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May Allah take Shaitan far away from us... Those who get away from Shaitan, or Shaitan is getting away from them are lucky people. There are no more troubles for them. Troubles exist only because of him. He is a first-class trouble-maker. As long as you accept him and follow him, there must be troubles for you. If you don't want to fall into troubles, if you would like your life to be safe here and hereafter, don’t follow Shaitan... finished. It is so easy.

Shaitan is the number one enemy of mankind. He never likes you, but shows himself to you as your advisor. He came to the first Man and his Lady and entered Paradise, where they were living in full enjoyment and safety, and full blessings were on them. What more could they ask? And Shaitan came and said: "Come and follow me, I shall take you to a much more joyful place." When the first Man and his Lady followed him and took one step, a Divine Curse fell on them. And instead of enjoyment came sadness, instead of peace came fighting, instead of a restful and comfortable life came a life full of miseries and sufferings. Such is Shaitan’s advice...

He always comes to people and says: "Come and follow me, I will take you to another, much better stage of life, and you may reach more comfort, enjoyment and happiness, more wealth and health." And he is a liar. What can be better than Paradise?

When believers are passing from this life to real life in Paradise, their enjoyments there are increasing every day, not coming down and getting less and reaching zero as in this world. In Paradise your enjoyment, respect, lights, knowledge and wisdom in the Divine Presence are always increasing, day by day through Allah Almighty’s blessings. He has endless Favour Oceans. Do you think He prepared those oceans for Himself? He is not in need of anything, He is Allah. He is creating, granting and giving these endless Oceans of Favours, Blessings and Mercy to you...

But Shaitan is coming and saying: "Come and follow me, I am taking you to the high-life, for a perfect enjoyment without any limits. I will make you, my followers, to be happy." And ignorant people are asking: "How can there be a perfect enjoyment?" And he says: "Look at what I did: I refused to obey my Lord, and then He granted me my freedom. Now I am free from obedience, worship, prayer and glorification. Only once I was disobedient, and now I am free and I do as I like. No one is calling me to come and pray and fast, no one is telling me to do this or that. Oh people, follow me."

Therefore freedom is passing through disobedience. Shaitan’s teaching to people is: "Oh people, you must try to be free. The way to freedom is passing through disobedience, so don’t follow anyone, but follow me. I am not telling you to obey me, no, because we are fighting obedience. But I am only advising you with a sweet word: follow me... Oh Europeans, Americans, anyone, I am not telling you to obey me, no, it is very heavy. I refused it, and now I have my own will, doing everything I want, and no one is questioning me: What are you doing or not doing? Perfect will-power is with me."

Hasbi Allahu wa niamal Wakil... Shaitan’s teaching of freedom, to be free from Heavenly Commands, has taken away the minds of people in the 2oth century. They are asking for that freedom. He is advising them: "You are living on earth. Don’t obey what is coming to you from the Heavens, telling you to do this and not to do that."

After that, people were coming and inventing human rights, granting you freedom, or, better: declaring freedom and ordering it to you, because human rights first declare that man is created free and must be free throughout his whole life, and no one can prevent his freedom... In what way free? That is shaitanic teaching. Therefore youngsters are saying now: "We don’t need to follow Heavenly Commands. We must be free so we can use our free will as we like."

The second shaitanic teaching is saying: "You must fight, as you fought Heavenly Teachings before, and be disobedient instead of obedient servants. Don’t say ‘servants’, you are not servants. You are number one, most important people, all of you VIPs. How may a VIP be a servant, what is that?" They are very happy, saying: "Disobedience is our honour."

Oh people, human rights is Shaitan’s teaching for 2oth century people, cheating them as he cheated the first Man and his Lady. He is saying: "You must be free from Heavenly Commands, not to be servants. Be disobedient. When you are going to be disobedient, they will not call you a servant, no. Then you have reached my level. I am not a servant. I am the king of disobedient people, and they are my supreme staff. I am sitting with them, getting up with them. I am always with them, because they are chosen ones, elected ones... Time by time we have elections also, to elect someone who is much closer to my shaitanic presence, like Trotzki, Mao, Mussolini, Hitler, this or that one, who are elected staff for me. I trained them like a trainer of a football-team, how to be against servanthood. And the 2oth century is under my hegemony, my kingdom is just established..."

Audhu bi’llah... I am asking for Divine Protection from Allah Almighty. If He is not sheltering us, nobody can. I hope that these shaitanic tricks and traps are going to finish, and that his authority will break down, and that in the 3rd millenium servanthood of Heavens will appear in the East and West... May Allah bless you and make everyone try to be a good servant for Allah’s Divine Service.

From the first day of Muharram everything just changed. Spirituality is increasing, materialism is going down. Under each pillar of Shaitan’s sultanate has been put TNT... We are awaiting the time for that building to come down... Shukr, ya Rabbi... Fatiha.


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