Seek The Petrol!

Eridduna bi mededikum. Oh people whose hearts are filled with the love of Muhammad (SAW)
blessed ones. La hizuna. Don't take us away from your glance. Grant us the beauties that were
given to you. How nice. Assalamu aleikum. Oh friends of the Prophet. The Prophet's friends,
Ashab at the first level. Then, saints, according to the level of affection in the Prophet's eye
reaching the highest level. Let's ask blessing from them. They are fountains of life. Assalamu
aleikum oh believers! Oh believers, oh honorable people, honorable people are believers.
Dishonorable people are unbelievers. Dastur ya Rijalallah. Oh holy ones who occupy themselves
in the service of Allah(swt) without thinking of anything else, watch us, teach us, May we learn.
They say ok. Oh fellows, oh friends. Assalamu aleikum. Peace be upon you. What a nice
beginning. Say it. Say it. You say everything else. Why don't you say this?

Assalamu aleikum. Oh friends of the Prophet (saws). Oh friends of the Prophet's friends. May
you be honored. "Faltamisu Nura"(57:13) Look for Nur (Divine Light). "Run after the light" says
Allah (swt). Hay hay,hay hay(as you wish my Lord) Assalamu aleikum. Oh friends! Wa aleikum
salam. How nice, what a nice beginning! Let's learn. Oh those ones who love what the Prophet
of Allah loves, may your day be khayr(good)and evil be far from you. May the doors of goodness
be opened for you. Let's say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. What a nice beginning, what a nice
beginning. Let's say, may our day be good.

Ya Mufattihal Abwab iftah Lana Hayral Bab. Oh, the holy ones who have the keys of all doors in
their hands, Open for us the doors of goodness. Say it ya Hu, say and get used to it. You're
human. Don't be an animal. Distinguish yourself from an animal. Say, oh the holy ones who
have the keys for the doors of goodness, may you open for us the doors of khayr(goodness)! Then
ay yaran,ay friends, lets say, Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. May all doors of goodness open for us,
may our fears be far from us! May what we ask for be dressed on our hearts and bodies, on both
our physical and spiritual beings. How beautiful, how beautiful the ones who begin their day
with Basmala Sharif. How beautiful is the one who makes sajda (prostration) to his Lord. How
ugly are the ones who don’t. They are dirty. Their appearance is bad. Their smell is bad.
They`re vain. Dont`t be one of them.

Be clean amongst the clean ones. Praying fajr (morning prayer), we sit for the assembly of Yaran.
Even the sultans were seeking and looking for awliya (saints) who made sohbat after fajr prayer.
Some of them received them at their palaces; some of them, going around with their horses,
some of them were going out in disguise to meet them. May I find one of the beloved ones of
Allah (SWT) those who loved Allah (swt), and Allah too loved them. How nice. Love Me. Oh my
servant, says Janabul Allah (swt). Study and learn. Al ma'ru ma'a man ahab. One will be with
whom he loves. Who is to be loved the most on our level? The sincere servants of Allah. They
are muhabbatullah (love of Allah). They are full with the love of Allah and love of Rasulullah. If
they kick the earth, they'd make it go out of its orbit. Azameti Hudara - A drop from the
greatness of Allah Almighty, can turn the world upside down, the earth, the land and the sky.
Azamati (greatness) Hudara. Allah's (swt) greatness, its not an greatness that anyone can know.
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akber Allahu Akbar Wa lillahi l-Hamd.Say Takbir. You can
destroy all the shaitans. Allahu Akbar Ala man takabbara wa tajabbar. Don't raise your nose, like
a black donkey, be human. One day, they will break on your head the chair on which you're
sitting. You will become ashamed. Prostrate in front of Allah. Be humble and show signs of

Oh our Lord, oh our Lord. O our Lord, You are our Creator; in Your Presence we make
Sajdah. Don't get up without making sajda, don't be without sajda. Say "Allah exists". If you do
not say, He will destroy you. The high seat you sit on may be broken on your head. Azamati
Hudara it is the word of Farisi Muslims. For the sake of Allah's greatness, aman Ya Rabbi, aman
Ya Rabbi. What are we? We are like the dust of the earth. Like the dust. What are you proud
of? Of the high seat you sit on? Or of the throne? One day they may break it on your head. So
many of arrogant people were crushed. You saw and heard. Watch your manners (adab)! and
say Aman ya Rabbi.

