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(Sultan stands to praise Allah)

Allahu Akbar wa li'Llahi l Hamd! Whole glory and whole praise for you, O, our Lord, our Creator! We are nothing; we are trying to give to You as much as possible, to give glory. You have absolute Glory Oceans, you have absolute Praising Oceans and your Dominion is endless through whole dominions. Countless creations and creatures giving, trying to give you countless praising and glorifying, and all of them besides Your absolute Glory Oceans, is nothing.

Please accept, Oh, our Lord, from your weak servants, that glorifying and countless praising. We are saying for Your most beloved one, through your Divinely Presence only one, Sayyidina Muhammad (s), that You created him and You just putting his holy name. You granted that holy name to him and putting in front of Your glorious Name, la Ilaha Ill-LlahMuhammad RasulAllah, only one. Countless salutes and majesty for You, O our Lord, our Creator! Give us something more to be able to grant to You, according to our capacity. We are saying Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la Ilaha Ill-Llah, w'Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa li'Lahi 'l-Hamd! As You are glorifying your most beloved one, we are saying, Allahumma salli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammad! You created him first and he was the last, also. In spite of Wahhabi people, in spite of Salafi people, we are giving our highest respect and glorifying to Sayyidina Muhammad (s). O! No one who knows his glory except glorious Allah Almighty, and we are saying through this holy month to be granted to us something, more understanding, O our Lord, for Your most beloved one. Let whole stars running to him to give their salutes to him, because that one, Sayyidina Muhammad (s), is Your absolute representative. No other can be Your representative through pre-Eternal up to Eternal!

O our Lord! Give him more and more glory and majesty! Give whole dominions to him! You are never in need of what you created, never, never, O Allah! Give your last glorifying that You are granting to anyone, through Your creatures, give that (to) the Seal of Prophets (s)! You gave it to him and You are giving through each second—or less than a second in time—as much as You are granting to him in pre-Eternal.

We are happy with you, Ya Rasulullah! Give us your intercession in the Divine Presence through this holy month. And we are asking protection, and saying, a`udhu biLlahi min ash-Shaytani ‘r-rajeem. Bismillahi’r-Rahmaani’r-Raheem, running away from Shaytan to your representative shelter. And we are saying, You granted us so big, so endless Mercy Oceans and You ordered to us say, Bismillahi’r-Rahmaani’r-Raheem!

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar! We are happy, we are proud, what You granted us, give more, give more. We are hungry, and as much as you are granting, we are asking more and more of our Lord!

As-salaamu `alaykum to our listeners. (Sultan sits.)

O people try to occupy yourselves only for your Lords glorifying. So many prophets just arrived, O our Grand master, Grand Shaykh that you are our master, master for this planet. You are master, you have been granted from Heavenly grants and that grants making you to be holy ones, holy ones.

O mankind try to be holy one not to be like Qarun, Qarun that he was claiming I am most richest one on earth. And I am such a honoured that no one reached to my honour, and he was asked "which thing making you to be so proud O Qarun?" Because I have been given no same granting (to another). Grant, it is Heavenly treasures. For Heavenly treasure, you may say grants from Heaven. Earthly grants given to some people that eh.. no value for them. Allah Almighty giving, granting prophets and their followers from Holy Dominions that never taking that one back, that is grant!

Grant from the Lord that just given and never going to be taken back that is grant. Grant means Heavenly grant. If Allah Almighty granting, granting from his Heavenly Dominions through Dominions, oceans of creation. That is grant when giving never taking it back,that is grant! But for Qarun as a person throwing in front of dog a bone. That bone making a dog so happy, so happy with that bone.
So many people now they are occupying themselves with dogs, dogs !! They are thinking that they have been created for looking after dogs or created for training dogs, or they are thinking that they have been created for eh.. servicing dogs. They are thinking that they have been created to be servants of dogs.

And look O people now from east to west particularly western people they are keeping dogs and serving them and giving everything for looking (after) dogs to make dogs happy. What is that? This is the last point of civilization 21st century civilization making people for dogs. Ha, ha!(chuckles). Ya Rabb, send us someone to correct us. Shaytan making 21st century to make people to follow dogs.... "O Shaykh yet you are not looking and seeing dogs and their masters getting out and dogs just tied with chains through their heads?" Dogs running like this and that man running after it like this and coming after it saying "O my darling, .. carrying me", that dog looking not understanding him. "O my servant let us understanding I need to get out to toilet". Hah!

