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Meded ya Sultan! Meded ya rijaal Allah, Allah Allah kareem Allah

Allah Allah
as-salaamu `alaykum
Destur y a rijaal Allah, Meded ya rijaal Allah
by the name of Allah almighty, all merciful most beneficent most Munificent. You are our Lord our Creator. Give much more honor and glory to your most beloved one in divine presence seyidina Muhammad (s)
a'udhu billahi min 'ash-shaytaani 'r-rajeem
bismillahi 'r-rahmani 'r-raheem

We are weak servants, O our Lord! We are ashaming to ask from our Lord something, we can ask even from an atom. (An) atom it is enough, (an) authorized atom (is) enough to arrange everthing on this earth and to bring heavenly grants to whole people. An atom that people they are knowing that it is in existence but never seeing.

Therefore I am so ashaming. O our Lord give us an authorized one.

If you are not understanding from atom we may say that whole looking after this planet who* for a plane must be captain, if no captain, whole people doing nothing. Because captain - pilot - he is authorized one to lead and to make that plane to fly freely. Everyone’s minds may accept this.

Astaghfirullah! Today from authorized people just a weak servant authorized also to speak to whole world’s people. Not people (here). You are here (only a) handful (of) people: 100 people or 200 people, but we been have authorized to address whole people living on this planet. (Allahu akbar) It is so easy if Allah Almighty giving that authority to even give to an ant it is enough.

Today is last Friday last Jumah for holiest month. Ramadan mubarak praised granted from the Lord of heavens for this month a glory just granted such a authority also for this holy month. It is holiest month through year Holy Ramadan, the month of glory, month of blessings, month of forgiveness, month of blessings, month of heavenly grants.

O Ya Rabbee! So many people from last year upto day passed away and from this last days of Holy Ramadan perhaps billions people going to leave this life and to leave and asking to reach heavens, heavens. And we are asking humbly form our Lord Allah almighty to grant us from his endles forgiveness bec we are not able to give a real real respect and to give our most high blessings for this month but we are asking forgivenss from Allah almighty.

Subhan Allah everything when Last Days approaching beginning to be much more speedfully running to the Day of Resurrection.

O people! ! Try to be a acceptable or accepted servants in Divinely Presence and we may ask to reach more Holy Ramadans but you may reach 100 x more coming and asking to be granted one thousand Ramadans going to finish and you should be called back. “Come, come! Enough that you are on earth. Now leave your jism, body, there and come to me with your soul.

O people! one more Ramadan just passed away passing.

Allah knows how many Ramadans remaining up to the Day of Resurrection. He knows.

But finally everyone must leave. When they have been called come, you must come. You cannot say, “O I am trying to build buildings; to establish new cities; to build new cities; we are trying to build a new life, give us more time! From heavens an answer coming, “O My servant! I am sending you to build high building s and to to save hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of treasure? Do you think I send to you on this world and that is your purpose or you are understanding only a to live longer and to collect much more treasure? Do you think I created you for that purpose?

Never, and (yet) we are so happy for saving treasures. But finally whole,... finally you are leaving everything and coming. O My servants you must know that you have been created and also honored to be My servants. There can’t be anything more valuable than to live as I like that you should be My servant.

It is not important. The Lord of heavens saying, “It is not My Order to you to make heaps of golden and treasure. I am never interesting (in that). My interest is that you must try to be My servant and to try to be a good servant.“

There is on heavens two tables - one side names written, and second side names written. The first table written on it the names of good servants; second table bad servants’ table, names of bad servants’ table. Look! Look where you are trying to be written your names: under good servants’ table or to be written bad ones. One table, so many names and written those people they are, they are just granted granted from their Lord such a honor. No one can give it to anyone servants that they are blessed ones blessed ones and second second servants that are cursed ones. Anything else whole holy books saying?

O people! Anything else? No. Why fighting with each other from dunya, daily people killing someone’s killing someone’s else. Why? That is heavenly order. No, what you are doing that your name just written under the table of cursed ones, and cursed ones, they should be taken with Sadanas to hell. (Turkish)

O people! Think on it! Don’t think only to reach more and more from dunya. Billions of people they are saying that “this planet belongs to me” but finally they left it everything here and ... “Come, come, come, come! O where are you running? Come! Everyone going to taste maut death. And finally Shaytan also going to taste of miraratul maut -bitterness of death. Everything just falling down with the trumpet of Israfeel Alayhissalam and finally remaining (only) Shaytan. Shaytan he is looking that every living one falling down, falling down. Their physical being there bodies without a sound, finished and then holy order from heavens coming to Azra`eel Alayhissalam saying, “Reach to that disobedient servant and take its soul also!” And Shaytan running towards east escaping, and finding Azra`eel Alayhissalam infront of him asking to take his soul; running to west, running to save itself finding Azra`eel Alayhissalam ready to take its soul. Running east; running west; running north; running south. Everywhere looking and seeing angel Azra`eel Alayhissalam ready. O people! Where are you running away?

Think on it and try to be servants, good servants, to be written your names on the good ones’ table. If not you lost everything. Nothing giving to you any benefit. O whole mankind that you may hear you may listen what masters making a weak servant, to address to you to speak to you or advise to you think which book. Saying “Don’t worry! Do everything as you like and you are in safety. No one can say no one can say. Every book Christian book, Jewish people’s book, (those) that they are refusing Holy Quran but (even in) their holy books (it is) written what we are saying. Holy Quran, you must believe in the Holy Quran now and then, here and in the hereafter. But try to be a believer in the last message sent by the Lord of Heavens.

Lefke, 18.09.2009

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