Maulana Sheikh NazimO Allah! Send the heavenly Sultan to unite the Muslims!

Ya Sayyid as-Sadat wa Nur al-Mawjoodaat, ya Man huwa al-malja'u liman massahu
daymun wa ghammun wa alam. Ya aqrabal-wasa'ili ila-Allahi ta'ala wa ya
aqwal-mustanad, attawasalu ila janabika-l-a’zam bi-hadhihi-s-saadaati, wa
ahlillah, wa Ahli Baitika-l-Kiram, li-dafci durrin la yudfacu illa bi wasitatik,
wa rafci daymin la yurfacu illa bi-dalaalatik, ya Sayyidi wa Mawlay, Ya Rasool
Allah, Ya Rahmatan lil-calameen: Nabi sws, Siddiq, Salman, Qassim, Jacfar,
Tayfur, Abul Hasan, Abu cAli, Yusuf, Abul cAbbas, cAbdul Khaliq, cArif, Mahmud,
cAli, Muhammad Baba as-Samasi, Sayyid Amir Kulali, Khwaja Baha'uddin Naqshband,
cAla'uddin, Yacqub, cUbaidullah, Muhammad az-Zahid, Darwish Muhammad,
Khwaja-kal-Amkanaki, Muhammad al-Baqi, Ahmad al-Faruqi, Muhammad Macsum,
Sayfuddin, Nur Muhammad, Habibullah, cAbdullah, Shaykh Khalid, Shaykh Ismacil,
Khas Muhammad, Shaykh Muhammad Effendi al-Yaraghi, Sayyid Jamaluddin al-Ghumuqi
al-Hussaini, Abu Ahmad as-Sughuri, Abu Muhammad al-Madani, Shaykh Sharafuddin
ad-Daghestani, Sayyidi wa Maulayi Sultanu-l Awliya Sheikh Abdullah ad-Daghistani
‘ala-llahu ta’ala darajatihim daima!

That is our Chain, coming from (the) holy Prophet up to me, without any cutting.
That is (a) true Chain that (they are) saying ‘Naqshibandi Mashayikh’, Naqshibandi Masters,
they are saying this (is the) ‘Golden Chain’. From Prophet sws up today this (Chain is) never
going to be cut down. And now 39 just passed away, all Grandsheikhs... For the Mehdi, S.
Mehdi a.s., up to his time, should be a short time, that everything (is) going to be closed down
and whole Awliyas they are hiding themselves by order of the Seal of Prophets sws. You may
find through East and West so many people, they are saying they are Naqshibandi or Qadiri or
Rifai or Mevlewi or Tijani or Shasili or..., but it is cut down; no one can carry that divinely
Power to bring (it) to (the) people, therefore they are just stopped.

Through (the) Naqshibandi Tariqat also (there are) so many Naqshibandi people through East
and West; they are Naqshibandi, but (there is) no more real Master, who (is) coming up to our
Gransheikh Sheikh Abdul ad-Daghistani Sultanu-l Awliya. (It is) just closed down. I am not
claiming that I am a Sheikh or I am a Mureed; I am ashaming to say (this), but (the) holy
Order (is) coming from Rasulullah sws that our Grandsheikh closed down his Maqam. As a
shop-keeper, last treasurer, who was keeping (the) treasures of (the) holy Treasures of people.
Particularly Naqshibandi Masters, they are keeping (them), and they are closed down their
treasures by (the) holy Command from heavenly Ones and they are also hidden ones. Hidden
ones... But the last Sultan for Naqhsbandi Sheikh Abdullah ad-Daghistani Sheikhi wa Murshidi
with Prophets Order just closed down his treasure, only saying, ordering to me, to put a
chair... not like this chair... like a box that you are putting apples (in it) or pears or tomato...
when it is going to be empty, they are saying: “Take this empty box, sit down here... look (that)
no one can go in! You are responsible! Anyone asking for Naqshibandi Tariqat and Masters, they
should come to this palace of Naqshibandi Masters.

Anyone asking to come and asking, say: ‘It is closed down now, but what do you want?’ ‘We
want some Dhikr for Naqshibandi.’ ‘We may give to you. Take this, daily do this, do that...till
heavenly Order coming and you should be that time accepted or not or to be on your
(position)... Where you are now, you may wait there, till this door opening. You should be
prepared through that one that sitting now on a box. If he is signing, then doors opening, you
may come in. If he is not signing - that person, who is sitting on tomato box, carton... – Not
like this something... if I am sitting like this, they are thinking for me that I am so important
one... no, no! Carton or wooden box! – That one (is) signing and giving some orders for a
preparation to come in. If you can do that, you can be inside, opening to you. If not, it is
closed down. You may sit with him and you may speak up and down... it is okay... but you
have a application to be Naqshbandi... accepted, accepted, but you are not yet prepared to
come and to be a follower, real follower of (the) Naqshibandi way. Therefore you may sit with
me or here also, doesn’t matter... That is my position. People (are) thinking that I am a
Master... ‘Master’ similar... not similar, but ‘uydurma’, imitated... Real ones... People coming
and asking Sheikh. I am saying: “I am not Sheikh. If you are asking real Sheikh, go to
cemeteries, to their Dergahs, you can find there, (in) their tombs and Maqams.”

