Maulana Sheikh NazimThis Shavval will be strong and heavy

The Tajalli now: '...wa kutiadabiu kaumi ladhina dhalamu...' This Shavval
will be strong, heavy. Dhulm has reached to a limit, it will stop. It has
already begun- the world will be cleaned from dhulm. No one from dhalim
people will remain, their hands, feet and heads will be cut, because people
have suffered too much from dhulm. And that is Allah's divine Justice; He
says: 'I will send someone who will stop dhulm.' The world will be filled
with justice, mercy and beauty. Who carries cruelty in his heart, his days
are counted. He has made himself an aim, no matter where he is hiding.
I didn't intend to speak much, but because of the intensity of dhulm there
is like a fire burning in our heart- we want it to stop. My hope, and even
more, my belief is that Allah will bring it to an end.

Also who agrees with the cruel actions of others makes himself guilty. It is
like this with Bin Laden. They did terrible things, the buildings were full
with people, To burn them there is no justification from Shariat or Tariqat.
Who carries mercy and compassion in his heart, can never accpet something
like this. Bin Laden has agreed with these actions. How he can do that! Now
he is looking for a place to hide himself. But Allah's Justice comes after
people who are dhalim, not America or Germany, and His sword of Justice may
take away all wrongdoers... ...That power is open now...The caliph will take his
permission from the Sheikh-ul-Islam, and then move accordingly...

The light has gone from Bin Ladens face- he agreed with those actions, and
no one can accept something like that. If he was right, Allah would help
him- so it means he is not right. Now strictness is coming- dhalim people
will be hit by Allah's soldiers.

'Unibersin shadid'- At any time there used to be one mighty nation-
nowadays it is Americ, and everyone is fearing. The storm is coming... When
the Children of Israel claimed to be the chosen people, Allah defeated
them. When a nation becomes too proud, when they claim no one can defeat
them, Allah makes them down by the hands of another nation. In our time
America is bringing justice. It is a country where people from all nations
live. And everyone get weapons from them... Many things will come on the
heedless Muslims...

Democracy = pocracy- it means wild and harmful animals may live among
people, as well as kafirs. But it is said that one should not let harmful
animals and insects live in one's house!

Nero had a garden in his palace where he used to keep wild animals, running
around freely. He used to keep them hungry, not feeding them, so the poor
slaves that had to pass from one side to the other became their victims. He
was watching from up how they were being eaten by the animals... He was mad!
What we are saying is from the holy Quran. We are speaking the truth.
S.Mehdi a.s. will come and destroy the dhalims. One out of seven will
remain... We will not be in need of passports anymore to travel. We will fly
without airplanes, by our spiritual powers, everyone according to his own
power will get up and watch from there. Those people are paradise
people... Don't be a cruel one and you will reach to these days.

O Allah, accept us- we don't agree with this cruelty, dhulm. Make us from
Your sincere servants.

Lefke, 24.11.2001

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