Ey Yaran, Oh friends, welcome. May you go in happiness. Who knows his Lord, even sitting on
a stone, becomes more dear than the one sitting on a throne. You are sitting on a throne,
wanting to show greatness, with your guards, thrones, clothes. This is useless. When the
greatness comes down on you from heavens, the ones who see you may tremble - Oh
something is happening to me. Who is this person? Don't ask. Fear comes into my heart when I
see him. Hay hay, fear comes. This is a poor servant of Allah but He dressed him with dress of
heybet(majesty). Your gold and silver decorated dresses are useless for you, can't give you
majesty, but this man wearing an old jubba (cloak) and a takkah(cap) with a turban wrapped
around it, is someone accepted/appreciated in front of his Creator. It's a thousand times better
than your golden crown. The crown he wears is the Prophet's crown.

Those who are called Hodjas, why don't you put Prophet's crown on your head? If they shaved
the mane of the lion what would it be like? It wouldn't even look like a cat. Why do these hodjas
shave their beards? Are they not ashamed from Allah, and nor from the Prophet (saw)? Why
don't you put the crown of the Prophet on your head? Why don't you dress like the Prophet did?
You don't but one day you will get it in the neck. It is changing. It is changing. The days of
change are coming, coming with a whip.There are the ones coming from heavens with their
whip! You can see their whip but not them. Fear from Allah! Don't say I am king, I am prince, I
am president. Don't say I am on my throne. Keep your adab (manners)! Otherwise you will get a
slap on your face, the shape of your face may change, you won't be able to move your arms &

Fear Allah! Keep the way of our Prophet! Ey yaran, ey fukaralar, ey poor ones, ey friends,make
friends with poor ones. Don't seek closeness to rich ones and leaders. Look for the ones who
have light and are acceptable to their Lord, they may take your burden, may teach you. Say
Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. With BismiLlahir Rahmanir Rahim you can shake the world.
French armies were bombarding Damascus from the hills of Mazra. A bomb was coming
towards the tomb of Sayyidina Yahya, when it came near, a hand came out of the tomb and
threw it back to the hills of Mazra. You may believe it or not. The ones who believe win. The
ones who dont lose. Be like a jewel. My Lord, I am your weak servant. I am looking for Your
servants who can teach me adab! May You send us,our Lord! We are in the hands of tyrants,
those who see themselves as giants. If only one of the Holy ones asks from his Lord to break the
chair on their head, it will be broken. They will lie down dead. You must know that this is the
way, ey Yaran.

I am talking to you my daughter, may my daughter-in-law listen too. Mother-in-law is telling this
for her daughter-in-law. I am telling something to my daughter so that my daughter in law may
understand. I am not addressing them directly. Be clean, look for Light(Nur).What did Allah(swt)
say we should look for? Ey scholars, ey princes, ey kings, What did Janab Allah say in Holy
Quran that we should look for? You all read The Holy Quran. Allah(swt) commands:
"Faltamisu Nura"(57:13) He is saying look for Light(noor). Is anyone of you looking for it? All of
you are after Dunya(world). But the Dunya is a carcass. Going after carcass, you become carcass.

They are not wearing the crown of the Holy Prophet(sas) on their head. Nothing is on their head.
New fashion, Hodjas are like movie stars. A movie star or Hodja(imam)?! Bre, hasha minal
hudur, if you shave the mane of a lion, what does it look like? It looks like a monkey. Why don't
these hodjas keep the Sunnah of our Prophet? Trousers, jackets and ties they wear. A tie which is
a sign of Christianity! Those unreasonable Christians keep crucifying Prophet Isa, continually.
Doesn't it represent this incident? Pretended to be. Be ashamed of yourselves! A Prophet has
honor. Above all this, you call him god or, son of god and then you crucify him. What is this?
Such an empty claim?

