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We ask Allah (swt) that our gathering be blessed, I am a weak servant, blessed with the presence
of Sayyid Malik Dahlan Al Quraishi, Original Quraishi. He is coming from the side of Sayyidina
Ismail (as) directly coming to them, masha Allah. I am a poor servant, & we say Audhu Billah
min al shaytan al rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Allahu Akbar
Al Akbar! Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! O Lord, Subhansin, Sultansin. He (swt) does what He likes! O
our Lord! We pray for the sake of this honourable guest, Insha'Allah it shall be a reason for an
opening to the Muslim world, for the sake of his blessings. My heart, masha'Allah they poured in
my heart things that up to the end of the world wouldn't finish! From the ocean of Prophet
(saws), (our guest) is like a bucket as much as he takes it (the ocean) never finishes. I was not fit to
speak but this was my thinking of myself, but He (swt) knows best. With the blessings of our
Sayyidi, he may honour me even if he steps with his foot on my head. (The guest kisses
Mawlana’s feet) astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah...

Welcome to you, welcome to you. We have reached the most difficult period of time. Some
things came to me, so I may speak about them. They are like this. And we are living in the most
difficult times for Islam. But Allah Almighty wants us to renew our oath with Him (swt). With
Him (swt) means with His Beloved (saws). Until they renew their oath with Rasulullah, there is no
hope for them. This is the first point for the Muslim world to be aware of & to apply. They must
declare that "we are from the nation of the Beloved, and not Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi Palestinian,
Egyptian." Our honour is that we are part of the ummat of the Beloved (saws) of Allah (swt). Till
they recognize this there is no way out for them.

Allah (swt) says "and do not display yourselves like in the forner times of ignorance" (33:33) This
indicates that it is a passed period of time the first period of ignorance, but they will be under
another period of ignorance. Wa La Tabarraju/and do not display yourselves, has a deep
meaning. "Tabarruja Al-Jahiliyati Al-Ul√°" (33:33) Subahana Allah. Allah (swt) through His
Beloved (saws) said that it is not appropriate to show off whether they are Egyptians, Saudis,
Iraqi, Libyan. It is refused. That first period of ignorance every person was proud of themselves
and their connections. The highest level of display of pride is to say "I am from the nation of the
Beloved (saws)" Ya Rasulullah! Listen & take wisdom if you do, it will benefit you. There is no
one who listens. There is no one left to listen to his words & orders. And many events took place.
Subhana Allah!

Then after the first period of ignorance, it means that a second period of ignorance will come,
and this is where we are now. It will be taken away. This second period of ignorance will also be
taken away with a very strong power, from the Power of Prophethood Sahib Al Zaman al-Mahdi
(as) Khalifa of Allah (swt) on the face of the earth. If he kicked this world with his foot it would go
out of its orbit. That's how great it is. Everything has an appointed time. They have been given a

The most evil thing worshipped is the desire of the ego. People have followed their ego, "if you
see people following their egos and obeying it and every person only likes his own opinion, keep
yourself." (Hadith) Subhana Allah. These are things that came to my heart by inspiration, or
other means. It indicates the spread of corruption in the world. Allahu Akbar! But this situation
has to end, because of the good tidings the Prophet (swas) gave. When he was asked "who will be
in charge after you O Rasulullah?" he (saws) said "The Khalifas, Al Rashidin, Al Murshidin."
"And after them O Rasulullah?" "Princes, Amir Al Mu'minin." "Then who will take care of the
Ummah?" "The Kings will rule it, these ones who place above their heads the Holy Quran and
they glorify the sunnah of Rasulullah and the book of Allah (awj), these are the Kings." He is not
a King, the one who is not master of himself. Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah! "And after the Kings,
it will be the last hour?" "After the kings, will come tyrants." The time of tyrants, we are in it
now. And it cannot be described what happened among the ummah from the injustice &
oppression. "Wa Ahsinu Inna Allaha Yuhibbu Al-Muhsinina" (2:195) They closed, they blocked.

I would like to ask the princes, kings & your scholars, what is the constitution of Islam? Every
state says "we have a constitution. "What constitution? What is the constitution of Islam? Shaykh
Mehmet Effendi what is the constitution of Islam? Every Friday at the end of the Khutba "Inna
Allaha Ya'muru Bil-Adli Wa Al-'Ihsani Wa Ita'i Dhi Al-Qurba Wa Yanha `Ani Al-Fahsha'i Wa
Al-Munkari" (16:90) Wa La Zikrullah Al Akbar! Allahu Akbar 'ala man takabbar wa tajabbar!

