We are living on a globe. Don't think that it landed by itself here in space. Who can say that this globe would turn in this universe by itself? Is this what science is suggesting? How should it be able to run without any other power? Which scientist, philosopher or scholar can say such a thing? What is the power? Every galaxy moves. How do they do that? Additionally there is a sign on each star, "Keep your distance!" so there will not be an accident. Isn't that so? It is even said, that some galaxies are faster than others and then have to pass through the slow one. There are never any accidents. It is a very perfect traffic. Those atheists keep telling us, that no-one is controlling them! Without power? How could that be?

Everything in existence, all the galaxies, everything, is swimming in endless power oceans. Everything is fully covered with power. The power oceans are controlling them, but the power oceans are not Allah. It belongs to Allah. It means that space is full of power. Allah Almighty is showing His Endless Power Oceans. Every particle is covered with the Divine Power Ocean. Everything in the universe is protected inside and outside to be able to be in existence.

Today while I was praying Grandsheik was inspiring me to talk to you about this point: the emptiness of space. What is it? Is it something or nothing? If it is nothing, then everything in it must be nothing too. If it is something, then everything must be something too. It means, that there is no emptiness. It is not empty and it is not full. No-one can give a description of it. Even the most developed science cannot give complete information about the atom. Some say it consists of so many pieces. Some call them electrons, some call it waves, some call it energy, some say this and some say that. It means, that when we come to the main particles of creation, which are atoms, the scientists cannot give us a full description. You cannot touch them. There are nuclei inside, but even these are not the final pieces. They cannot cut it down further than that, it means that matter finishes right there. You cannot say that you can touch an atom. so all these millions and trillions of atoms are just like shadows. When we come to the undivided particle, we find nothing, except the power of the Endless Power Oceans of Allah Almighty.

It is like the Sufis and the Holy-people say, that the world consists of shadows only. The only real existence belongs to Allah alone. Everything else is a shadow. That means nothing. Praised be He who is able to make shadows see, speak, smell, taste, know, feel, act and love. This is a Divine Act! We must try to come to ourself and to get to know about the endless greatness of Allah Almighty. We must glorify Him. These are a few first elementary spots to prepare you for Divine Knowledge. This year there is a small opening.

We are now here. In 50 years no-one will be here anymore. Today so many shadows are disappearing and new shadows are coming. You must know that you are nothing and your Lord is everything. Try to reach everything. Don't stay within yourself, within your own nothingness but run to Him. Try to return to His Endless Unity Oceans. That is why we say that He has no partners. Try to come to the unity oceans to be with Him, to be with His Real Existence which will be enjoyed endlessly forever. There you will be in love forever, in endless beauty oceans forever, in endless love oceans forever, in endless wisdom oceans forever, in endless power oceans endlessly and in mercy oceans forever. Prepare yourself! We are shadows and the time will come for our shadows to disappear. Try to turn to your Lord's Endless Unity Oceans and swim there endlessly forever. Endless, endless oceans...

May Allah bless you in this Holy Month. It is an ocean and this is enough for you to digest at the moment. This year some Saints are present at our meetings, some hidden ones who are also giving you some lights from their hearts to prepare you for the Divine Presence. An opening is coming to the whole world now through Islam and all the unbelief will come down slowly, slowy. Soon it will be sunk and only the sun of truth and reality will rise. No-one can stop it to rise. Even if it is the whole of technology tries to prevent the sun from rising, do you think that they can? Now the sun of truth, realty and Islam is rising. Even if they use everything they cannot prevent it. The redness of dawn is clear. Since last month there is another appearance on earth and the sun of truth is coming to give its light and no-one can put a shadow on it or to cover it. You must be happy and hopeful. Don't be sad. No! There is no sadness for believers, only for atheists.

May Allah forgive us! We are asking for pardon, oh our Lord, we are your servants.

London - 01.03.1994

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