Aman yahu, ey our friend, teach us adab(manners). Our people are imitating them. Statues are
everywhere. Who has ever found any benefit from statues? Go to Egypt and look! Mursi of
Egypt or Mursi of Egypt. Have a look how the statues of the Pharaohs are sitting. A man is so
small compared to those statues. What benefit did those statues give to Pharoah? You will leave
behind a smelly dead body that, the washer will wish to keep away from. Allah is ordering to 'be
clean', "ŸãWa Tatahharu" Wash yourselves and be clean. Whose divan,whose property are you
in? Be clean! "Inama-l Mushrikina Najasan"(9:28)-Hypocrits are unclean. Those who leave
Allah and make up other gods or idols to respect are unclean, dirty. They have no value.

Allah is ordering you, oh people, "Faltamisu Nura"(57:13)Look for Light(nur).Are any of you
looking? Oh Sheikh Effendi, how?! We are looking for petrol! Allah(jj) orders "Faltamisu
Nura"(57:13). Our Arabs, our Turks, are Faltamisu (looking for) petrol. Where is there petrol?
They used to call petroleum. Looking for petrol! You are created to look for it? Iranians are
proud to be called oil tycoons. Princes, kings are proud of this too. 'We are petrol tycoons' they
are saying. They became Petrol tycoons. Qadhafi was also saying "I am king of petrol". "I am
number one in petrol business". Petrol became his curse. They killed him by hitting his head.

Oh people, specially kings and scholars, and princes, this addressing is to you: Is Allah saying
"Faltamisu Petrol"? Strange! "Faltamisu Nura"(57:13). Allah says: Look for Divine Light. He
doesnt say: Look for petrol, oil. Look for Divine Light which Allah gives you; light without petrol.
Does the Sun uses petrol for its light? Where does the Sun get its energy? Each day is oil is filled
into the Sun so that it can gives light? Why don't you think? Our Prophet (sas) said to reflect an
hour is better than 7 years of worship -Tafakkur sa'atan Khayrun min Ibadatu Saba'ina Sanah.
To think on these subjects,needs to be paid attention. You think, "I have seated myself on my
fine chair, I'm not descending. "One day it will be broken on your head because you looked for
seats of honour and petrol, but not Light. Your efforts are useless, you will have to leave in

They leave Allah Jalla Jalaluhu Wa Jallat Azamatahu. They leave the orders of Allah, when
Allah says "Faltamisu Nura"(57:13) Our people say "no,what shall we do with the Divine Light?"
We are looking for oil and petrol. We will sell them and become rich, like Iranians. Iranians say:
We are petrol tycoons - we became rich by selling petrol. You will be drowned in your petrol.
Oh people, "Hal Min Muddakir?" - Is there anyone among you who reflects? "Faltamisu
Nura"(57:13). Look for Divine Light. Who are the owners of light? Our Holy Prophet(saw), who
is the Sultan of all prophets. You must look for his light. Who has his light? Nur(divine light)that
will revive you. Whoever sees you will tremble. One of the kings said: Who brought this man
here? I cannot look at his face, I am trembling. That man is a simple dervish! If he is not rich
why did you bring him here? These are not the ones looking for oil on Earth. These are the
blessed ones who are looking for the treasures of heavens, so heavenly titles and divine light are
dressed on them.

They are not like you. You will drown in your oil reserves. This petrol will be your curse. Leave
it. All corruption is because of it but their mind is full with nothing else but oil. Petrol smells bad.
They are happy with the smell of petrol. "We searched and found petrol." With petrol one does
not become human. Allah has not created you to run after petrol. Faltamisu Zayt - search for oil
Faltamisu Nift - search for petrol? He didnt say that but said - FaltamisuNura (57:13).O kings
dont you understand? O kings of the Arabs,does Allah order to search for petrol? Or does He
order: "Faltamisu Nura"(57:13)? "Oh my servants look for divine light(noor)" Oh our Lord
forgive us.

Lets say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. There are the oceans of divine Light, oceans of divine
Light. They say we did this & that. Whatever you did if it is not for Allah's sake it is useless. Your
food, your seats, your palaces and mansions give you nothing. You may find yourself in horror!
Seekers of Nur may go anywhere they want, no one can disturb them but those who look for
petrol have many enemies. They want to make them fall because they want their place.