This is the main street of people hooow, "hhoo, hwoo, I must go out, coming little bit here" and waiting his darling to making its eh.. toilet and then eh.. carrying its masters, such a thing with a brush and (sultan brushes with staff). "Finish my darling?". "Huff, huff finished!" Sweeping this and so happy, that is just point of their civilization. To be dogs' servants they never thinking to be servants of their Lord but running to be dogs' servants!! That is civilization? Allah takes them away! "O Shaykh don’t say this, that is our hobby!" You and your hobby may go to Jahannam. That is civilization? Such a hobby for you?

O my listeners, it is not from my word but it s something from Holy ones, to make you to wake up to learn and to be servants of your Creator, not to be servants for dogs and clean dogs and their dirty,.. to carry. That is civilization of 21st century people and they may be very angry with me, don’t be angry. Don’t be angry we are saying truth. The Lord of Heavens created you to be holy ones, not to be dirty ones! The Lord of heavens created you and sending to you (prophets); how you should be with your Lord, how you should be with His servanthood, not making you dogs dirty cleaners. Ashamed. You must (be) ashamed for yourself you are on the top level of creation. And dog deepest level how coming and cleaning dogs dirty? And they are so happy to be dogs servants and dogs dirty cleaners.

Once upon a time one person who is on a good level through society, he was informed that there is a Holy one through this city you may visit him. Yes I may visit doesn’t matter. And they taking him to that Holy one he was sitting and looking and saying, "O my master please give to me your shirt, so eh.. dirty, a little bit Shaykh, dirty it is so dirty, please give it to me for washing, to make it clean".
That one he was asking him. "Yes I may give to you my shirt my Lord's servant, and you washing and bringing me a clean shirt, bringing me I shall dress it". After 10 days or one month you are coming and saying "O my master we mush wash it again", and giving to wash once again. "Yes sir! do you think, O my Lord's servant, do you think we have been created to wash clothes?" Every month bring after one week going to be dirty do you think we have been created for washing shirts, nothing else?

Look that ones idea, mentality and cleverness, saying every time getting to be dirty and nothing to do in this life only washing, washing leave us till finishing. That is their mentality. Holy one's saying because I have not such a free time from my Lord's worshipping, to make this every time I am washing and dressing. No, leave it!

And I heard from our Grand Shaykh he was saying "the companions of Prophet (s), if you are embracing them coming (scent of) perfume of rose (from) companions of Seal of Prophets."

Maybe Wahabi people angry with that, or Salafi because they everyday changing their hat. Everyday, sabah (morning) one, evening one, and making like this very happy so clean If they are putting one bottle of perfume form morning to evening leaving them because it is good perfume. But Sahaba, companions of Prophet (s), if you embracing them coming real perfume from their clothes. That is Heavenly perfume, that angels throwing on them. If I am saying Wahabi people should be very angry, that can't be dirty clothes only to be perfume of rose? Can't be, we are using look. Don’t think who is going around Seal of Prophets (s) that he was only rose through creation that ...his good smelling is going from east far west.. Believe in it! O Wahabi people and Salafi people and their supporters, when Prophet (s) passing from one way people saying the Seal of Prophet (s) just passed through here. So beautiful!!

Where are those people whom giving their respect to the Seal of Prophets (s). They are never understanding even if they live thousands of years what is Seal of Prophets (s)? What his manzilatun? His station in Divinely Presence?" They are thinking to put perfume, putting on themselves, you are cheating people with artificial perfumes! But the seal of prophet was pouring, yafuur, coming from him, pouring, coming from him! He was Real rose through creation!

O people O Muslims try to believe in him. Believe in the Seal of Prophets (s), most beloved in Divinely Presence. Try to believe in him,
to be value for you in Heavenly levels. May Allah forgives us.

O people, this is an ocean, it is enough. That is why we are saying:

Dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm
Dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm....

We are happy ones that we are believing in that Rose that giving its blossoms and perfumes from most down worlds up to highest level of Heavens. Be happy that you are believing so many things that it is only one drop from one ocean about that beloved one

O ya Rasul Allah, ya Habeeb Allah

Dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm....
Happiness and enjoyment to those whom they are believing in you, O our Lord's most beloved one in his
Divinely Presence.

Dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm

That is Divinely thinking through Heavens for every second just singing angels and saying
Dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm dumm

(40 mins)
It is perfect number that making people to reach from one stage to another one,
dumm dumm dumm dumm
dumm dumm dumm dumm..(everyone joining Sultan singing)
dumm dumm dumm dumm.
(Subhan Allah almost 300,000 people)
"Shukria" Sultan says to cameraman
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