Where are our Kings, so they bring back the constitution of Islam and declare "Inna Allaha
Ya'muru Bil-Adli Wa Al-'Ihsani Wa Ita'i Dhi Al-Qurba Wa Yanha `Ani Al-Fahsha'i Wa Al-
Munkari Ya`izukum" (16:90) So you may remember. Every Juma for what reason they recite this
and don't do it? This Holy verse, this is the constitution of Islam. All the Kings used to ask to
recite it at the end of the Khutba, on Juma "Inna Allaha Ya'muru Bil-Adli Wa Al-'Ihsani Wa Ita'i
Dhi Al-Qurba Wa Yanha Ani Al-Fahsha'i Wa Al-Munkari Ya`izukum La`allakum
Tazakkaruna" (16:90) Wa La Zikru Allahu Akbar, Wa Allaha Ya'lam Ma Taf'alun."

This constitution is for which nation? Did they forget? No they did not forget, but their egos are
in the highest stations & they claim that they are like Pharaohs - "we do what we like!" Never! Let
the Muslim world declare the Muslim constitution "Inna Allaha Ya'muru Bil-Adli Wa Al Ihsani
Wa Ita'i Dhi Al-Qurba Wa Yanha Ani Al-Fahsha'i Wa Al-Munkar"(16:90) They filled the world
with evil and dirtiness. Where are your governments? Where did they put the constitution of
Islam? Every Friday at the end of the Khutba they recite "Verily Allah (swt) orders to be just &
do goodness & to give to kin and forbids evil & obscenity." (16:90) They filled the world with evil
& dirtiness.

Where are our scholars? Where are our Princes? "Verily Allah (swt) orders to be just & do
goodness"(16:90). This is our constitution. O scholars, O scholars! O you who claim, O Princes &
Kings, do you not understand Arabic? This is not enough for you as a constitution? They want to
make a new constitution. Who are you? O donkeys of the world, never! You make a constitution
for what? A donkey makes a constitution for another donkey? Audhu Billah. There is a
constitution "Inna Allaha Ya'muru Bil-Adli Wal Ihsani Wa Ita'i Dhi Al-Qurba Wa Yanha Ani
Al-Fahsha'i Wa Al-Munkari" (16:90) Wa La Zikrullah Akbar! Allah Allah!

This was in my heart & I wanted to speak of it. Also O Sayyid, it is a shame for the Muslims,
especially in the land of Hijaz/Saudi Arabia. They have no other job except to organize the
breaking of the fast schedule. At this time, their TV stations declare the time of breaking fast.
This is not Islam! This is not Islam. Break your fast on a date. For what do we see in television
millions of people breaking fast, masha'Allah! Masha'Allah! Good for them. Is this Islam? And
there, there are Muslims being massacred by non Muslims & you say "we have opened
masha'Allah, areas for Iftar/breaking fast, and we have gathered millions of people"? Millions of
people, they have no mind.

In this time if we ask them for 5 Riyal, if they gather money and send it to the poor Muslims who
fell into hardship it would have been more beneficial & much better. But people are directed
towards outward things to show off, but the reality is hidden. They put in front of them a meal,
but they do not see it. Come eat, this is Islam. This is your Islam? If you were asked 5 Ryals for
these people being killed, fighting, these poor ones are destroyed, it would have been a thousand
times better. On TV every night, they have the timetable for Iftar. For what is the time of Iftar
necessary? One date is enough and there is nothing for these people who do not have water or
anything? Shame on the Kings who are gathering millions of people and they have no mind nor
feelings for the Muslims?

There are things more important than to be in the Haramain and fast & break their fast. This is
not accepted. It is not accepted. Let any of the Saudi scholars, from Egypt, from all the Muslim
nations, say for what do they this? For what? Go and take a shotgun, go. Your brothers are being
killed, how can you eat & drink and be happy that you visited Baytullah & visited His Beloved
(saws)? What is your answer? Where are your scholars? There aren't any. Shame, this is not
accepted by Rasulullah (saws), it is not accepted. There is no one to point out these matters? How
did millions of people become without compassion, without mind, without understanding of
Islam, without respect for Islam or glorification of Haqq & the orders of Allah (swt).

The constitution of Islam? Here is the constitution of Islam - "Inna Allaha Ya'muru Bil-Adli Wal
Ihsani" (16:90) Why you do not give? In the Bayt there are maybe 2 million people, if he took
from each person 10, it is 20 million dollars or Riyals. With it he could relieve the hunger of
people & strengthen them also. And their enemies are throwing bombs on them and they have
nothing but stones to throw back. Shame on the Muslim people. How are you going to answer in
the Divine Presence in front of your Prophet (saws)? Allah! Allah! They are being killed and you
are happy, for what buildings. They filled the world with buildings, no! Everything that is very
abundant loses its value. It is refused. These are not my words, but this is what is inspired to me.

