Maulana Sheikh Nazim Authorized persons see the whole world through a needle hole

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Who is (an) authorized person? (The one) who can look through the hole of a needle and may see (the) whole world! (An) authorized person, who (is) authorized by heavenly headquarters, they may look and see the whole world through a needle hole. That is an authorized person! You must look after that person. All others are cheating you!

May Allah forgive me and bless you! Oh our Lord, make this gathering a blessed gathering. If You are blessing… I don’t think when His blessings (are) reaching to a person, (he is not) to be changed; that gathering and that person must be blessed up to end. That is important! Therefore (those) who (are) coming to a Prophet and looking to him and accepting him, (the) blessings that (are) coming on (that) Prophet must be with them (also). A Prophet must carry blessings from Heavens, or it is impossible to reach attenders through themselves a satisfaction or to feel peace through themselves. Prophets and their inheritors are the only ones for the reason of whom blessings (are) coming on earth. Not for others, no, (it) can’t be!

Who may reach to an authorized person- (that) means (to someone who) belongs to Heavens, their relation (is) with Heavens- who (is) reaching to such people, blessings (are) reaching to them. Don’t ask blessings with other people, no, blessings (are) coming from Heavens. Don’t ask blessings from earth, no, from up (it is) coming! Therefore you are looking (that) trees (are) asking to reach that blessings (and) therefore they are not asking to come down, but they are asking to come up, asking to reach (up). But people not taking their lessons from even plants- (that) they are growing up, not down, and asking to reach the blessings that come from Heavens. And you, we, we must look such people who are looking up.

About (the) Prophet- peace be upon him- the Holy Quran is saying: “Oh My beloved one, I am looking (for the right time to change the Qibla…” When (the) Qibla had been ordered (to be) towards Jerusalem, Quds-u Sharif, (the) Prophet sws was longing to (be the direction of Qibla the holy) Kaaba and always (the) Prophet’s eyes were going up. He was looking up. (There is an) Ayatu Karima. He was looking up when (the) divinely Blessings (are) coming for changing the Qibla from Jerusalem to the Kaaba.

Blessed people’s physical eyes are looking up as well as their real being is always looking up, asking to reach blessings from Heavens. Those who are always looking (down), like this, they are on the level of animals, they are belonging to the animals world, because animals are always looking down. You saw any cow, any sheep, any donkey or horse looking up? (No, they are) looking down to eat grass. (Those people) whose importance is only eating and drinking, their level (is) only (the) level of animals world, no more.

They are thinking on it only. 21st century people’s civilization- what (it) did for mankind? (It is) bringing mankind from Heavens, from up, from (a) high (level) of humanity, carrying them to the level of animals. That is 21st centuries civilization- bringing mankind, carrying them from their real levels that that level is just honoured, (down). No any other creature reached to that level, only mankind! (But) Shaitan (is) making them, saying: “Come down! Here (there is) pleasure for you. Come down. Our level (is) so enjoyful, you should find peace, come down!” That is 21st century civilization- making mankind to come down, on level of animals. If they were only (like) dears, zebras, cows, giraffes, such people it was very good. But among them are (people who are like) leopards- leopards (are) very angry looking ones! Standing up and looking like this… jumping to reach…

Now people are saying: “Terrorists!” They are not terrorists, they are (like) wild animals on animal level. How can stop them cows, dears, giraffes and so many grass-eating animals? How they can protect themselves from them and (the) whole world (is) now on that level. “Terrorist people”, they are saying, “(are) running here, running there, making their wildness, (in this) place, in that place, in unexpected places”, they are rushing and doing (harm), because (they are) representing (the) wildness of wild animals. Therefore- violence (is) climbing through violent ones. And all people (are) on that level, (only) very few ones (are) asking (and) saying: “Ya Hu- this is not our real level. Why we are here?” Sometimes (they are) blaming that one, blaming Israel, blaming Russia, blaming Chechnya, blaming Qaida, blaming Murabba, blaming square head people- blaming, blaming… ya Hu- why blaming? Why sitting with them? Change your situation! Get up from their level, come back to your real level. (If) you are asking to come to your real level- that Allah Almighty honoured that level- come back and He is saying: “Wa-llahu yu-aiyyin”- Allah is (the) Protector for people, for believers. Allah is saying, making His oath and saying: “I am defending My honoured servant, no one (else)!”

