Last year I was in London and I saw that on some cars it was written, 'Messiah is coming!'. It means that people are hopeless concerning their own capacity in arranging the hearts of people with love, respect, mercy and justice. It is written in the Holy Thora that when the children were supressed by Nebuchadnezzar they went to the Prophet Haskil and begged him to ask from the Lord to send a mighty King so that they would be able to save their faith, honour and respect amongst nations. Also so that they would be rescued from slavery in the hands of people who do not believe in one God but who believe in stars and other nonsense. So Allah Almighty sent them the Prophet David who was a King and a Prophet, may peace be upon him. With that Allah Almighty sent a life full of respect and honour to the children of Israel.

Nowadays when I see writings like that, I understand that even though our Jewish brothers have power everywhere, and they can do everything everywhere in every country, and even though they are not just a handful of people. Allah Almighty said in the Holy Quran that the intelligence and knowledge of the children of Israel is above others. They have been chosen above all other nations. In all fields Jewish people are the most intelligent ones; in knowledge, business, economy, architecture. Every new invention is in their hand. Technology is their head-production. Even though they can do all these things they are not happy and in confidence. The most unhappy ones are the Orthodox Jews. Nevertheless I am happy when I see them every Saturday wearing their religious clothes which haven't changed in all these years. They are the ones who are asking for the Messiah.

We Muslims are also hopless when it comes to what our presidents or kings can do to bring their people to real understanding, love and justice and to give everyone their rights. That is why we too are looking for a spiritual person to come. We are also asking for the Messiah. Our Christian brothers are also unhappy they are also asking for someone, they want Jesus Christ to come. We also expect Jesus Christ to come. But before that we expect Mehdi to come.

As you know, we are living in a time where the control has been taken from the hands of the good-ones and it is in the hands of bad-ones. The kingdom of satan has been established from East to West. That is why you want to do something and so do I. But we have no possibilities in our hands. It is so difficult to reach anything without Heavenly Help. That is the whole problem now. All nations; Jewish, Christian and Muslim, are looking for Heavenly Help. If we have this intention, our Lord will be happy with us.

It is also mentioned in your traditional knowledge, that when Nimrod threw Abraham into the fire a small ant ran all the way from Basra to Damascus, because that is how far the fire could be seen, to put a drop of water into the fire and to stop it. Abraham was the father of prophets. Nimrod knew that one piece of wood would be enough to burn a person. But the personality of Abraham was big enough to fill the whole world, so that is how huge Nimrod saw him to be and he ordered his people to bring more and more and more wood. What he really wanted to burn was the unity of the Lord.

While the ant was running, someone asked him on the way where he was running to. The ant answered that he was running with some water to extinguish the fire of Nimrod. How could it be? When not even all the firebrigades of the world could extinguish it, what did the ant think he could do? But the ant pleased the Lord and the ant is mentioned in the Holy Books. The fire was unable to touch Abraham because he came with the Lights of the Lord and nothing was able to touch him.

In the same way our Lord will now award us according to our intentions. And what can we do? Even if two people truly love each other, that will make satan run away. Some people are used for goodness and some are used for evil. We ask our Lord that he may use us for his Way and for his Servanthood.

Rabbi: We hope to see you soon in Jerusalem.

Sheik Nazim: I hope and I would like very much. But that is up to the Lord of Jerusalem to make it possible for me to pass freely to visit the Holy Places. No-one can step inside without Divine Permission, not even Kings or Emperors. Thank God I was there 1948. I did a seclusion in Jerusalem.

Rabbi: It is a great distress to me, that brothers who are closest of all and who have so much in common and share so much, are kept apart. I hope that Allah will let me be one of the instruments of reconciliation.

Sheik Nazim: We say that when you put vinegar into honey, the taste is destroyed. In the same way, once you mix politics with religion, it will become one big WC. All the time during this conference I am hearing WC, WC, WC...(World Conference). Change the name! What is this WC?

Rabbi: Yes, we must be careful with words. Like Solomon says in his writings, there is no limit to words and books.

Sheik Nazim: There is no limit when you are in an association with enlightened people like yourself. May Allah increase your lights and enable you to see near and far. Because our brothers are using glasses to see far, they are not so interested in seeing that which is nearer to them. They try to see everything connected to Moses, but they are completely blind when it comes to Muhammad, may peace be upon them.

Rabbi: Some of my friends consider me to be a Muslim too.

Sheik Nazim: We are all Muslims, we are all submitted to the Will of the Lord. Originally everyone was a Muslim.

Rabbi: Abraham was a Muslim! But tell me, what is the problem with my shortsightedness? What is it that I should recognise and do not? If I have already recognised that Muhammad was a Propet who did bring truth to the world, is there anything else to be recognised?

Sheik Nazim: If anyone uses a method which makes the Lord to be pleased with him, then it is not necessary to say anything. If your conscience is in confidence, then that is enough. I am happy that you are using glasses to see what is near and to be able to see Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah. For us there is no problem in saying that Moses was the Word of God and the Messenger of God.

Rabbi: Was Bahaullah, the Prophet of the Bahais a prophet, or not? He was a very wise man.

Sheik Nazim: There are so many wise people... That doesn't mean that they are all prophets! It is impossible that he is a prophet. You know from the Holy Thora that Moses informs us of the coming of the Messiah as a Prophet. That is true. There cannot others. Some people even proclaim Bahaullah to be God. What can we do?

Rabbi: That we will reject. But does Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets, exclude any other Prophets coming after him?

Sheik Nazim: Yes! We believe that he is the Seal of Prophets and that when the Last Days approach there will be signs. These are mentioned in the Hadith, in the sayings. It says that there will be a great chaos into which people will fall, because the Heavenly Involvement will be taken away. People will not believe in anything anymore. There will be no respect for the Thora, or the Bible, or the Holy Quran. That will put the whole world into chaos. People say it an economical chaos, but that is a lie. It has to do with beliefs. People have lost the beliefs of the Holy Books. If everyone would take back their beliefs, all this would not happen.

We met here today because we have already met in the spiritual world. There is a connection between his soul and mine. This love cannot be taken away. Even if we separate on the physical level, we will still think about each other. My computer has registered him. He will never be lost. I will always know where he is. His eyes are so familiar. Eyes cannot hide the personality of people. That is why the people at the customs look you in the eyes.

In the Holy Quran it says, that nothing can touch us if it is not written. Nothing can harm us if the Lord of Heavens has written it for us. So don't worry. If it is written, no-one can prevent it. If it is not written, no-one can harm you. Some bullets have written names, some don't. If the name is written, then that bullet must reach that name. If it isn't, then all bullets can attack you at the same time, and nothing will happen.

Once during the time of Sayyidina Ali people were sitting under the tent. It was completely dark and someone came. People tried to recognise who it was. It was Sayyidina Ali. "How was it possible for you to come through the shootings without any protection?" Sayyidina Ali answered, "The Lord of Heavens has put guardians in front, behind and around. He protects us. If the Lord wants anything to reach me, the guardians will make an opening. If not, nothing can touch me."

Rabbi: In the Psalm 91 we have exactly the same!

Sheik Nazim: Of course. That is what we call certainity. To know is one thing, to be certain something else. If you are certain you can put your foot on water in the Name of the Lord and you will be able to walk on it.

Italy, 01.03.1994

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