This is not accepted, not by any of them. Leave Iftar and go fight, spend & do your best. If you
were doing good, no corruption, or killing or fighting would have happened. Allah...Rasulullah
does not look at any of them, those who are visiting him. He does not look at any of them. These
are not my words. These are not my words. These are the words of Haqq, True words. Allah
(swt) will punish them, a severe punishment.

Ya Rabbi! For the sake of this Sayyid "Appoint to us a King so we may fight in Allah's (swt) way."
(2:246) They read The Holy Quran & they don't understand anything. I am a non-Arab. But
they are Arabs, it is their language. They don't understand the meaning? The Children of Israel
went to their Prophet (as). "They said to their Prophet, appoint for us a King so we may fight in
Allah's way" (2:246) How do you eat & break your fast? You have no shame while your brothers
are being killed, even the little children? Where is your power. For what are you keeping your
weapons? A handful of people went. They have dishonoured ummat al Habib in Sham. Subhana
Allah! O the land of Sham is filled with Prophets (as). I ask your pardon. O the land of Sham is
filled with Prophets (as) & Messengers.

The great people from the men of Allah (swt) they tell me, "O Shaykh, for a Prophet Messenger
you must first stop, greet the Prophet (as) and ask permission & before entering at a distance of 7
days. The Prophet & Messenger S. Zakariya they've been shelling his Maqam. They have no
shame! 7 Days distance away you have to stand up ask permission to enter...they are bombarding
S. Zakariya (as). They have no shame, no morality, no faith. May god disgrace them! Rasulullah
(saws), without permission how can you go to him? You are preparing for millions, so that people
see them break the fast (on TV). What is the meaning of this? Millions of people are breaking fast
- it has no value. O you who have a sound mind think & Princes, think. Think! and leave
delicious foods and send power support.

But they didn't teach people what is good. This is the time is for going to the Haramain Al
Sharifain? To walk the seven rings/tawaf? All of them have money and they are proudly
displaying it: "We went to umra, to Hajj, to visit." Who can accept this? Ya Rabb. Ya Rabb Al
Bayt, Ya Rabb Al Bayt, Ya Rabb Al Bayt support us for the sake of your honorable Prophet
(saws), Master of begining and end, a Prophet & Messenger. Send us.... They are bombarding the
land of Sham! And it is filled with Prophets (as). You must stop at a distance of 7 days.

Astaghfirullah, you need to stop, take permission and wait for a sign before you go. Sayyidina
Zakariya (as) is a Prophet & Messenger. You are bombarding him! You have no shame? May
Allah (jwa) take revenge on you. Shaytan is happy, but Prophet (saws) is sad! Stand up, O faithful
believers. Leave off visiting the Prophet (sas) and the holy Harams. It is not a fard. Even the
Fard/obligation should be delayed because of what is happening in the Muslim countries.

Disbelievers are riding the backs of Muslims, slaughtering them like the slaughtering of sheep and
you are here preparing breakfast tables! Let them eat poison! But still people have an excuse:
They don't have who can save them. Wake up and pay attention! They are eating and drinking.
They are happy! Ask Sahib Al Maqam if he (saws) is accepting. They do not ask him. Princes
don't ask, but their end is not good. Beware O Princes, O rich ones, Princes who built
skyscrapers. The angels say if a building is higher than 2 floors, to where are you going O
Nimrods? You like to be like Nimrod, building tower, towers for the sake of Dunya? Shame on
you! But their end is not good.

Tawba ya Rabbi, I told a little. This was inspired to my heart O Sayyidi. May Allah (swt) bless
you. Is this the time of gathering people in the Haramain? While people are being slaughtered
and left without food or water?! Shaytan is gathering them there so that they don't pay attention
to what is happening in Sham! Shame on them! Shame on their princes, kings, and scholars!
Allah! Allah. Think O people! From Muslims and non-Muslims.

May Allah (swt) reward you O Sayyidi. Ya Sayidi, you are the reason for this addressing. My
heart has been busy for a few days Busy, busy, busy.... May Allah send an opening. Ya Rabbi,
send us Sahib al Mahdi (as) that he may put our affairs in order O Lord. O Muslims, where are
Turk Muslims, Non Arab Muslims, Indian and Chinese Muslims, African Muslims? Egypt where
are you? 70 years I am waiting for Sahib al Mahdi (as). Allah (jwa) says, "La Taqnatu Min
Rahmati" (Despair not of My Mercy) (39:53). I do not despair. 70 years I am waiting for Sahib Al
Waqt (as), to take revenge for the Muslims from criminals. Allah. Tawba Ya Rabbi. Welcome.
This is a Sayyid. Sayyid. Tamam. I have placed my trust with him. May Allah (swt) support him.
Fatiha. It is in your hand now.

Lefke, 06.08.2012

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