Maulana Sheikh NazimShadow Beings

Allah is the Great. Absolute greatness belongs to Him and absolute real existence belongs to Him. We are shadow beings. We are not real beings, but shadow beings. Not the kind of shadow which you can see when the sun is reflecting. You think that the image you see in the mirror is you, but you cannot touch it or feel it. When you disappear, so does the image. It does give you some understanding about yourself. If you would not see the reflection in the mirror, you would not know at all how you look. Your eyes can see everything except yourself. You can see your body, but your identity is in your face. This is why your identification on a photograph is always your face. You will not be known by your legs, hands or your belly!

You are known by your face. Someone once said, "If I look at the backside of a man's head, I can easily know about his mind, if he is clever or not." So then, what about his face? His face is like a book of his personality. By seeing his face I can understand everything. Nowadays when you buy a new machine you will get an instruction booklet with it. In the same way there are people who look with Divine Lights. Most people just look, they don't see. The ones who are able to see, must be equipped with Heavenly Lights, like Holy People. They look, see and recognise the identity of people, can tell you who you are and for which purpose you have been created. They are real guides, they have x-ray vision.

Your identity is on your face but you cannot see it. You need a mirror to be able to arrange your physical and your spiritual life. For both sides you need a mirror, a guide. Without a mirror you are like a blind person. The mirror will make regular check-ups with you, physically and spiritually. People run to have check-ups on their physical bodies. But they only make very short check-ups on their spiritual beings. A spiritual check-up includes a physical one. It covers everything, like the atmosphere. If you are in it you can see your atmosphere, as well as your world. But if you are only in the world, that is all you will see. This is why the spiritual check-up is the most important one. But people are not interested in such things. They run to their physical check-up which gives them nothing.

We need to have a look at ourselves. When you do, you check-up the reality in which you are. You will find out what you need, should you be invited to the Divine Reality. The first mirror of checking-up our spiritual beings are prophets. After that their deputies, the companions. Then all the Holy People, the Saints. If you don't find any of those, you will come and go without knowing about yourself. You may be in the Divine Presence bringing a disliked image of yourself causing others to run away from you, hate you, swearing at you or even attacking and cursing you. The angels will ask you, why you didn't use your long life to have yourself checked. Allah is the real existence. He has no shadow. He is unique.


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