Maulana Sheikh NazimShaitan always tries to distract people from prayers, and to make us to delay prayer from one occupation to the next

Shaitan always tries to distract people from prayers, and to make us to delay prayer from one occupation to the next… People always want fresh food. It is the new fashion of proud people that they don’t want to eat ready food. And what about Allah? To Him you send ‘old food’? Immediately with the Adhan you have to go for prayers and leave everything. Whoever does what is displeasing to Allah, will finish.

Don’t employ people who don’t pray. Before building a factory you must build the mosque for it. Who doesn’t pray and who doesn’t call others to pray, they are My enemies, Allah says. And on the bridge there are 7 questions, one of them if you called others to pray. Nobody talks this anymore, because everyone is employed with a monthly salary.

Once AbuYazid Bistami was travelling. He came to a village where the people didn’t know him. As it was time for prayer, he went to the mosque and prayed behind the Imam. After the prayer the Imam greeted him and asked: ‘Who are you?’ ‘A servant of Allah.’ ’Do you have a monthly salary? Gardens, shops, factories? How do you live?’ ‘I thought you are a Muslim, a Imam, and therefore I prayed behind you. But now that I see that you have doubts about my provision I found out that you have doubts in Allah. First of all before answering you, I have to repeat my prayers.’ After the prayer he said to the Imam: ’Why you don’t ask cats and dogs how they are living? The One who provides food for them, He also provides food for AbuYazid.’

People have lost their faith. Since 6o years people come here and always they find bread and soup, and through the Baraka they bring I am also living. But people have been tied to their stomach and therefore they got confused…

These people come for a visit here today. They are from Turkey, and they keep charity for Muslims. He has a factory for steel pots. On earth they are 1st class makers. He sent so many to me… I am praying for him and I gave advice to him to keep. So many factories now bankrupt, only his standing up. He has 300 workers, looking after them, keeping them to pray. And I am insisting that he must not give a tolerance for whom is not praying. When they call Adhan you must stop the work… Let them say: ’Electricity cut- let us pray, until it comes back.’… War is cheating… Then, after prayer, you say: ’Look, electricity came back.’

After he sent the pots, he also sent what we are in need of: beans, sugar, rice, oil, fat, so many things, everything that we can cook here. He is Sahibu-l khayrat wa hasanat. As much as he is supporting Fukara, Allah supports him. If he sends one, Allah sends 10, if he sends 100, coming 1000 to him… And Sadaqa in Muharram is 10 x more valuable than in other months… Who is giving, his provision will never finish.

Lefke, 02.03.2002

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