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Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Because of troubles in the Turkish Republic, I shall tell you some inspirations that have come to my heart. I am a weak servant of Allah (swt). I am one of those who know our recent history. Shukur Allah. My condition is due to my old age. We have information and also we have inspirations.

The other night, because of that Nawruz-Spring... people fought with each other in the eastern cities. I was sorry about this. Now, I want to say a couple of words. Don't look at who is speaking, look at Who is making me speak. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Don't start anything without Bismillah. It is useless.

For how many days my condition wasn't good? I didn't have power to even talk. But with Allah Almighty's grace, with Shifa'at of his highness Sultan al Anbiya'... and prayer, support from Awliyas... I started to pull myself together a little bit. Insha Allah my hope is that I will destroy Kufr-unbelief and I will talk with Mahdi (as).

G: Amin insha Allah altogether.

Because of the chaos of Nawruz- Spring, some wisdom is coming to my heart. I'm a weak servant of Allah but we have inspirations. As my grandson... you studied law. I'm going to ask you some questions about this. I shall give the answer inshallah. Now, you are a graduate of law school, our grandson. May Allah (swt) give all of us khayr. I have a question. What is the description of a government? What is the attribute of a government? What can a government do? I shall say and you listen then. The government... A government is an authority which protects the people, encourages them to treat each other with kindness, governs people and represents power. Is there anything wrong?


Because of the chaos in the Eastern cities, I felt sorry. Why isn't the government able to govern its people? Government has power and governs people. If it can't govern people, then it is not a government. When I look at that chaos, the government can't control people. Which means there's no government. A government has the power... to order people. It has police, soldiers, and the army. If you can't control people with all this power... you aren't considered as a state in a particular region. Which means Turkey lost its honor of being a government. What if all people rise up? A government has the power to govern its people. If not, then it is not a government. Turkey since it is establishment, couldn't govern its people. Before that, the Sultan had power, majesty, will-power. Turkey has neither power nor majesty, nor will-power. This is not a state.

The Ottoman Empire ruled people for 700 years, with the will-power of the Sultan. Everyone feared Sultan. Who fears the president, deputy, the parliament? Who respects the army? That means, Turkey lost its ability to be a state. All countries, which banished their Sultans, are in trouble. None of them can govern its people. "You are you, I am me" they say. Egypt, Libya, Tunusia, Algeria, Morocco, Syria is like that. Iraq, Iran is like that. All Arab Peninsula, all African people are like that. They don't have any power. "You are you, I am me" people say. Who are you? I go out in the streets, I burn, I destroy... I kill. If you can stop us, then do it.

Was it possible to do so, during the Sultanate? Impossible. Because the state was standing up with the Sultan. This democracy it's what they made from their mind. It's dirty, dirtiness everywhere they are trying to put it to rule them. You pass these things now! They are not saying anyone else is good, We are better than you. No Sultan! Then the Majesty of the Sultanate.. What they called this democracy is rubbish people. The one who has the will-power is 1000 levels higher. The will-power is with 1 person. The will-power of 100 people is not the same as this one person with power. In one class how many people rule? The teacher rules. Is anyone else there? If someone else interferes it messes everything. That is why until these people, who call for democracy, shaytanic, mental production, they are following dunya & their dunya is not dunya & their Akhirat is not good.

My advice is that Turkey should quickly have their Sultan. It should act accordingly. The army should be under "Sarasker" that the Ottomans used. Just one "Saraskar". Sultan assigns & discharges him. He rules over the army. He is under the command of Sultan. When they don't bring this system back... Neither Turks, nor Greeks, nor Egyptians can find a ruler. This is the consequence. The government has now divided people. What is the power of the government. Turkey doesn't have power anymore. People on the streets are more powerful than the deputies. They go out with guns in their hands, knives on their bellies. Whatever you throw at them, they attack you. They .. you. Turkey with 80 million population... couldn't control the chaos in 1 city. What honor do you have? What do you have a parliament for? You said I'm better and lied to people. Can it ever be compared to the Ottomans?

The Sultan ruled with the army. People respected him. He ruled and protected its people. All governments, that are not built on religion, cannot be successful. All Africa is in chaos because of it. The whole world, Christian world, is also like this. All African people, brother killing brother. All nations are in chaos because there is no power to control them. No one with willpower. No power to stop them. What will you do? Try and I shall see your power. It's been 100 years since this republic could achieve anything. They brought a wrong system and that - This is my declaration. You can either inform Gul, or Ali... or you can inform Mr. Erdogan, or the parliament, or the in all cities, to the commanders of the army. The highest commander of the army... is in prison. Prisons are full, for what? Why do you imprison them? If you don't like them... if he is harmful, the order of Shariat is... to get rid of him or to send him to exile, finished. When he is in prison, he is unseen. Let's see if he can do something.

There is no law over Allah's Shariat. Impossible! I'm sorry, the people, who put this empire of 700 years... into such a condition, should fear Allah (swt). I want to inform Turkey about this in Turkish and the other countries... in their own language. Written or as an audio, whatever they do, they continue. People will find truth - why they are in this condition, they will find out and know. At that time the storm comes and everywhere is like the sea. Tawhid is from Allah (swt).

May Allah send us Saheeb, May He send us Sultan. Who is Sultan? Sultan is the shadow of Allah (swt), on earth. His shadow has majesty. Whose shadow are these people? Shadow of shaytan. May Allah forgive us. This is our declaration. This is what's been given to our hearts. Declare it in Turkish, written or on TV. Declare to everyone. Let the whole world hear. If anyone says this is wrong, may he fall into trouble. Fatiha.

Lefke, 22.03.2012

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