Maulana Sheikh Nazim Shaitan and his spies are in fear.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!

Allah takes away Shaitan from our meeting! Shaitan (is) coming to everywhere and
spying, spying... Spying: “What they are doing?”, because... some other (of) his
agents (he is) sending here: “Go and look, what they are doing with that
Sheikh!” Spying! Who is spying, he is Shaitan! And Shaitan (is) cursed, cursed!
Shaitan (is) sending his servants- not servants, his slaves: “Go and look, what
they are doing there” and those people they are coming to look. “What Sheikh
(is) saying? How Sheikh (is) gathering that people here? Perhaps Sheikh (is)
asking to change not Cyprus, not Turkey, not Middle East, but Sheikh (is)
intending to change our territory that I have a empire”, Shaitan (is) saying.
His empire (is) through East to West, from North to South and he is very very
(anxious), that: “Sheikh, even now he is alone, but we are looking that his
intention is (a) big intention! He is intending to destroy our empire, that just
spread from East to West, from North to South! Even I have so much power on
earth, (and) I am looking everyone (is) following my orders, they are keeping my
rules, running after me, but Sheikh, (even) no one (is) following him, but yet I
am in fear, because Sheikh may destroy my empire!”

And I am saying: “I am nothing but you are claiming (that) you are something,
therefore I am going to destroy your empire, imperial, shaitanic imperial,
Shaitans empire, spreading from East to West, from North to South!”
Shaitan sends his people! They are coming and they are Shaitans slaves! (It
follows a short passage in Turkish: They are checking out: ‘What Sheikh is
saying?’ Tell them: ‘Sheikh will make Dua against you!’ ‘Has Sheikh really so
much power?’ ‘No! But Allah also sent His weakest soldier to Nimrod, a mosquito,
to destroy Nimrod.’ Therefore they are fearing now. We will destroy them! They
have fear in their heart and so they will be destroyed! How can Islam (ever) be
destroyed! Who is the owner of Islam! Allah!)

Allah, He is Sultan, Kings of Kings, and He is doing everything as HE likes! He
used at the time of Nimrod mosquitos, now he may use (the) bird-flu (virus)...
Ohhh! (He) may destroy (the) whole world with (it)... “Where it is? Inside or
outside?” (He) may destroy (the) whole world with (the) bird-flu. They are
saying: “We can’t see (it)”... and they are thinking that: “If we can catch
that virus, we can kill it!”

Once upon a time in (a) Caucasian country there was... yet there are so many
kinds of people in Caucasia, (in the) Caucasian mountains, (in) Dagestan...
There was, in that country, living a tribe, their names ‘deli kartal’, that
means, ‘crazy eagles’. They are famous to be such a idiot ones; their hearts so
soft, so safety and so satisfaction through their hearts...

Once they were intending to build a mosque. They were some people that all of
them (were) on (the) same level and they were ‘mahrum’ (deprived), they haven’t
a person like Baba T.... they were so no chance to have such a person... They
are asking to build a mosque and they are building... (Some people are getting
up to leave. Sheikh is saying in Turkish to them that it is very bad manners,
’adabsiz’, to leave the gathering after it has started. People should go before
or stay. He is saying that they are Shaitans group).

They were building according to their knowledge. They build 4 walls and they
were asking to build a big wood from East to West and asking to make on it other
woods for making (the) roof. They were trying to complete it, bringing a big
tree, making it okay, to put (it) like this. When they were putting (it), like
this, (they were) looking: “It is not enough!” From here up to there, there was
one yard less. They are saying: “It is not reaching from here to there, what we
shall do?” (The) chief architect (was) saying: “O our brothers, we must take
(it) from both sides, to make like this, to make like this- spreading, then
putting, (and) it is okay!” “How we can do (that)?” “Now you must put this tree
(in) water (for) 4o days. When it is going to be easy, we may (stretch it)- half
people from here, half people from there, making, putting, and it is okay!” They
were putting (it) in water (for) 4o days. Then, after 4o days, (they were)
calling (the) people: “O people, come, we shall stretch for both sides! Half
people from here, half people from here!” They were making so ropes, and: “Yes,
yes! A little bit more!” This (was) coming like this... When (it was) coming
like this, they were saying: “Ohhh! (It is) getting more!” and (the) architect
(was) saying: “It is okay now, we shall try!” Yes. That time they forget that...
they were putting like this, putting like that, and (they were) saying: “Ohhh!
We stretched too much! Look! What we shall do?” “Doesn’t matter...!” Such

One person from other tribe was bringing to them some pots, from clay. On his
way his mule (was) fearing from something and making whole his jugs or pots,
making down, broken. Then that person (was) thinking: “Oh! My whole capital just
finished! I was thinking that I may sell it to that people and take much more
money, but now I finished!” Then (was) coming to his mind Shaitan, saying:
“Don’t worry! Sit down and make it powder and fill your bags and go there and
call people: ‘O people, come here! I am selling the medicine against flees! That
jumping, for that, I am bringing good medicine to take them away!”

