Maulana Sheikh NazimSeek Eternity and Limitless Paradises

(Mawlana Shaykh stands)

Dastoor ya Sayyidee, madad. Stand up for your Lord’s glory! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa lillahi ‘l-hamd! All praising and all glory for our Lord, Almighty Allah, and presented to His most beloved and honored one in His Divine Presence, also glory and honor! May Allah forgive us. We are asking forgiveness, O our Lord, and asking Your blessings. We are so weak ones and we are asking endlessly salutes and greetings for Your most beloved one in Your Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). (Mawlana Shaykh sits.)

O yaa Rabb! O People! As-salaamu `alaykum. That salaam gives you salaamat, safety, here and Hereafter. O People! Give some time for listening heavenly announcement, that if you are listening and accepting, just taken over from your sufferings and miseries. And we are looking that everyone, now they are in sufferings and through misery, and they are just drowned. The whole world is just drowned through miseries and sufferings. Therefore, if you are asking hayyaatun tayyibah, to live here a good life for a period that has been granted to you, to be here in safety and in happiness and enjoyment, then say as-salaamu `alaykum, salute on believers from their Lord. That is one of the biggest grants of our Lord to take away heavy burdens from our shoulders.

O People! We are saying because we have been ordered to be in connection through heavenly beings that they are holy ones. Holiness is not by dressing in strange clothes or something strange on your heads, no. Holiness is a grant just put on your head like crowns for kings or emperors. Ask for that holiness, that Allah Almighty sending through His prophets, peace be upon them, and just had been sent after prophets whom they are following their ways. There is a way reaching to holy stations and there is another way that carries people through sewage channels. Therefore, holy people who are asking to reach the level of holiness are getting much more care and they are scaring not to fall into sewage channels. That is a way.

We are understanding here that whole prophets were saying (teaching about) the Day of Resurrection when people coming for their judgments. The Lord of Heavens giving His majestic judgment, sending people from mahsher, the place for the people landing there, standing and looking upon holy judgment of the Lord of Heavens. They are crowded there. After being under Divine Judgment, they will be ordered, “Now walk!” And everyone will reach to their private places or areas where they will be there forever. Now you are walking, and then they are walking on a very thin and very difficult bridge just put over fire. Who can pass on it, will reach Paradise, reaching their Lord’s pleasure, reaching to their Lord’s honor, reaching their Lord’s happiness! That is granted to them after passing on that bridge. That is the way of holy ones, who are keeping through this life their steps on holy way; they will be able to pass through or over that bridge, that very thin, very thin, very sharp, and very terrible to walk on it. But that is the way of holy ones whom through their lives preferring to walk on the ways of holy ones. They will pass through that holy bridge, reaching up to holy lands granted from the Lord of Heavens, and no one knows its limits, hudood, no one knowing.

SubhanAllah! Glory to Allah Almighty! According to holy books, the last one entering Paradise just granted ten times (more) like this planet if you are making flat, and he should be so happy. But more than that happiness, because he was thinking, “If this territory is in limits, what about if I am going to be here forever? Do you think that I can be happy with an imitated paradise up to Eternal?” Something was coming something through his heart. The last one entering thinking, “What is ten times of this world?” Now it is so big for a person living here, but the Lord giving to that person that he may be remembering and asking, “O my Lord, our life in dunya was in limits because our lifes in limit, but here unlimited, eternal life. If you are granting us eternal life, this ten times dunya is nothing! We are looking more from Your majesty, majestic kingdom with never-ending dominions and oceans of creation!”

They (inhabitants of Paradise) are saying, “We are so big and this is nothing! We are asking, we hope this not only for us. With happiness we are hoping this Paradise must be as a sea and if growing, it is getting a tree, and from that tree in that garden taking seeds from fruits and making it more!”

And Divine Addressing (to them), “O My servant! Now be happy what I am granting to you. Don’t try to teach Me. Don’t try what I am asking to give to you a limit. Everything through Eternity is eternal. O My servant, (I am granting to you) that world ten times daily, ten times Paradise that I granted to you! Second day it should be double, third day you should find three times, fourth day you should find four times bigger! Be happy, in contentment. Don’t worry, I am the Lord! Don’t try to teach Me something. I am granting to you. Now today you are entering and you are seeing a big land, ten times of world, and tomorrow you should find it double ten times more, and third day you are going to find it thirty times bigger! O My, servant enjoy My endless favors!”

O People! That is a holy way. If anyone of you asking to reach those holy lands that day-by-day getting more and more, don’t think that it is going (to be only) three times bigger. When it is granted three times as the first grant, second day going to be twenty times, and third day from twenty times going to be ten times more. What is it going to be? Two-hundred times, and two-hundred times making it double. Fourth day you are going to find two-hundred times, four-hundred times bigger.

