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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**SERVANTHOOD IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL**

We are servants. We are trying to be good servants, because we are not. But we must be good servants. Every command from the Holy Quran given to us by the Holy Prophet, the Praised Servant, were only given to make good servants out of us. Bad servants must try to be good servants, and good servants must try to be best servants. Can anyone object on that point? No! If anyone does, it must be Satan or Pharao or Nimrud or Abu Jahil. Whether we are men or women, we are all servants. Everyone must look after themselves and must give their decision or judgement themselves. How do you judge yourself? Maybe you have to say infront of others that you are a good-one, but when you are alone by yourself, discuss with your ego, "Oh, my ego, tell me truly, are you a good servant?" Do you think in your conscience that you are a good-one? You do this and that against the Holy Commands. You always try to break up Heavenly Orders. Do you still think that you are a good servant?

Our Grandsheik Shah ul Naqshband said, " Our Tariqat is the way of perfection, the way of good servanthood, the way of best servanthood! Nothing else!" You cannot ask for anything else. You must only ask for good servanthood. What he also said, is that our way is through association. It teaches you how to be a good servant. It is so nice! The way of prophets and of holy-ones and of the praised servant Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be upon him. It is the way of Jesus Christ and the way of Moses, may peace be upon them. It is the way of Abraham, may peace be upon him and the way of David and Solomon, may peace be upon them. It is the way of Noah and the way of Adam. From the beginning to the end there were 124 000 prophets and this was their way: the way of servanthood, the way of good servanthood, of best servanthood. All of them were teachers. It is the way of Naqshbandis. It is also the way of other tariqats and the way of wisdoms and of Heavens. Nothing can be above the level of servanthood, only His Divine Being and that is one. There is no second, only one Divinity from pre-eternity to eternity being worshipped and everyone is His Servant!

On the Night of Power when the Lord of Heavens shows His Divine Lights on earth, everything in existence falls into prostration infront of His Divine Presence. He is only one, the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Universes and the Lord of pre-eternity to eternity. No-one can be Lord, only one. All the others are servants. Jesus Christ never said, " I am the Lord!" Whoever says that are liars. He never said it! It is the biggest lie of the Christians to say such a thing. He only said, "I am the Lord's servant!" But the ego of people and Satan always ask not to obey and always asks to be disobedient because the ego claims itself to be the lord. But it cannot be. We must learn servanthood. We must train our ego to be a servant! Because the ego is a bad servant. Satan is a servant, but the worst one. Don't be with worst servants, don't be with bad servants! It is your honour to be able to be with good servants! Try to be with the prophets and their disciples and followers and companions and holy-ones. Don't be with Satan and Nimrod and Pharao and the enemies of the holy-ones. Don't be with devils, because they are bad servants. Good servants have shining lights coming out of them. When you see bad servants you will understand. They are closed. Don't be with bad-ones! That is the worst luck in the here and in the here-after.

We are sitting here and trying to make as a first step for our proud egos to be humble. It is a bombarding on our egos. They are such proud-ones. But nevertheless they are servants, bad servants, refusing to be good. We want them to come down. Come and settle on your level, don't put yourself higher than you are. That is all. We do not come here to England and to London to make a show. There is no need for that. We come here under the command and advice of the Holy-Ones, from the Masters who have already put their egos under their feet. We are here for awhile. It is an opening, a Mercy from Heavens that they send one of their Servants to be your servant. If anyone accepts to step down from up there and to land in the land of humbleness, they will be happy and pleased. They will reach pleasures which will last forever. They will reach Oceans of Lights, endless Oceans of Wisdoms, endless Oceans of Love, endless Oceans of Mercy, endless Oceans of Power and endless Oceans of Pleasures. They will reach endless oceans, everyone a different one than the other. That is the real life with the Lord of Heavens. Tuba! No-one can translate that word because it is the final point of happiness. You will happy with your Lord and He will be pleased with you. May Allah forgive us!

London, 01.03.1994

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