The key is with your Majesty. If your people will not ask you to come back, they will never reach peace, because Allah Almighty demands for the sharia to be practised. Those 7 or 9 people who claim to be imams are only working for their own ego. If they are really mujahids, they would do it fo the sake of Allah. If they were real imams they would know that Your Majesty has to be in Afghanistan to put the sharia into action, because without a sultan, the sharia cannot function. Every one of them wants to be the president himself. But these people are all on the same level as everybody else, and Allah Almighty gives another level to sultans. He gives a special blessing to some of his servants. There are lights of the Prophet which is a gift of Allah Almighty. It doesn't matter how much we worship and pray, we can never reach the level of prophets. We can reach the level of holy-people, but not the one of the prophets. That is only for some of Allah's servants.

The lines of the sultans and the shahs are also special. They have been chosen fom Allah Almighty to be sultans. It is impossible for common people to be royal. They can reach the level of being a wezir, but after that no more.

How can these imams claim to be learned-ones. I will send them some information. If they are alims, religious learned-ones, they must know the hadith in which Muhammad, may peace be upon him, says, " After the kings will come the tyrants!" In that way, a tyrant came after Your Majesty left the country. In the same way where-ever the Kings were defeated, like in Egypt, Iran, Libya, Jemen, Baghdad, Turkey, Russia, France, Germany, China and Abyssina, the worst people came to rule afterwards. So those people in your country who claim to be alims, are liars. I will come against them on the Day of Resurrection, because they have caused thousands of people to be killed without any reason. This is not happening for the sake of Allah. The best that they can do now, is to bring back Your Majesty and to ask you what your orders are and to say that they are ready to fulfil your orders. That would be the adab, the good Islamic behaviour and also the best adab of the learned-ones. But they are also tyrants!

Common people are not able to make the choice. We do not accept anything else than the sharia for Islam and the sharia says that the sultan must rule without any conditions. If they do not do this, they will suffer until Judgement Day, and perhaps they will all be killed. That is the Anger of Allah, and the Anger of Allah is not easy.

Italy, 01.11.1994

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