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The first human beings, Adam* and Eve, had the duty to be representatives of the Lord on this planet. They were given a form made out of four elements and their creation was completed by the Lord giving them a part of His own Divine Soul. That is why we are the most honoured creation of all creatures. No-one else got that. We have been crowned in the Divine Presence to be His representatives. Everyone has the potential of being a deputy of the Lord of Heavens. That is the most important part of our creation.

Especially in this century people do not seem to be interested to know about themselves. They only want to know about all the details of nature; the minerals, animals, rocks... They even take ants and put them under the microscope to find out more.

Most people do not want to know about themselves, they are not interested in unseen worlds or unseen creatures. They do not want to know about Heavens. It is as if people want to crawl on their chest like snakes unable to get up, only interested in the material world and nothing beyond that. In the 20th century people are very happy to be such materialists. They are usually proud to be unbelievers. But it is because of this physical existence that man is suffering, not because of our souls. All problems and miseries belongs to our physical being. It represents our ego which belongs to darkness. Souls belong to the Heavenly Worlds, to light. There is no suffering there. All the troubles lie in darkness.

What should be the difference between our modern lives compared to the lives of people at the time of Jesus* , or even Noah*? Has any part of our body changed? Are we not the same creation? The Lord told us that He had created us in perfection! Put a human being next to an ape. Which form do you prefer? But some super-person is claiming that his grandparents were apes! No artist can imagine any form more beautiful than a man or a woman. Do you think that if we had wings it would be better? How would you move? Or what if you had 4 legs? No-one can imagine a more perfect form than the one we have!

A thousand years ago people were also eating plants and meat. They were enjoying themselves and getting married and having children. They were also fighting against each other with sticks and swords. They were trying to do their best in life. So what is the big difference? You are still planting, but with machines. You are hunting, but with guns. You are still getting married... In reality nothing has changed. Modern people want to enjoy themselves as much as possible. They are in such a hurry chasing the pleasures of physical enjoyments. Usually they have no balance in doing so. They have no control over their physical beings, so they harm and disturb their physical bodies. Everyone is fighting within themselves and with each other. Nations are fighting each other with modern weapons. That is the only difference. Why do people in the modern world want to know more about mysticism? They want to rescue themselves from physical destruction. Because your physical surroundings have increased, your need for spiritual relief is even greater. Remember, your soul comes from Heavens, just like the souls of our ancestors did. That is why there is a secret desire within everyone, whether they look at the sky in daytime or night-time, to get back to their Lord. Our souls yearn for it. We like flying, but flying by planes does not satisfy us. It is not enough and we are not happy when we are told to fasten our seat-belts. We want to fly.

Everyone would love to have the ability to fly. Highly spiritual people, holy-ones, can. Jesus* was lifted up to Heavens. He was demonstrating to his followers to overcome their physical heaviness and to use their spiritual powers to fly, like he did. There were so many examples of Holy People flying without planes or rockets. It is possible. Mysticism prepares man to fly, not only above the earth from east to west and north to south. No! Mankind should be trained to fly back to Heavens. The first condition is to be very light. Swallows can fly for many hours without getting tired and they can fly very high. Ducks can't.

There are seven Heavens. It is mentioned in Holy Books. Whoever wants to reach the last one must be light. The heaviest material is our ego. It is that which ties us to this world. Our physical desires drag us down. Centuries ago nations were fighting and took slaves who were taken from one country to the next. To prevent them from escaping they had big iron balls around their ankles. We have endless desires which will never be satisfied, no matter how much we drink or eat.

Tomorrow the Holy Month of Ramadan is starting and we have been ordered to fast. This obligation was given to all nations, long before Islam. In Judaism there is a fast. In Christianity there was also fasting. But in our days people are weak in their faith and they are even weaker when it comes to practising their faiths. Many young Muslims will think that it is too difficult and they won't fast. What slaves of their own desires they are! They cannot even stop eating and drinking for a day. It is that which keeps people on earth. They cannot rise to Heavens, their physical needs are too strong.

In Christianity there are many monasteries. Their purpose is to bring people away from their physical desires and to make them ask for the ways to Heavens. But all this is lost. People are not interested to go to such places anymore. They are caught in their bodies and their souls are imprisoned.

Mysticism wants to teach people how to reach their Heavenly Positions in Divine Presence. Unless people sacrifice some of their physical desires instead of only reading in books about mysticism, they will keep on creeping on earth and not be able to reach Heavens. If anyone asks about mysticism and wants to follow the ways of mystics, they must try to find someone who is authorised to teach. If you really ask, such a person will be shown to you. When you have found him, keep him and give him your will. His Will must be your will.

London, 21.01.1996

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