I have nothing to do now; I am looking (for the) holy Order. If (the) holy Order (is) coming,
that one, who (is) sitting on (that) box, may change East of world to West, West of world to
East! Zero on left hand, but if they are giving permission, putting that 1, who sitting on box
after 1, he may do so many things you can’t imagine But now they are putting that 1 to be on
left hand. Left hand zero (is) zero. No value. But when you are putting 1 and putting zero, 1
zero = 10, 2 zero = 100, 3 zero = 1000, 4 zero = 10000, 5 zero = 100.000... zero, zero, zero...
but with this 1! Then that 1 (is) giving power. But behind, that 1 (0,1...) - nothing... Eh!
Beware, keep your tongues, don’t speak against anyone! That one who (is) sitting on (the)
box, (is) nothing; but keep your tongue, don’t speak! If you (are) speaking, you can’t carry
his heavy burden and you may pass away... one day, second day, third day maybe on
cemetery way...

Ya... O people, (the) Prophet (was) saying sws: “Salamu insan fi hifdhu-l lisan. O people, if
you are asking to be in safety and under shelter, keep your tongue, don’t speak! If you are
asking to speak, use your tongue for Dhikr and Salat ‘ala Nabi sws! That beginning to speak...
this one like this, that one like that- you can’t carry, something may touch you, never going to
be happy. This I am saying for whole world people, because now (the) time of Mehdi a.s. (is)
just beginning through this holy month Muharramu-l Haram and Kufr and everything, that or
everyone that they are against holy Shariat, should be taken away. Should be taken away
and then Mehdi a.s. should come.

Before Mehdi a.s. coming, so many signs. Prophet sws just spoke on it. One of them that
when time is over, Arab that they are saying some of them they are Suri or Libani or Iraki or
Lybi or Saudi or Misri or Sudani or Liby or Jezairi... all these thing making Islam to be on
several parties. Several parties. And Allah Almighty (was) warning Ummatu Muhammad sws:
“If they are not keeping My Orders, I am going to punish them! And say, o My beloved one,
what I can do for them!” Astaidhu bi-llah: “Wa Huwa-l Qadiru ‘ala an yabatha alaikum adhaba
min fauqikum...”

Allah jalla jalaluh (was) saying to His beloved one: “O My beloved one! If they are not following
Shariat, heavenly Orders, I am able (with) full Power, to send on them a punishment from their
head sides, from up, to send them My Punishment!”

And the holy Prophet (was) saying: “O my Lord, don’t destroy
my Ummah with such a punishment coming from their head side!” And Allah Almighty (was)
sending again to His most beloved servant (His answer) and (was) saying: “... aw min tahti
arjulikum... Or you must warn your Ummah: if they are not listening (to the) holy Orders of
(the) Holy Quran, holy Orders of Heavens, (My) heavenly Anger (is) able, full(y) able, to send
on them a punishment (from) under their feet!” Such an earthquake may destroy everything
through not minutes, through seconds! Rasul sws, that he is Rahma li-l ‘alamien, (was) saying:
“O my Lord, don’t destroy my Ummah with such a punishment coming (from) under their

I heard that before 3 or 5 years ago, an earthquake happened in China, in a city only, that they
are saying more than people through seconds just passed away! (Sichuan earthquake May 12th, 2008)
And what happened from material damage, (what) happened through that city, they are saying, (was
a damage of) 150 Billion Dollars, through seconds, what happened! You must fear from Allah! (He) may
change East to West or East or West to East in seconds! Beware o people! And (the) Prophet
was knowing (this) and (he was) saying: “O my Lord, don’t destroy my Ummah (like this)!”
Allah Almighty (was) saying and warning: “O My Habib, o My beloved one. As long as they are
coming against My holy Shariyat, I must punish them!”

“Wa huwa qadiru ‘ala an yabatha alaikum adhaban min fauqikum aw min tahti
arjulikum aw yalbithakum shian yudika ba’adakum batha ba’ad (?)... Or I am
making them so many groups and they are coming to fight each other.” Then (the)
Prophet was saying (translating): “When the time of Mehdi coming and people they
are not taking care for holy Commands, (Allah Almighty is saying), I am making
them so many groups of people, they are going to fight each other... I am making
them to taste the bitter(ness) of Punishment!” And Rasulullah sws was saying:

“Before Mehdi a.a. (is) coming, Arabs, kabaili-l arab, should be among themselves so many
troubles, should be each one against (the) second one.” And that is what we are in it now!
Because they left Shariatallah and they are saying: “We are following parliament system and we
are following democracy.“ Is it written on Holy Quran this? (It is) written: Shariatallah! They
left it and punishment just reached to them. Now what happening (in the) whole world they
are looking and speaking and crying, but no way, till they must come to Shariatallah, to
Shariatallah. Allah Subhana Hu wa ta’ala forgive us and we are asking what He promised us:
To send a Sultan. If (the) Sultan (is) not coming, never going to be the positions of Muslims
good, going always down, not going up. This is a something or (a) summary and I am
speaking, as they are making me to speak, from (the) Holy Quran. No one can object on it, no:

We are oppressors and punishment comes! We may cry for innocent ones, but whom they are
leading nations and whom they are leading countries, they can’t do anything. They can’t do
anything, because Allah Almighty saying: “If you are going to be so many kind of states, I am
not keeping you. I am ordering to you to be one hand!” Now there is (one) billion and 5oo or
two billion Muslims. What is their value? What they can do? Nothing, because they are doing
against (the) holy Orders of Heavens. May Allah forgive me. I am only a warner, warner,
warner... except this I can’t do anything...

May Allah forgive us and send for whole nations whom they are in need some, a
new leader, not from earth, but heavenly, to save humanity. May Allah forgive

For the honour of (the) most honoured one, most glorified one, most beloved
servant of Allah S.Muhammad sws! Fatiha!

Lefke, 16.1.2009

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