Maulana Sheikh NazimServanthood is not only for Ramadan!

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah... As-salamu
alaikum! Are you hungry?... Fasting?... Ma sha Allah! Ma sha Allah! Eh, Allah
Kabul eylesin! Allah, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, accepting our humble servanthood...
As-salamu alaikum! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir
Rahim. La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim.

O people, ‘Ad-dinu nasihat’; our religion or whole religions or Islam (the)
meaning (of it is) to give advice. What is advice? To call people to goodness,
to call people to (a) best life here and (a) blessed and eternal life in
Paradise, eternally!

Therefore all Prophets (were) coming- Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya- and (were) advising
people, calling people: “O people, come! Come to me and listen to me!” And they were special
people or they are not on our level people. People, some of them (are) belonging to Heavens, some others, their interest (is) for earth,
for Dunya. Some people, their interest (is) Heavens. And Allah Almighty (was) just taking
(the) oath from (the) whole (of) mankind; before their creating, before they were coming
through this life, Allah Almighty (was) taking His Oath from (the) whole (of) mankind and
from their souls and (He was) saying to them: “O My servants! Just I created you and I am
your Lord. Are you accepting Me that I created you as your Lord?” All of them (were) saying:
“Yes, o our Lord! We (are) accepting You as our Creator and we are Your servants. You are
only Lord and we are servants to You!” “All of you (are) witnessing (this), everyone to (the) second one?

In front of My divinely Presence, all of you
(are) going to be witness to each other?” They were saying: “Yes, our Lord, You are our
Creator! You are our Lord and we are Your servants!” Eh. Then, what happened? When we
were coming here, we were coming through (the) wombs of our mums and (we are) growing
up and when we are reaching maturity, beginning to say our egos-
awakening, standing up and saying that: “I am not accepting anything! I am
accepting only (that) I am here and (that) my parents (were) bringing me to this
life and beyond that I am not accepting anything! I am not accepting unseen
worlds or unseen ‘varlik’, existence. I am not accepting; only I am accepting,
what I am seeing!” That is the beginning of to be (the) follower of Shaitan! That is Shaitan
teaching to them (to say) that: “Don’t accept anything! Accept only yourself!
You must live, as you like, you must be free! You must not be as a servant, no,
you must be, each of you, you must be your (own) Lord! Your ego must be accepted
and you must accept that your Lord (is) our ego! Beyond that don’t accept
(anything); unseen things, don’t accept!”

Therefore Allah Almighty, from the time of Adam a.s., (was) beginning to send
some special people, sending from His Side Messengers, to make people to wake
up, (saying): “O people, wake up! Don’t say (: ‘No’), don’t deny (the) unseen
worlds and don’t deny (the) Last Day and (the) Day of Judgment, that you should
be responsible for everything you did here, through this life!” But they are
saying: “No, we are not understanding (anything about a) Last Day or Judgment
Day or Day of Resurrection! We are not accepting such a things and that is
‘asatir’, fairy-tales...!”

Now- the Seal of Prophets was coming and he is saying what is necessary for
mankind, because his nation is (the) last (one) of (the) nations and his nation
(is) going to reach (the) Last Day, Yaumu-l Qiyama, (the) Last Day. In his period (it is) going
to happen and reaching whole world to its last day. Therefore religion means: Calling people
and making them to remind (remember); at least to say: “I am not reminding (remembering),
but I am accepting.”... Here there is a handful people; you are coming from East, from West,
from North, from South, for the occasion (of) Eid-ul Fitr; for the holy month you are coming
here. And today is (the) second day of Eid. For (the) holy month (of) Ramadan you are
coming here and we are trying also to remind you- and myself also with you- that servanthood
is not only for Ramadan! Our servanthood (is) from (the)beginning up to (the) end of our life;
we have been offered to be servants, obedient servants, to our Creator, to our Lord Almighty Allah.

You are coming here and it is a good proof for everyone that there is something
(that is) reaching from man to man; that is spiritual reaching, spiritual
relation(ship). We are not seeing wires, reaching to your hearts, no, but
something from heart to heart (is) running! And you are coming here for that
purpose! And 21st century’s foolish philosophers and materialist and atheist profs and
doctors and scientists, they are trying to deny (it), but (there is) no any
proof for them. This is a clear proof that (there is) going to be (something
reaching) from one to another: with which way (you are coming here)? Not I am
calling you: “Come here, Dr.X., Dr.Y.”, no, but sometimes like lightening (it is
coming) through... Therefore their denying is foolishness and ignorance for
them! This is clear!

