask Allah Almighty from His endless favours to take us for the clean operation that is going to be done on earth and to be with Allah Almighty and His most beloved and most honoured one’s way, and to be only for our Lord’s divine service! No other service except divine service in Heavens, can give more safety and glory to servants. May Allah bless you and forgive me for the honour of that most honoured one…

People think that it is a joke from Bush with Prime Minister of England. Swearing at him and Bush. Everywhere people are swearing. They think it is up to Bush or Blair or anyone… No, Allah Almighty is asking to clean this world from dirtiness and all that is based on it! You only see sewage (filth) everywhere - you can’t find anything clean, finished! Allah is making them to run to the Middle East, because the Middle East is where all revelations, all prophecy is coming from - holy land - from that area! Who is able to control that area, may control the whole earth. Therefore, there is huge power coming, and people never think! If it were only a small operation, why would Allah Almighty put in their hearts to send such a huge military power and army on Iraq?

People think that the main target is Iraq or its oil. It is such a nonsense idea, because if the main target were oil, America might have paid and bought all the oil. There would be no need to fight, because there is nothing preventing the sale of oil to America - it is open. But people never think on it! That is also a satanic trap saying one small… can’t be! What are its oil reserves? For what are these gigantic states coming to fight? Their power is too much for Iraq. But beyond that, there is something else that Allah Almighty wants to do, so that whole nations may understand finally the reason for this big operation that never happened before and is never going to happen again afterwards. Finished! No more similar war after this war. Armageddon. That is the meaning.

America is sending it’s naval fleet to the Middle East. In case something happens, American citizens living there have been given identity cards. They may just phone and then helicopters would come and take them out of that area, first to the naval fleet and then away with the ships.

But this is man’s arrangement to save their citizens. If they can do this, can’t Allah Almighty do this? During those wars, whoever has an 'identity card' on which is written: ‘This person belongs to Allah’, should be taken (to safety). Shaitan is fire. Whoever is suitable for satanic identity - Shaitan is fire- they will be thrown into fire with Shaitan … Therefore, don’t worry! If you are for Allah and you have (His) identity card, then it is okay - you should be taken (to safety). Or (otherwise) - where you are going to hide yourself? They say: Saddam has prepares ten doubles (people looking like him)… never (can he escape)!

During the first operation - the flood of Noah (a.s) - people were saying: “We can run away from the flood and protect ourselves”. But Allah was saying: “No protection today if I am not protecting. No one can protect himself from the flood!” And Noah’s (a.s) son said: “I am going up to the highest mountain and the water of flood can never reach there!” And Allah made that peak to submerge 7o meters under water! 7o meters of water above it! Another one said: “ I’ll make a box of glass and hide in it and be saved” And when he was in it, Allah Almighty made him to urinate endlessly - so much that he drowned in his urine…

Allah! Don’t fight against Allah, O people! But people never listen… Tauba, ya Rabbi, Astaghfirullah! Fatiha.

Lefke - 09.02.2003

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