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Fatihah. As-salaamu `alaykum. Madad yaa Sayyidee, madad yaa RijaalAllah. Allah Allah. Yaa Rabbee, shukr. Yaa Rabbee, shukr. As-salaamu `alaykum. Ahlan wa sahlan, welcome. Bienvenidos. Mille grazie. SubhanAllah 'l-`Aliyyu 'l-`Azheem.

O our Attenders! Try to attend good things and good purposes. Try to be good ones, as for good ones there are good tidings and for bad ones there are bad tidings. You know bad tidings? Good tidings are for good people. Bad tidings are for bad people. Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah. Therefore, on the Day of Resurrection, mumins are going to be welcomed by angels and granted with good tidings, "You will be in these paradises up to Eternity; you will enter, but never get out."

Sayyidina Adam (a) was in Paradise, but he and his wife were sent away. But those, after the Day of Resurrection, Judgment Day, who are granted to be among Paradise people, will be welcomed by angels, f 'adkhullooha khaalideen, "Enter O Believers, O mumins, O Allah Almighty's beloved servants, up to Eternity!" That is a good tiding. Angels will take bad people to hells by their hair, hands, and feet. Angels will have no mercy with them; they will be thrown into hells with the order, "Get in and never get out! Bad tidings for you!" Allah, yaa Rabbee! Yaa Rabbee. Yaa Rabbana ighfir lanaa w 'arhamnaa w `afuw `anaa.

O People! There is only one chance granted to Mankind. What is that chance? To be good ones or bad ones. There will be good tidings for those who are using their good will and good understanding, but those who are drunken ones, drinking the dirtiness of Shaytan and its followers will be received by angels who will say, "Get in and never come out!"

O People! It is so easy to understand our missions, our real being on this planet, to be in dunya. We have been sent from Heavens to this world, and the Lord of Heavens only asks of Mankind, "O Mankind! O Man! Human Nature! I am asking you to be good ones, that is My holy order to you. And I am warning you, don't be bad ones! I am going to be pleased with good ones, but I am not going to be pleased with the bad ones, because My Majestic Attribute is to be with good ones. I am asking My servants to follow My majestic way, to be good ones. That is a majestic order I am granting you from My endless Glory Oceans. And one spot of My Glory Oceans is enough for you, from pre-Eternal up to Eternal, and that small spot is going to become bigger, bigger, bigger."

O People! Is the anything wrong? For those who are understanding something, all prophets and all heavenly books and orders are asking from Mankind only one thing. "O Children of Adam, the Lord of Heavens is asking you to be good ones, not to be bad ones!" That is the real aim of all holy books, to make people good ones, those who are following the Lord of Heavens, our Creator. Bad ones are those who are following Shaytan. It is so simple, and people are writing so many theories, so many writings, reading, writing. I may ask Jesus Christ (a) if I am wrong, I may ask Sayyidina Musa (a) is my declaration wrong? O Sayyidina Ibrahim, O Sayyidina Adam, am I wrong? O Sayyidina Noah, am I wrong? People fight them, and they are calling to Paradise! People are saying, "We don't like Paradise, we like hells!"

People have left going to mosques, and they are making football arenas, because Shaytan is calling people, "Come and see! There is one goal, one football, come and see! You may look, and if that football enters the goal you may all cry out, 'Ooohhh! Look what happened!' Is there gold or silver raining on you? What happened that you are doing this (cheering for sports teams)? Shaytan is making 21st century people mad (insane), and mad ones are bad ones, because they are not really mad; they were created in perfection but they are using their creation in bad ways. Therefore, they are going to be cursed. They are not going to mosques or praying places, but millions of people are running to football. I ask, is there any news, and they say, "No Shaykh, no news, there is only football news." People are becoming mad; it is worse than being mad ones. Some say, "O Shaykh, why are you blaming us? There is also football in Saudi Arabia!"