Do you think that I sent to you email or cmail or kmail or vmail or amail or
gmail or xmail or wmail or... 28, 29 letters... I am sending to you? But you are
coming! That is (a) so clear proof, but these people they are like (a) Shaitan!
Shaitan (was) looking and seeing and denying and (he was) becoming (a) cursed
one! Therefore now- whole scientists and learnt people, whom they are not going to
be, what we are saying, to accept, they are going to be accused and they are
going to be cursed ones! And (the) beginning of their cursing... “Kulli shayin ‘indahu bi
niqdar... For everything there is a scale, there is a limit.” When (you are) reaching that
limit, you can’t step more (ahead), (that is) the last limit for you! Their last limit was (that)
they were trying to do something against the Creator’s, the Lord of Heavens’ Order! They

I was hearing so nearly; I am not hearing such a foolishness (before)- that those foolish
scientists and doctors and learnt people (are) trying to do something that it is against the Lord’s
Will! Just one month before I am hearing that they did... so many years they are digging
under (the) Alp Mountains, to make something there, because they put a foolish idea or foolish
theory, they are saying: “(The) beginning of this universe, (the) beginning of it, (is) from one atom and that (was)
exploding and then happened, just what happened...” Yes, (the) Big Bang!
That theory is foolish (already) and then, to try something, as they are
imagining, asking to do something, to look what (is) happening and that is
(exceeding limits,) to attempt (to reach) from servanthood to Lordship’s

That is (something) that even Firaun (was) not thinking on it, to do that! They
are each one equal (to) 70 Pharaos! Pharaoh (was) never thinking that: “I can do
such a thing”, Pharaoh (was) never saying that: “This world (is) coming from (a)
Big Bang.” Even Nimrod (was) not saying (this), Nero (was) not saying (this)!
Who is saying (this)? Only Shaitan (is) saying (this)! And our profs now, our scientist (are)
saying: “This imagining (is) very suitable! That we must say to people!” For what they are
trying? They are trying not to say people (that): “There is God!” They are trying to make
people to say: “No God!” That is their final target, not anything (else)!

And then- how many years they are digging under Switzerland? A huge tunnel! You
never heard? Look! Humaka, he is saying to me I never heard. Really? From where
coming? One idiot from London! I am hearing- how he is professor, not
hearing?... So many humaka... And (this is the) last chance that they have been given, because
they were reaching their final point of their authority that after that limit it belongs to the Lord
only, (the) Creator, the Lord of Creation, (the) Creator!

And they tried to make something as a proof that everyone may see or may hear,
to make people to say: “No God!” When they were touching this point- before one
month perhaps I heard this, that they did it- (there was) coming to me an order
to send one unseen servant... They were trying to make it Sunday. That night
(there was) coming to me (an) order: “Send on them one Jinn, to make this...”

I was very angry! They were saying: “Tomorrow we (are) doing this, we are doing
that...” Before (the) sun (was) shining, that (Jinn) was reaching and making
(the switch to) one side (down) this... And (when) they were coming to
make (the experiment, they couldn’t switch the electricity on)... “What
happened?” (Phoning each other...) “Hallo! Look, what happened! Open this power
station!” “Yes, Sir, we are ready, we opened (the) power station also, but
(there is) no answer!” “Ha?... What we shall say to people? We did such a bid
advertising on it: ‘Today we are trying our Big Bang foolish theory’? How we
shall say to people?” “I don’t know...” “How! We are 356 people, every day we
were, one of us, was responsible... we must collect them!” “Yes, just reached to

And they were astonishing, saying: ‘(It) can’t be! What is there?’ And the last
one there he is saying: “O our brothers! Just I looked, when I am pressing that
button, I was looking a very strange and huge creature that no one can imagine
its design and my hands (were) beginning to (tremble, shake), like a ship on
(an) ocean (that) can’t stop itself... I am ... and never happened!” And they
(were) saying: “What we shall say to people?” “(We can say that) only one button
we lost it and we are looking, where it fell down in that huge tunnel.. we can’t
find (it); when we find it blablabla...!”