Look how beautiful! Ey yaran, ey friend! Ad-Dinu n-Nasihatu. Religion is good advice. They are
making me to speak these words. They collect it from here and there and inspire it into my
heart. I am not reading from the books to tell you but from what is poured into my heart. These
words I tell you come from my heart where there are oceans of them. If you want the sultanate
of Akhirat say Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. Oh our Lord enlighten our faces, give us strength.
May we run after the honor of being a servant to You. May we not run after building mansions
and palaces. May we tell of the beauties of being on Your way so that we may bring Your
servants back to the right path. That is what we want.

The world has decieved so many people by saying I am yours but finally they found out
differently - wrapped up inside a coffin, carried in a funeral ceremony, some with bands, some
with songs, finally buried deep down into the black earth. What waits for you in the grave will
not make you happy! Oh people if you are human, think on it. It is said: To reflect 1 hour is
better than to be busy with dunya 70 years. This is how the doors will be opened for you. This is
the Will of Allah(swt). Teach this.Our scholars are not saying anything.Ey people, ey Mursi,
watch your chair not be broken on your head. O High ones of Iran, O those who destroyed
Damascus, beware! One day your seats may be broken on your heads. Your dead body may be
dragged in the streets because you have no divine Light & didnt look for it.

People seek the owners of divine Light. Who has it? "Faltamisu Nura"(57:13). The divine Light
is within the Holy Ones (clean ones). Nur is within the holy ones who walk the way of the Holy
Prophet. Dont take offense, I ask no wages, no salaries. I ask for The Divine Light. May Allah
cast the divine Nur within us so that we will not be ugly and ashamed on the Day of
Resurrection. We want to have lighted faces & clean hearts in the presence of Rabbul Alamin.
Oppressors are giving trouble. What they do is satan's business. May Allah keep them away.
Come and say Akmaluddin Bey, where are you? Hearing me? Am I wrong? If you say I am
wrong your grave will be ready the following day. Our people say there are some people with
whom you must watch your manners and avoid hurting them. If you don't revenge comes from
Heavens. Lightening, visible or invisible may strike you. Beware,beware! May Allah save us from
our bad egos. Search for Nur and ask for it, Our Prophet Aleyhis Salatu ves Selam, brought the
Light. You all read The Holy Quran. The Holy Quran is the ocean of Divine Light - Why are you
leaving it for something else? What is this fury and pride? Stop it. Obey the Divine Light Allah
sent you!

Oh our Lord forgive us! Tawba Ya Rabbi! Send us the Sultan who will destroy the kingdom of
satan. The Sultan who will give rights to those who have them. Injustice is everywhere.
Oppression is drowning people. Oppression everywhere. Islamic world is like this. Unbeliever
world is like this. Oh our Lord forgive us! Send us Your holy ones who will shed on us Your
Divine Light. Send us Vaktin Sahibi, the Sultan, who will teach us Your Divine orders; who will
open the ways of HabibAllah! Send us Mahdi(as) Ya Rabbi! Wa liLlahi l-Hamd. Ey yaran, ey
friends, The ones making me speak gave me a bit of divine Anger. Dont take offense Make
tawba(ask forgiveness), Recite at least 70 Astagfirullah. Say at least 40 times "Bismillahir
rahmanir rahim." Pray your five daily prayers. You will be safe.

If you don't do this, you will be swept away. O ladies don't put on your makeup and fancy
dresses and go around. If so, your smell will be very bad when you are being buried. Cover
yourselves. Don't use wordly perfumes then the angels will bathe you in heavenly perfumes.
What a nice smell! What a beautiful woman! Ladies for their husbands only, not for other men!
Allah orders like this! If not keeping this advice you will become ugly!

Aman Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi. We are waiting for Sultan! Sultan gonder, sahip gonder
Mevlama. Send us the Sultan who will keep us. O Habib Akramu Hurmatina Wa Bihurmati-l

Lefke, 08.03.2013

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