Maulana Sheikh NazimSend your S.O.S. to Allah!

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah,
Sultan Sensin! O our Lord, You are Sultan, everything (is) for You! We
are Your creatures. By the Name of Allah Almighty All-Merciful, most Beneficent and most
Magnificent. Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la hala
wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim. Ya ‘Aliyu, ya ‘Adhim,
adrikna, ya Allah, bi inayatika uzma!

Forgive us and bless our souls to be always through Your divinely Presence! Not to be on
earth, to be in Heavens! We are forcing our souls to be on earth and our souls (are) asking to
be up, through Heavens. That is our fighting! Fighting through ourselves.

Everyone- Destur, ya Sayyidi- (is) fighting through themselves. And (there is) fighting through
our people, but really everyone (is) fighting in himself, in herself. If your spirituality (is) going
to be victorious, peace (is) coming to ourselves. If not, it is impossible to reach peace through
yourself, and if people they are not getting in peace through themselves, never (are they) going to be in
peace among other people.

Heavens (are) asking our spirituality to reach to their heavenly Stations, but our material being
(is) asking to carry ourselves to be on this world, on (the) material world. Therefore (there is)
no peace. No peace, as long as you are making that fighting and our egos (are) running to be happy on
earth. If they are running (after) this material aspects, it is impossible to reach to heavenly
Stations. Heavenly Stations (are) asking from you to reach your private station. As everyone
living on this planet, they are beginning their days as workers, then, when sunset (is) coming, everyone (is) asking to reach
to their homes, because Dunya (is) making them to be tired; (they are) tiring and asking a rest.
And our real being also (is) getting to be tired (from the) attacks of our egos. Our egos (are)
attacking, attacking on ourselves and making ourselves to be tired.

And Allah Almighty He is teaching His Prophets and Prophets (are) teaching common people,
how they should be happy and restful. That is just received through heavenly Messages,
through Prophets. If you are not following Prophets or not following the directions of Heavens
that (are) correcting your life-style, you (are) never going to be rest. Yes, Allah Almighty
created man and (He is) sending (man) on this planet and He put a program for our life-style.
We have a program.

“Eh, Sheikh”, I am asking, “what are you doing?” Mr.Firdaus (is) saying:
“I am programmer.” “What program?” “Programmer.” “For what program?” “To go (to)
Jakarta and to come to Malaysia, and to go to Burma, then to go
Singapora, then to go to China...” (where) that happened... Programming for people. That is
nothing! That is such a program, it is not a heavenly Program! But... everyone (is) just granted
a program for their lives, but people (are) throwing that programs and Shaitan (is) saying:
“Come to me! Leave that, it is not (a) program. Your life program, it is with me, follow me!
Follow me, I shall take you to an area that you should find your best program of your life, best
life-style you should find there! You should be happy there, you should be very very very
happy and full with pleasure! Come and follow me!”

What do you think now (of) people? Whole, 99 % and more, they are following the program
of Shaitan! “How are you Sir? Are you happy?” I am asking. “O Sheikh, where is that
happiness!” “I think that you are billionaire!” “Yes Sir, I know it, but my billions (are)
never giving to me a rest and peace and happiness and pleasure through myself...”

If all of you (are) going to be billionaires- do you think that you are going to be happy?
People they are happy now? I am asking to East and West! I am (a) weakest servant, I am
zero, nothing, but I am asking to whole nations, to all people: “Do you reach what promised to
you Shaitan? A perfect life, full with pleasure? Do you think that people living through (the)
21st century, they reached that pleasure and high style life? I am asking! Say! Don’t be liar!” ..

Therefore time by time also coming heavenly Warning, as earthquake- Allahumma akhfadhna!
Earthquake, or... what is this turning?... Cyclone... another name... hurricane...tornado... as a
whip, to make people to wake up. Wake up, o people! Who (is) living on that planet, wake up
and look and try to see reality! They are saying, now I am hearing that people (are) saying: “Oh,
nature (is) getting to be no balance, o Sheikh!” “What happened?” “You are not hearing what
happened in Burma or in China or in Turkey or in....” Turkey means that flying hen... big
hen... you know it? Eating... that always thinking... not speaking, very silent... They are saying
“Nature just lost its balance, therefore happening such a things and mankind can’t be able to
save themselves from that attacks!”

Yet they are not coming to say: “The Lord of Heavens, your Creator, our Creator, (is) warning
ourselves and (He is) saying: ‘O My servants, wake up, wake up! You are on wrong way,
wake up and come to Me! Follow me, don’t follow Shaitan!” They are saying: “Eh, nature lost
its balance...” Whole nations (are) not yet to come and to say: “O our Lord, our Creator, give
Your Forgiveness and send us Your blessings!” They are not saying, they are so proud people.
So proud people! Never asking to say:“We are created. The Lord of Heavens and earth, the
Lord of Creation, He is doing everything!” Not yet coming to declare that declaration, nations
and governments, and they are running from this side and another side and they are going to
be people of mental-house... a little bit more cursing coming on earth, people (are) going to be
crazy ones- they should loose their mind, they should loose everything of their feelings!

O people, o mankind, whom living through East and West, come and say: “O our Lord, You
created us, give Your Mercy and save ourselves, save our spirits, souls!” Eh, people time by
time, if something (is) happening, they are sending “SOS, SOS...” You know SOS? What does it mean? Save our
soul. Yes, they know it. They are not calling to Allah! Sending that through East and West,
saying “SOS”, and people saying: “Where are you?” “Just we are through the huge waves of
oceans, save our souls, save ourselves!” Not saying: “O our Lord, save ourselves”, not sending to Allah, sending to
people: “Send us some plane, some helicopter, some submarine, send us some huge ships to
save ourselves, because our souls (are) going to finish, we are going to loose ourselves!” Why
you are not asking to save your soul (Him), who created you and your soul? But people, they
are drunk! May Allah forgive us! It is enough... May Allah send us some special servants,
whom they can be able to carry people after themselves, whom they may do people to follow
them with their high spirituality. O people, ask such a people to save yourself, your souls and
your physical being.

For the honour of the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad sws... Zidhu, ya
Rabbi, izzan wa sharafa wa nuran wa surura wa ridwanan wa sultana, bi
hurmati-l Fatiha...

I was so tired, on zero point, but orders from our Masters ordering
(me) to address to you, what they are asking to say, to inform people. To
make them to be awakened, we are speaking. I am not a lecturer, no, it
is something that is coming through heavenly Masters through our heart,
to speak on it. And we are speaking on the lowest level; our program
(is) always on (the) lowest level to understand everyone something,
because if we are going up a little bit, no one can understand... May Allah
forgive us! For the honour of the most honoured one, most glorified
one in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 15.05.2008

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryNature
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