Maulana Sheikh NazimSeven Steps

Everything belongs to Him. He is the owner, He is the Creator, we are not. Don't run after dunya saying that you are the owner. This dunya does not belong to us.

We believe in Holy Books, not in the imagination of philosophers. This world has existed for 7000 years. Once, after the morning prayers, Muhammad* was asking if anyone had a dream. Someone stood up and said, "Last night I dreamt a very peaceful dream which made me so happy. I dreamt that I was in a huge plain, so big that you could not see where it began and where it ended. There was a mimbar there with 7 steps. (New reformers in Islam are now producing mimbars with 3 steps!) I saw that you, Muhammad*, was stepping up to sit on the 7th step."

"This is a sign that I am the Seal of Prophets. There will be no prophecy and no prophet after me. The 7 steps are a sign that dunya has the period of 7000 years for the children of Adam. I was sitting on the 7th step, a sign of the beginning of the 7th period of 1000 years."

"What will come after that?"

"The time which belongs to the End of Time."

This is the time we are in. Everything Muhammad* has informed us of, has happened. One Ramadan has just passed and now we are running to the second one, but we don't know if we will reach it, or in which condition we will be. The numbers of Ramadan are in limits, whether we will have 2000, 1500 or 1600, is arranged according to the Will of Allah. 1500 have passed. We will not have another 100. Every day there are new signs of the End of Time.

Even if you live 1000 years you will face death one day. Everyone must face the Angel of Death. Think about how you will meet him. He will come in two kinds of clothes. One is dressed in mercy, the other as a curse. You don't know which day you will be invited, don't say that you are not ready. Be ready for the Divine Presence, be prepared always!

Don't let your name be written on the list of bad servants. Such people will have never-ending sufferings. Dunya is running towards its last station. The second millennium is approaching with many changes. This is a Christian calendar. There are only 2 more years until the year 2000 when unexpected huge events will happen, terrible and horrible wars, because people are following satan and devils and are trying to make even more evil. The result is a Heavenly Punishment. Run to Allah, run to His Shelter! If He shelters you nothing will harm you here or in the hereafter.


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