Maulana Sheikh NazimSecret Holy Morning Wind

Oh our Lord, one drop of your blessing is enough to change hells into Paradise.

He is Allah, the Great. The sun is rising and setting under His order. By His command it rains. By His command light and darkness appears. What is darkness? Who can describe it? Within darkness there is light. Who can see in darkness? Only He, and those who have been granted lights from Allah, can see through darkness. Dark colours represent power and greatness. In the Divine Kingdom there are dark colours. The only darkness in Paradise is the darkness in the eyes of ladies. When you look into their eyes you will look into endless power-stations.

Everything is under His command. When I look at the trees I wonder why their buds open when they do. They are receiving a secret command from Heavens. A secret morning wind is blown every morning to Muhammad*, greeting him. Then through his command it is passed on to nature, to the trees, to dress them in their magnificent appearance. They listen and obey. This wind comes to you too, but you are sleeping and you don't listen. The trees too are sleeping, but when the wind comes they wake up quickly. When they have woken up the Lord dresses them with their beauty. Oh mankind, why aren't you listening to the command of Allah the Almighty? When He dresses nature it is so beautiful that everyone who sees it gets pleasure out of it. Do you think that when people look at us it makes them happy? Why don't you please people? Because you don't do it according to the inspiration which Allah gives you.

The most important thing is to be obedient. When you are obedient, you will be dressed with blessings. When a person dresses in that way his appearance will be familiar to everyone, people will feel at ease and will want to be with him. You, as humans, have many more rights to be familiar and friendly with people than trees have. You are much more perfect. But we have a dragon inside ourselves, satan, which causes people to escape. Prophets collect people to help them get rid of the dragon. When they have, they will be so familiar to us.

Ask for blessings, but you will never get any unless you are His obedient servant, not serving your own ego. Your ego is your dragon and it will make people run away from you. Listen to His addressing. It is written in the Holy Quran that Allah the Almighty created the original form representing you as you are in the spiritual world. When Allah created you, you were perfect. He asked you, "Am I your Lord? Are you accepting me as your Lord?" People answered, "Yes, You are Our Lord and we are your servants!"

That was the answer we all gave on the Day of Promises in the spiritual world. We accepted to obey His commands. Then when we came here we wanted to be the lord, instead of obeying him. We claim to have all these imitated titles, demanding to be the boss. We don't want to serve Him any more. In the ears of Holy People the promise everyone gave on the Day of Promises rings and they want to remind them to keep their promise. But our egos do not want to accept it, they want to be lords. If you can find a chance you will at least try to control one other person, or even a group of people, or to become the lord of a nation, or a lord of all nations. If you cannot find someone else to command, at least you want to be your own lord and not listen to anyone else. That is the biggest trouble for mankind. They do not want to listen to anyone.

This is why Sayyidina Muhammad* is a praised servant. He cannot be glorified, because he himself is a servant of the Lord and only One has Lordship. Try to stay on the level of serving your Lord and you will be rewarded with endless pleasures.

When Sayyidina Mehdi comes, more secrets of secrets from the Holy Quran like these, will be revealed, insha' Allah. The biggest happiness will be for those who will reach his time and be able to understand his teachings.


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