Oh Lord, we know nothing and we can do nothing without your help. Through your help we can live, without you it is impossible. That means with You I am sitting, with You I am hearing, with You I am learning, with You I am learning. That is the meaning of Tauhid, of unity, to be with Him. We are only appointed and programmed by the Creator, Allah Almighty. The reason that I am now speaking to you and you are listening, is part of that programme.

Before we met here, we had a meeting in the spitiual world. If that meeting had not taken place, it would be impossible to come together here. If we meet once here, then it means that we met once there. If we meet a hundred times here, then it means that we met a hundred times in the spiritual world. If we come to an agreement here and we have love and respect for each other here, then it was the same there. The sign that this is so, is that our meetings here are not for a worldly sake, but for the sake of Allah Almighty. Whenever you meet for a purpose and gain, it will not be for the sake of Allah. Whatever you ask for you will be given. If you ask for a wordly gain, that is what you will get. If you ask for the blessings of Allah, that is what you will get. Which one do you think is better? To be paid by Allah Almighty, or by people?

That is the meaning of unity in our religion. May Allah forgive us and make us work only for Him and for His Divine Honour and His Divine Pleasure. You must only ask for that, for His Divine Honour. Try to make Him pleased with you and that will make you pleased here and in the hereafter. If you try to please people you will get nothing. But if you try to please Allah, everyone must come to you and must be pleased with you. If not, it means that they are not good.

How is it possible that 1 1/2 billion people in this world have recognised Islam as a religion and still so many do not? We must be realistic, not fanatic and use our common sense. 1 1/2 billion people are now saying, 'La illaha illala, Muhammad Rasul Allah!'. Who was the first to say that? 15 centuries ago one person did. He did not have any armies when he was declaring this. He shouted to all nations, "I am bringing you a Heavenly Message and I have been sent by the Lord of Heavens and I am His Prophet and His Messenger, the last one. I am calling you to say, 'La illaha illala, Muhammad Rasul Allah!'. He was only one and he was living in a huge unknown desert. There were no radios, no TVs, no newspapers and no fax. He was a simple person. Nevertheless his command went through time and even today 5 times a day the muezzin in East and West call for prayer. 1 1/2 billion Muslims are listening and obeying. They get up, do their washing and pray in the way Muhammad taught them to do. How is it possible that people still do not consider him to be a prophet? If he was an ordinary person then how would it be possible for his command to still be alive after 15 centuries? I thought that Europeans are so clever and that they are able to use their mentality, but they aren't. They take ants, or even smaller creatures, put them on a glass and under a microscope to see how many antennaes they have on their heads. But they are never concerned to find out more about the personality of Muhammad, may peace be upon him. In 15 centuries they have still not even reached the stage of being curious about who he is. That is why I consider them to be spiritually dead.

I spent a few days with people at a conference but nothing spiritually happened there because most of them belong to dead religions. They now try to impress each other with their clothes or with their speeches. But they don't have anything to give because they belong to dead religions. Why did the Europeans lose their real values? Because their beliefs have finished. There is no more spiritual power, neither in Christianity nor in Judaism. They are all just concentrating on this life and its enjoyments. Now they have to sell their churches. Why? Because people don't come anymore. With the synagogues it is the same. The people are not connected with their hearts to their beliefs.

If people do not have any beliefs, their character will not be good and they will not value things. That is why we are now trying, according to our capacity to reach the people who want to get back their stolen values. At the moment I am happy to see so many young people here and no fanatics, because in real Islam we do not have any fanaticism or terrorism or fundamentalism or liberalism or socialism or capitalism. Instead we have justice, respect, mercy and love. Without this the building of mankind cannot stand erect. That is why we must try to bring back justice, love, mery and respect. I am saying this as a summary. May Allah forgive us.

This speech is good for anyone who has some common sense. I don't want to waste my time with people who do not want to know. People who do not want to accept reality are ignorant. Allah said to His beloved Prophet not to waste his time with ignorant people because whichever miracle you show them they will still not believe in you. It is better to leave them if they don't understand. They only want to discuss. There are billions of people who want truth. Undoubtably you will be able to find someone whose mind you will be able to change from wrong to right.

We are now speaking about some knowledge which cannot be obtained through thinking. If you want to think about the beginning of mankind on this planet, you have to use your imagination. But we believe in the Holy Books and everything which is mentioned in the Holy Books is true. But if someone says that they do not believe in the Holy Books and we start talking about the beginning of mankind, they will have to fabricate something with their imagination. You can then only talk about your point of view. That is why we have to believe in what the Holy Books say about the beginning of this planet.

According to the Holy Books, man was first created in Heaven and then his woman was created through him. From this first couple come all the people of this planet. We all come from the same root, from the same parents. But the Creator is free. He was free and He is free and He will be free forever to create as He likes. No-one can prevent Him and no-one can give Him an opinion about the creation. Even if you are a father and a mother, you will never be able to give any description about the creation which is is the womb of your wife. You can give the description of a machine through the computer and you can give a complete description to a computer about a machine and from that the computer can create such a machine. A machine must obey its owner, but mankind cannot programme his own children. It means that mankind have nothing in their hands. The Ultimate Power controls everyone, men and women. This Supreme Power controls the whole community and everyone. No-one can deny the Creator. If they do, they must be wrong and have wrong ideas which are not based on knowledge. Still they think that they are in control of life and death. But they have no power whatsoever to create themselves or to stay in this life forever. When death comes to them they cannot object.

It is an invisible power which cannot be seen or touched. There is a power which runs through space and you cannot see it. There are instruments which do. When you open them they know that there is a power coming. But what we are discussing nw, is that we have been created by someone. No-one has created himself and no-one can create his children. If anyone thinks they can, then they should be able to order their wife to produce a girl or a boy. But they cannot do that. The only thing they can do is to sleep with each other. Everything else they cannot influence. The Creator creates as He likes. He has created different colours and different sexes and different forms. It is all as He likes. You will never be able to fnd two people who are exactly similar to each other.

This is the base on which we can step when we want to speak about religion. First we must believe that we are creatures who have been created by the Lord of Heavens. We must respect the Creator for His Creation. You must respect the whole of mankind because the Lord of Heavens has created them. You mustn't say that you don't like someone or that you don't like the colour of someone or that you don't like the form of someone. The Creator created everyone in their right form. Real religions were brought through prophets and they were sent to every nation. They do not look if someone is white, red, yellow, brown or black. The teachings is only to call people to serve their Lord. One of the most important pillas is to respect the Creator and His Creation. So a first step of Islam for a beginner is to ask for everyone else to reach the same step of satisfaction, confidence and happiness. It is not allowed just to want to save oneself and to leave all the others. Like a person who was just carried by a flood and who finally reached a branch cannot just leave hundreds of people behind and not help them. He should at least try to save one of them.

So the teachings of the Prophet is to save people. Jesus Christ, may peace be upon him, had 12 disciples. After he rose to Heavens he sent them from East to West. After that millions of people joined the way of Jesus and were changed from ignorance and violence. His followers suffered so much in their mission, but still they did their best to save people.

Sayyidina Muhammad, may peace be upon him, left 124,000 companions after his death and all of them spread out in East and West. They were not spending their time sitting at his tomb to make zikr and to pray.

Italy, 01.11.1994

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