O our Salafi `ulamas! Where are you? Amr bi 'l-ma`roof! To play football, is that the order, or is it amr bi'l-ma`roof wa nahiyy `ani 'l-munkar? Why are you not saying? You only know how to say, "Bida`, haraam." For what? Because if we are getting in front of the holy tomb of the Seal of Prophets (s) making salawaat, you say, "Shirk!" Who saying to the Muslims, "Bida`, mushrik, haraam, kufr," where are those Salafi `ulamas? People in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or in Hindustan, Turks, are saying, "Heyyyy, what happened?" Something is coming from up and Shaytan is making people foolish. Where are our Salaaf as-Saalih? Where is our jama`at amr bi 'l-ma`roof? How is the king of Hijaaz giving permission for football in the Holy Land? Where is amr bi 'l-ma`roof? If I am sitting in front of Ka`aba Mukarrama, saying, “Laa ilaaha illa-Llah, la ilaaha illa-Llah, laa ilaaha illa-Llah, laa ilaaha illa-Llah, police are running with sticks. We are not haywaan to come at us with sticks! That is our right and we will ask for our rights on the Day of Resurrection!! Barabbuna min Haraam ash-Shareef. They are saying salawaat on Prophet (s) is bida`, but no one is speaking against football! Why? Because that is shaytanic and this is for Allah (swt)! May Allah forgive us.

O People! Why we are going down from ummat al-Islam? Why we are losing our values? Because we are following shaytanic, bad ones' ways, and leaving good ones' ways. Who is following bad ones' ways are bad people and will be thrown in hells! Follow the ways of prophets, peace be upon them, and follow their warathat al-anbiya, their inheritors, saints, the awliyaa. To be good ones, follow them.

This is Shabaan Mu`azzam. Rahmat, mercy is coming and Allah Almighty is looking if anyone is coming to mosques to be with good ones or not. All mosques are full of angels; even if no one is there angels are coming with their hadiyah, heavenly gifts, to give to those who are in mosques. If coming and seeing no one and going to look for them, if they find them in front of the TV watching football, bad tidings for them, because they are bad ones following Shaytan!

I am the weakest warner for all nations, that football is min amr ash-Shaytan. Why you are not making tafseer on what is amr ash-Shaytan? O Salafi `ulamas, O `ulamas amr bi 'l-ma`roof, O doctors of Shari`ah, doctors of Azhar ash-Shareef, why are you not opening the verse:

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ إِنَّمَا الْخَمْرُ وَالْمَيْسِرُ وَالأَنصَابُ وَالأَزْلاَمُ رِجْسٌ مِّنْ عَمَلِ الشَّيْطَانِ فَاجْتَنِبُوهُ لَعَلَّكُمْ تُفْلِحُونَ
yaa ayyuha 'Lladheena aamanoo innama al-khamru w'almaysiru wa'l-ansaabu wa 'l-azlaamu rijsun min `amali 'sh-shaytaani fajtaniboohu. O you who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, (dedication of) stones, and (divination by) arrows are an abomination of Satan's handwork. (5:90)

O Muslim world! You will be punished. If there is one whip on the non-Muslim world, on the Muslim world there will will be seven! How may Allah Almighty help the Palestinian people that are asking for their rights and they are not giving the holy rights of Allah Almighty? Think on it, O Salafi `ulamas and doctors of Shari`ah! Say, one after another, what is min amr ash-Shaytan? I am asking you. I am going to be against you in the Divine Presence, saying, "O my Lord! That one was not teaching what is amr ash-Shaytan." Say to me, which `alim wrote a book explaining amr ash-Shaytan? And we know there are 500 good works, blessed actions, or efforts. There is that book. But I would like to see one of the Salafi `ulamas write a book on amr ash-Shaytan, but I have not yet found one.

Before, at the end of the time of khulafahs, the Ottoman Empire, maqaam khilafah was taken away and the time of `ahad al-jabaabira, the period of tyrants came.

O People! I was not thinking of speaking like this today, because I am not feeling too strong, but Allah Almighty, jala jalaalahu and His beloved one, Sayyidina Muhammad (s) wanted this reality to be told to all nations. If they are not accepting it, I hope that they won't reach to the next Ramadan. If they are not correcting their steps by the second Ramadan, they are going to finish. May Allah forgive us.

O People! They are coming from far distances that they may understand and take something to their people also. East and west, north to south, call people to be good ones, not to be bad ones.

O Allah! We are asking for heavenly support, and we are looking for an imaam, that one who is granted to Habeeb's ummah; he will be the last one, ma`rifatullah Mahdi (a), karamahullah. Yaa Rabbee, yaa Allah bi ja indak `alayhi sirri Surat al-Fatihah.

That is a very heavy bombarding, not from me, but from the barakat of Ahlu ’l-Bayt!

Lefke, 16.07.2010

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