That is (the) last point that now (it is) going to be taken from them every
power, every power and soonerly (there is) coming another order that the Sahibu
Zaman Mehdi a.s. (is) calling: “Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!”,
taking that authority (from them and there is) no more electricity and its
power! (It will be) taken up from people the authority to use it, finished! Now
they should see! They should see! They reached (the) last point! Therefore the Lord of
Heavens sent one Command to that Saint that (the) whole world (is) under his authority,
saying: “Keep them away! Keep them away and that, what We granted to them from
electricity power, just take it back and this ‘Schalter’ (switch), make it down!” Finished! After
a while that he is saying: “Allahu abkar!” that is going to finish!

O people, we are not created for nothing and we are not created from nothing!
The Lord of Heavens created us and (He is) asking us to understand and to give
our most high respect to His servanthood; to be His servants, to keep His Rules
as a humble servant, yes! And finally- we are doing something and our Muslims also now they
are very ignorant ones; they are thinking that when they are praying a month, (the) holy month
(of) Ramadan, 20 Rakaat every night and we are fasting half a day or less,
(that) we did something!

Just coming to me to remind me and yourself also, that when Allah
Almighty created Archangel Gibril a.s. and (he was) putting in front of him (the) mirror of
divinely Power- (a) mirror, (that he) may look in it and he may see
himself... (That) mirror (is) not like our mirrors... When he was looking and
seeing his beauty that (he had been) granted from Allah Almighty- (there is) no
any other Angel like Archangel Gibril, (he is) so beautiful!- he (was) standing
up and (he was) praying 2 Rakaat. Each Rakaat he was standing (for) 20.000
years! And when he was giving Salam, he was so happy, (thinking) that he did
something for his Lord as a thankful servant, (and there was) coming (an
addressing to him): “O My Archangel Gibril! Not 20.000 years- (even) if you can
do 20.000 billion years on each Rakaat, it is (still) going to be in front of My
Greatness nothing!” And he (was) falling (in)to Sajdah, Archangel Gibril.

And then Allah Almighty (was) giving good tidings for His most Beloved, most
honoured Prophet S.Muhammad sws, saying that: “O Archangel Gibril, you did these
2 Rakaat 40.000 years. Coming, when (the) last days are approaching, (in the)
last period of the life on earth, I am sending My most Beloved servants nation,
they are going to be pray 2 Rakaat so quickly so quickly and they are not
collecting their hearts that they are in front of their Lord, always (they are)
thinking about Dunya also, but their 2 Rakaat it is going to be more precious in
My divinely Presence! For what? What is the reason?” Without asking Archangel
Gabriel, Allah Almighty (was) saying: “Because, o my servant Archangel Gabriel,
you prayed on behalf of you, but they are praying on behalf of My Orders!, to
keep My Orders!”

(That is) so important! You must know (that), o mankind! Who (is) ordering to
you to make Sajdah and to pray, who (is) ordering to you? You must know that!
(Allah Almighty was) saying to Archangel Gabriel: “You did it on behalf of you
that you are so happy to see your beauty and Nur, but these people, my most
Beloved ones Ummah, they are praying that I ordered to them: “Pray!”

O people! Leave ignorance and accept reality, if you like to be happy here and
after here! To reach eternity and eternal life, keep your Lords Orders up!
Don’t say: “I am not free now for praying!” No! Leave it and pray! Astaidh
bi-llah: Ya Ayyuhal ladhina amanu, idha nudia li salati mi yaumu-l Cumati, fasau
ila dhikrikllahi...” O people, when you are hearing that (they are) calling you
for praying, immediately leave your work and run for his Service, for his

O people, if you like to live happily here and with honor and to be in Paradise
forever through eternal life, eternity, keep His Orders! If not, are going to
be, you are never going to have any value. Animals dirt... that people going
less than dirty of animals.

May Allah forgive us! As-salamu alaikum! Fatiha... EID MUBARAK!
O our Lord, keep our feet on Haqq, fix them, not to fall down. First Allah
Almightys servanthood! He (has) not created you to be servants of Dunya, He
created you to be His servants, that is all. No any Pope can put an objection on
it, no any Rabbi can put any objection on it, no any religious head, head of
religion, may put an obection on that point! They must put their heads down! I
am putting....Pray for me that I can do my Sajdah... I am not happy to sit on chair and to
pray doing my head... l like to put my forehead on earth for my Lord- you ask
that He can take this... Fatiha...

Donkey language also I am very expert...for animals language... yallah!
Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam, salatan tadumu wa
tughda ilayh, mamara layali wa tula dawam...

Lefke, 01.10.2008

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