“My Lord, if I can reach to that?”
“If you are not reaching, how you are asking? What I granted to you, I know it. You should be happy, more happy. You are not going to say, ‘enough’; always you are going to say, hal min mazeed, ‘O my Lord, I am asking for more; I am not getting full from Your grants. O my Lord, give more and more and more.’“

O People! That is something that coming to me for declaring to whole nations and whole people. Mostly people now on this Earth are just mixed with miseries and sufferings; no taste for their lives, no one getting a pleasure for their permanent temporary life. You never taking any taste.

O People! Our Lord is calling us. Why are you not giving? Why are you not trying to give daily even five minutes for your Lord, Almighty Allah, for thanking and making sajdah for Him and thanking to your Lord? What is that foolishness from you? What is that ignorance from you? What is that your dirtiness? So big, you are like rats living through sewage channels and not asking to get out. Why? And every day sufferings getting more and more on your shoulders and you are young ones beginning to come down, down, down. This is a very important message from heavenly levels.

O People! That is a warning as well as it is endlessly good tidings for you! Give some minutes for your Lord, for His pleasure, then He grants to you endlessly pleasure here and Hereafter. Ohhh, drinking through pubs, drinking through casinos, drinking through bad places, doing dirty things! It is not your honor, O Man, to do bad things! It is not honor of a deputy to take dirty things! It is blame to Mankind that they are only thinking how they are killing people, how they are giving trouble to people, how getting more trouble to people! That is your humanity? “Tuuuh” on such a humanity! Allah takes them (who are killing and giving trouble) away because Divine anger is approaching because you are living and reaching the last station of this planet and the Day of Resurrection is just approaching. You should be ashamed, most ashamed on the Day of Resurrection.

O People! Leave to drink because drunk makes you drunk and drunk’s level under the level of donkeys. If giving donkey to drink “talkie walkie” (laughter), Johnnie walkie, if you are giving a donkey to drink Johnnie Walker (whiskey), what drinking that whiskey? If giving to donkey, you, Man, humanity, that donkey not drinking, so how you are drinking?

“No, O our Shaykh, we are not drinking Johnnie Walker, we are drinking champagne.”
Chimpanzee? Put in front of chimpanzee, if drinking champagne, chimpanzee is a kind of ape, put and it should cry, “What is that?”
“O Shaykh, we are not drinking champagne, we are drinking vodka.”
Worst! Leave it in Russia. So many bears, give to him vodka and see if drinking or not. Bear not drinking. You are people, how you are drinking that? What is that foolishness?!
“O Shaykh, we are Greek people. We are accustomed to drink cognac. You never tasted it to know what is cognac. When drinking we are singing (Mawlana mimics a Greek singer.) That is Greek singing.

Come to me, O my black-eye's darling.
O my darling, black-eye's darling, come to me.
Just I am tappa, oh marhaba! How are you?

Greek people, you are happy? But Italians, I am not learning what they are drinking? Wine and also I forgot German people what they are drinking.
“O Shaykh, Germans drinking beer.”
What is beer?
“Beer is just made from barley.”
What? Barley, only donkeys like it. Or how you are making that beer from barley?
“You don’t know, you never taste this.”

I am not tasting. If donkey not tasting, how I can taste? Donkey never getting happy to drink that beer, how I am going to be happy to drink it? And then Arabs also drinking. What are they drinking? Arak, I know. You are Arab and not knowing. Making from dates and drinking. In Egypt making from dates and drinking. Turks now they are free, drinking everything, whatever coming they are drinking. Then? When a person drinking, no more their minds working; finished. When their minds are not working, they are cut off from humanity and reaching to level under the level of animals, because animals are not drinking. Leave to be drunk ones! Then one day you should be unhappy. Give some times for thinking, to learn for your beginning and for your end.

O People! May Allah forgive us. We are only asking that someone should be sent from heavens to correct our steps and the time is over for that one coming and Jesus Christ coming and then going to be Judgment Day! Keep your honor, O Mankind! Leave bad customs and try to reach good customs from holy ones because if no holy one, no way to eternal life, no Eternity for them.

May Allah forgive us, for the honor of most honored one in His Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). (Mawlana stands for honor of Prophet [s] and sits.) Yaa Rasulullah!

(Mawlana Shaykh sings.)
Dome dome dome dome 8x

Those are happy sounds from heavens coming to good ones hearing. Hear and listen, and enjoy with divine singings and music. You should be happy here and Hereafter. O our Lord, forgive us!


(41 minutes)

Dome dome dome dome

Don’t be angry with me, O people! I am asking your happiness here and Hereafter and I am asking your pleasure in the Divine Presence that gives you endlessly honor with prophets, holy ones and angels. Try to be with them, not with yourself through sewage channels to be with rats and shaytans, Sadanas. May Allah protect us. Ameen.

(43 minutes) Enough.

Lefke, 01.12.2009

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