(And the) people (were) coming. (He was) selling one box, more, (getting) less,
finishing. Then quickly he was leaving that town and running, running, before
people (were) understanding that it is a trap or trick for them! And he was
running. After a while (he was) looking that some people on their horses (were)
running after him and he was quickly (running). Then they (were) reaching to
him: “Ya Hu- why you are escaping?” “(I am) escaping, because I must do some
work there!” “Yes, you may do! But we are coming to understand, how we may use
that medicine for flees!” “Easy! You must catch (the) flee and open its mouth
and... so easy! Catch flee, open its mouth and put in it, this (is) getting,
dying!” One of them was little bit more clever, he was saying: “O our brother!
If we can catch that flee without putting this, we may do like this (squeeze it)
and can die! We can kill it!” He was saying: “Yes, it is also a way, but we are
modernized doctors now and we are using (this)! We have some rights of animals.
Perhaps you are not hearing: You must not give a trouble for animals, because
they have rights! Therefore this (squeezing is) making too much (trouble) for
them, therefore you must use (the) modern medicine system according to (the)
animals rights company! You must catch! Or there is (the) court, defending on
animals; one of them may go there and complain, then (they are) taking all of
you to prison!” “Yes, we are accepting... “

Now I am saying also to those people, whom they are not saying ‘Allah’, whom
they are not respecting heavenly Orders: Allah Almighty (is) going to make them
to understand that atheism is a foolish idea! Atheists, they must know that the
heavenly Cursing (is) coming on them! And He is not using what (He) used (in)
the time of Nimrod- now (He is) sending to you (the) bird-flu virus! And here I
am saying to them that- to (those) whom they are not saying ‘there is a Creator’
, that they are saying everything (is only) material, beyond material they are
not accepting anything:

“Now you must catch that bird-flu virus, take a poison
against (it), and put (that) in its mouth! (That is) making (it to be)
destroy(ed) (and) you can save yourself or (that) virus (is) going to eat all of
you- living or even not living! Nimrods armies- mosquitoes ate their flesh,
(their) bones (were) remaining, but these bird-flu viruses (are) going to eat
your bones also! Beware from Shaitan and keep yourself from heavenly Cursing!
You are so weak one, don’t say that: ‘We have high technology’! In an instant
the Lord of Heavens, who created Heavens and earth and everything living, may
send His Cursing and destroy everything, leaving this world as a desert!

Yes, Shaitan (is) sending some spies here: “What (is that) Sheikh saying?”
“Sheikh (is) saying that Allah should destroy your technology and your powers,
all of them, and take away from 6 billions 5 billion (people)! Sending (them)
away and remaining one- that is news from Holy Books- remaining from 6 (only) 1,
(and) 5 billions (are) finishing!”

Therefore, o people! If you are asking a shelter- (there is) no shelter, only
(the) Shelter of the Lord of Heavens! Run under that Shelter! Don’t say: “We are
powerful with our technology!” (He) may stop it! If cursing (is) coming from
Heavens, may be cursed, may be taken away everything that He granted to man to
use it and to be a good servant for their Creator! But they used their rights on
wrong way! Then (the) heavenly Anger (is) preparing something... As He prepared
for the nation of Noah: by flood (He was) destroying everything, remaining on
earth only 85 persons! All of them just drowned! And people they are doing their
worst now and Allah (is) asking from His servants only to do your best!

Abu Yazid, Sultanu-l Awliya Abu Yazid, was saying, when he had been asked: “What
is Islam?” Because Shaitan (is) making living people to run away from Islam,
making them ‘nefret’, hating. If those people, Non-Muslim world, when they are
hearing ‘Islam’, they are hating! So hating, (they are) running away! So many
people (are) coming to me; they know that Tariqat is making them to improve
through their spirituality and they are asking: “We are coming to you for our
spirituality to be much more powerful- but without Islam!” I am saying: “(It)
can’t be! You are like a person asking to reach to clouds or to atmosphere
without using airplane or without using rocket- it is impossible! You can hate
from (that) rocket, but it is impossible for you to move from (the) earth to
(the) atmosphere, to Heavens, without using it! You must use it!” And they are
running away... Now- Islam is a grant from Allah Almighty and He is saying: “O
My servants, come to Me and use Islam!”

Abu Yazid, Sultanu-l Arifin, (a) famous Saint in the skies of Heavens, he had
been asked: “What is Islam?” And he was saying: “Two matters. One is to give
your high respect for your Lords divinely Service. You must keep first His
heavenly Rights with full respect, then the Lord of Heavens (is) dressing you
honour and glory! This (is) one! And (the) second: Islam (is) saying: give your
pity for every creature!” Therefore Islam (is) never giving a permit to a
person, even for one ant, to kill it, without giving any harming (to) you! If
(that ant is) not harming you, you can’t kill it!

Now people (are) killing thousands of cows, millions of birds- for what? For
what? It is not permitted through Holy Books: Old Testament, New Testament and
Holy Quran! Never (it is) mentioned this, what you are doing, this! Then Allah
(is) leaving them and sending on them another virus! Not (the) bird-flu (virus),
but another kind (of) virus (He) may send, (which) may kill people through one
day! Whole people! May Allah forgive us! O people, say: Astaghfirullah,
Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah!

Therefore- they know, (the) spies of Shaitan, that: “Sheikh (is) intending to
destroy (the) shaitanic territory, (the) shaitanic empire!” Yes, that is my
intention! May Allah give me a chance to destroy (the) empire of Shaitan,
Shaitans territory!

For the honour of the most honoured one in the divine Presence S.Muhammad sws,

Lefke, 10.02.2008

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