Maulana Sheikh NazimThe secret Kafir

If a man is not aware that Allah’s Eyes are on him everywhere, all the time, that man is not a Mu’min, believer. You must imagine, in your heart, that Allah’s Eyes are with you. If you forget this, you will be absent from your Lord, and present with your ego. The best actions come by keeping this in your mind.

If a man is doing an action that is not pleasing to Allah, His Prophet or Awliya, it means that he is considered a ‘secret Kafir’, a secret unbeliever. We have been ordered to clean ourselves of both evident and secret kufr. Therefore you must be careful about your openly visible acts as well as your secret acts. You must keep a balance with you with which to weigh your actions. You must look at each action that you do, or are about to do, and make sure that it will be pleasing to Allah, His Prophet and the Awliya. When you know that that action will bring pleasure to your Lord, the Prophet and the Awliya, you may do it. If not, you must leave it.

If a man balances his actions in this life, there will be no balancing for him on Judgement Day. Therefore the Prophet said: “It is more lovely to Allah if a man sits for an hour thinking and weighing of his actions, than if he prays for 7o years!” This is because you may erase your 7o years of worship with an act that Allah is not pleased with; but if you weigh of that action first, with your mind, you may be able to leave it, and escape its harm.


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