Maulana Sheikh NazimSay: "Audhu bi-llahi mina-shaitani-rajim"

Say: "Audhu bi-llahi mina-shaitani-rajim". Not everyone can go against
Shaitan (like S.Omar from whom Shaitan was escaping). Don't say that you are
strong enough against him!

In reality Shaitan has no power. But even a small virus for example can kill
a man tall and strong like a tree. And there are insects that sit on every
dirt and then come on you to pass on the dirt. Don't say that you are
stronger, no, it can destroy you. If you don't pay attention, even the weak
Shaitan can harm you and make you loose your way, like he has done to all
the people of the 21st century. With what they do, they follow him, they
don't go against him, because they don't use: ,Audhu bi-llahi
mina-shaitani-rajim'. They forgot it- starting from the president and the
general. Nobody who gives a talk in the islamic world starts with this word
anymore. The world of Kufr anyway they don't use ,Audhu...', but there are
4o to 5o islamic states and they don't say it either. They became proud and
puffed up like a balloon- inside it is empty, full of air, and one needle
can make them to explode. Megalomania and egoism is going around, but
greatness and glory, 'Azamet and Kibriya, are only for Allah... Man is born
into the world as 5 kg, then they grow up to 1 ½ or 2 m, but after that, how
much they can grow? And the Holy Prophet sws was surprising and he said:
"Man is between pipi and kaka, two channels that excrete dirt- how can he be
proud, when all the time dirtiness comes out of him?!

The Holy Prophet sws said: 'I am sitting like a slave and eating like a
slave'. This word should be enough to make people human beings, not to give
themselves any importance in the Presence of Allah. In the Shahada it says:
,Muhammadan abduhu' first, and then'... wa rasuluh'. But people don't work
for Allah, only for their ego, and they say that they don't have time for
worshipping. For what you are created? But they have time to sit in the
coffee-houses... And if they go to the mosque, they always look to the

Who may control his ego, will get up. For this all Saints made sohbet- to
make people human. If not, man is nothing else but a speaking animal. Who
doesn't follow the Prophet will stay an animal, no matter which clothes he
puts on. With clothes you don't change your characteristics. So many people
will come with their animalistic attributes to Allah, because they didn't
change. Then the veils will be taken from their eyes and they will be shown
the film of their life and they will say if what they see there is a human
being or an animal... Man is created to become a perfect human being, Insan
Kamil, and to arrive like that in the Divine Presence! Nowadays everyone is
against Islam, because it makes man human beings and strengthens their
souls. Without strengthening your soul, you will not become a human being,
because the animality is covering you.

There is no holiday in Islam. A Muslim is always on duty. Even on a Friday,
after the prayer, they work. The Christians and Jews take a day or two off.
But that means that after the second day you have to start new to catch up
with what you reached before. Until Wednesday you catch up, and Thursday you
already prepare yourself for the weekend... No- in Islam there is
continuity. Only at Bayram (Eid) there are three days free.

Without continuity also the children don't learn anything at school...

Lefke, 26.11.2001

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