Maulana Sheikh NazimO believers, this is the second Jumma in holy Ramadan

O believers, this is the second Jumma in holy Ramadan. Keep his respect as
much as possible. Those who respect Allah and His Prophet and this month
will be seperated from those, who don't. Allah is the Ruler and no one can
oppose Him. Whom He defeats, no one can save.

The last Prophet had been sent 15 centuries ago. No other prophet had such a
long period. He was the last one and his message is valid until the end of
time. The Day of Judgment everyone will read his own book. People nowadays
want to live like animals- without rules and laws or holy books. They want
to do, as they like.

They mix men and women. If you say something to them, they will refuse what
you say and call you backward, old-fashioned, and themselves they regard as
progressed. What became of them?! Everything is upside down. Men and women
cannot be distinguished anymore. How a man can be like a woman and a woman
like a man? That is from Shaitan. Either all have to be women or all have
to be men. Women dress like men and cut their hair...

There are angels who make a special tesbih. They say: 'Subhanallah, Who
adorned men with a beard and women with their hair!' A beard makes a man
full of heybet- can you imagine a lion without mane? He will look like an
ape... And women have been beautified with their hair. But people are not
happy the way they are created as a man or a woman, and they make operations
to change themselves.

The worst thing is 'unisex'. Unisex means men and women can wear it, can
have the same hairstyle etc. Curse will come on them from Heavens! Come to
yourself, turn to Allah! The world of imagination is not like the world of
Reality. So many thousands of years people lived and walked in the
streets... One hundred years later none of us will be here anymore... Who
built all these buildings- where are they now? Don't run after illusions,
hayyal, but try to come closer to Allah. Everyone will surrender his soul to
Azrail a.s.(the Angel of Death) He will take up the soul and the angels of the first Heavens
will ask: 'O Azrail, who is that soul with you?' 'It is such-and such.'
Then, according to whether he is a believer or not the doors will be opened
to him or not. One will be accpeted, another will be refused: 'He didn't do
any goodness, he disn't respect Allah or the Ramadan- he is rejected.' They
do what Allah has forbidden. They build houses over cemetries- that is

This is the year of selection- good and bad people will be seperated- the
bad ones will go, those who fight Allah and leave the straight path. It will
be a terrible death... Either you say: 'Allah!', or your soul will be taken
out slowly, slowly...Take care of yourself. Man has a responsibility.
Nowadays so many people don't respect Allah, and Allah is asking respect
from us. Ask for forgiveness, make Sajdah! Let us make effort to be with

Lefke, 23.11.2001

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