S. Nuh (as)

His whip will talk. Because what our Prophet was telling he was seeing, and then telling. It is not
a made-up statement. What will happen, what people are going to do, he informed them after
seeing it. Look this whip is like a stick. The Prophet told that 'A man's stick can talk to him.'
Alaihi s-Salatu wa s-Salam. La hawla. Therefore what shall we do?

Janabu l-Haqq wants from us gratitude and patience. Gratitude is easy but to give thanks to
Allah is not so easy. Patience, patience is hard but it's reward is much. One part of it is countable,
the other part is uncountable. Yes, and Janabu l-Haqq - The passion for the world, the test of the
world in which every passion is a test, every difficulty is a test. The biggest test is for the prophets.
So of all the prophets, the one who passed the biggest test was our Master, alaihi s-Salatu wa s-
Salam. After him Ibrahim (as) passed, then Noah (as), then Moses (as) passed. Adam Safiyullah,
Jesus (as), they all were tested. With every test Janab Allah is giving a rank. Who is passing the
test is like passing a grade. Janab Allah tests people to see who can pass. Then He (swt) is
rewarding them.

Who couldn't pass the test, at the least He(swt) gives one out of ten. So, for the servant who isn't
patient, even if he is unwillingly patient at least one out of ten will be given to him also. What
Janabu l-Haqq will give the patient servants on Judgement Day - when the others see it, they will
say, “If only He(swt) had sent us difficulty in the world so we could have shown patience.” It is
easy to say this at that time. Here no one wants to have that kind of situation. Therefore may
Allah keep us far from these troubles. There is a famous proverb: We are servants for
Benevolence not servants for examination. If there is Divine Benevolence we are happy to wait
for it. If we are tested we won't pass. Because of that O my Lord we are servants of benevolence;
we are servants who wait for Your Benevolence. We don't have the strength to pass Your exam.

When Janabu l-Haqq tests a servant even a prophet cannot pass. Janab Allah tested so many
prophets and many of these prophets, in the face of these tests, because of the greatness of the
test, took refuge in the Forgiveness of Janabu l-Haqq. Prophet Noah was tested for 950 years. He
was leaving his house every day, inviting people to Haqq. At every one of his invitations, the
people were gathering, what they could find of sticks stones, dried dung, and they were throwing,
hitting and swearing at him. At the end they were leaving the Prophet Noah thinking that he was
dead. Not one year, 5 years, 10 years, or 100 years. He invited them for 950 years. In the end
Noah, alaihi s-salam, said - O my Lord! Don't let any of the unbelievers' houses to remain on
earth. Those words just came out and Allah accepted.

"I will destroy your people by flooding Ya Noah!" He(swt) said. "Just make 40 jars, make 40 clay
pots, and see My Divine Wisdom. He made forty earthenware jars. He made them beautifully,
smoothly with decoration. After that Janabu l-Haqq ordered him to break all of them. He broke
them because it was a Divine Order but he found it difficult. "I made them with such care that
now I have some difficulty breaking them." He obeyed the Order but when he had difficulty, an
addressing came from Janabu l-Haqq: "O Noah you found it hard to break a clay jar. Man, to
whom I gave favour and grants and to whom I gave honour, virtue and dignity, how could you
ask Me to destroy My servants? It was difficult for you to break lifeless containers, but you
wanted Me to kill so many of My servants Ya Noah!"

Then, right away the Prophet Noah started to cry. Therefore the meaning of the name, Noah is
the one who is cries instantly. His real name in Syriac was different. Because he cried on a lot,
hidden and visibly, he was called 'Nuh'. His real name wasn't Noah. He started to cry, saying,
"What I have done? What I have done?" Until the addressing of Janabu l-Haqq came and he was
forgiven. "I (swt) said to you - 'hit and break those lifeless pots.' You found it difficult, didn't like
it. You felt sorry. These are My servants. Didn't you have any mercy for My servants? I created
them, that is mercy. Who has a lot of mercy in his heart, is a great man. The one who has no
mercy is a small man.

Yes. Prophet Noah's patience was not small. For 950 years, every day he was ordered to invite.
"Go out and call My servants for Me!" He(Noah) went out saying: "Your Order O my Lord,
Your command O my Lord." Everyday people were throwing stones, beating him, swearing at
him. Finally knocking him over. When he fell down they left him for dead. The Prophet Noah,
such a lot he suffered, and finally he said: "O my Lord Wa qala Nuhun Rabbi la tadhar 'ala lardi
mina l-kafirina dayyara." (71:26) "Don't let any house of an unbeliever remain on earth. O my
Lord, wipe them out", he said. Janabu l-Allah said: I accepted, but then ordered: "Now do this
and this." All those people perished, died.

While the water was rising one woman was holding her child. As the water was rising she was
lifting it up. The water was rising and she lifted it up above her head. Finally when the water
level rose to drown her, she put her child down beneath her feet - she stepped on her child in
order to save herself. This is because the life is sweet. She stood on it, she did this, she did this.
We seek refuge in Allah.

Allah's The Subduer, His Majesty is beyond all bearing. After this, the Word came: "Didn't you
have any mercy for My servants? You felt sorry to break the pots you had worked on so hard.
Was it pleasing to Me to drown My servants in the flood? My Mercy has no limits. My mercy is
for whom Ya Noah? Am I keeping the mercy for Myself? I don't need Mercy. I don't need the
Mercy. But My Mercy for My servants is endless. You wanted Me to wipe out My servants. I
accepted for the sake of your prophethood. If you pray like this one more time, I will dismiss you
from prophethood."

Also for Prophet Abraham the Word came, 'ala nabiyyina alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam. He prayed
for the destruction of one nation. That night he was ordered: "Sacrifice your son." When he was
ordered to sacrifice his son, he struck the child's neck with the knife. "Cut! I will see." He(swt)
said. His heart burned. A word came, to Prophet Ibrahim because he was sorry for the child.
The Word came: "O Ibrahim, you have mercy for this child. Did you suppose that I have no
Mercy for My servants whom I have created?"

Allah, Allah is Great. Nobody has the power, capability to understand His Greatness. But these
short stories tell about His Greatness. This kind of story makes man want to honour Allah, want
to love Allah. That's the aim anyway; to make people love Allah, honour Allah. These two stories
will be enough.


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