Once upon a time there was a Grandsheikh, a Saint, Waliullah. One person was asking to visit that one and (he was) coming and on his way he was fearing, because one lion was following him, running after him, and he was coming full with fear. (He was) visiting (the) Grandsheikh and after the visit he was asking to leave and he was saying: “Oh beloved one in divinely Presence! Through your area there is a lion, making me to fear!” (And the Grandsheikh took his cap and) said: “Take this (cap), put (it) on your head and go”, giving this (cap) to him. (He was) putting (it) on his head, getting out, the lion was looking and escaping. These people are lions (themselves)! Ask (the) lions of the Lord of Heaven for protection! No one (else) can protect you, no!

In Shamu Sharif- perhaps 4o years ago- there was one Sheikh Nuruddin. He was from the line of the Prophet, a Rifai Sheikh, a powerful one, he had heavenly powers also. He was very tall and wide. He was Grandsheikh’s father in law. He was coming and I was sitting with him also and he was telling me something from his past. He was saying to me:

“The first time when I was coming from Diarbakir or Al Aziz, through the center of Anatolia, to go to Medina, and I was 19 years old, I was burning with the Prophet’s holy Presence, to visit and I walked on my feet. Walking to reach to the Prophets honoured Maqam and I was running with my beloved one’s love, ‘Muhabbatu Rasul’, the love of the Prophet, I was running and people, caravans were going. We reached through the dessert and it was the time of Maghreb, the sun was setting and the caravan was sitting down to take their rest and they were going on in the night. We were there, we reached and I was looking there were two ways: one through the hills of mountains, another around mountains, and it was desert. And I was looking (that) no one was asking to reach that way, through hills, all of them (were) asking to (go through the dessert) and I was saying: ‘Why? This way is easy, shorter, but that one is longer.’ The caravan people, Bedouins, were saying: ‘Yes, we know it, but there are lions on that way, and it is dangerous, therefore we are asking to take the safe way.’ I was saying: ‘It doesn’t matter, I may go (that way).’ And darkness was coming and I was running, marching alone.”

And he said to me: “Oh Nazim, Effendi, I was hurrying to pass and I was feeling that there was someone on front of me, also quickly rushing. I was trying to reach to that one. I was reciting the Sura Yasin along my way and I was hearing someone reciting the Sura TaHa. I was quickly running to reach to him and finally I reached and he was reciting TaHa, I was reciting Yasin. “As-salamu alaikum. “ “Wa alaikum salaam.” “Oh Abdullah! I was asking to reach to you and you are (faster) more than me” and I was seeing that his leg also was broken, but (still) I couldn’t reach (to him). (And I said): “Oh my master, I heard that there are lions on this way. How you are passing through?” And that person was saying: “Oh my son, we are lions! Other lions fear from us. Don’t worry, go (on)!”

Awliya! Those who are blessed through Heavens and they are for Allah, they are real lions! Real lions may protect you from others. People are asking shelter from governments, from security powers, from their armies- and he was passing! They are lions! Ask from that ones! As I said (in the story), if he is putting his hat on that person, lions can’t reach, they can’t approach to them, no, (they are) escaping like this, giving way. Now people forget heavenly lions! They are fearing from dragons and scorpions! Haha! That is a punishment, because they lost also to say: “As-salamu alaikum!”

This holy word (is) giving safety to people and other creatures they are knowing that this one is under protection. “As-salamu alaikum! As-salamu alaikum, ya ‘Ibadallahi Salihien.” When you are passing, say: “As-salamu alaikum, Ashabu Nauba.” (Those) who are appointed for protecting Allah Almighty’s sincere servants, they are keeping (them) and protecting (them).

People now lost (it); now they are not asking Awliya, they are denying Awliya, they are those foolish ones (who) are destroying their holy Maqams, holy places on themselves! How theses Awliya (are) going to protect them? (They are) leaving lions to eat them- not lions- lions are honoured animals- (but) others, no honoured creatures, (are) eating them, (saying:) “No, leave them.” That is punishment, because mankind (is) not taking care for (the) Prophet’s respect and for Prophet’s inheritors respect. They are not honouring them, not giving their full respect to them.

Before living people were coming to be with them through their accommodation places and also they were asking protection from cursing; they were making their will to be buried around such lions that are (the) real Sultans on earth. Therefore around these beloved ones, honoured ones in the divinely Presence, you may see big cemeteries, because when (they are getting up on the) Day of Resurrection, they should have flags and their flags are reaching all (those) that are buried through their holy Maqam.

Now people, Muslims, they are only by name Muslims, and they are leaving what is going to be respected: (the) respect to the servant of the Lord, the respect to Prophets and the respect to the Prophet is respect for Allah Almighty. But Wahabi people are not understanding, because they are ‘mm-square-head’ people. A square-head may be a km square, but these people (only have a) mm square- (they are) imprisoned in that point.

May Allah take away badness from Muqmins and may He bless you through His blessed ones. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 05.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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