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(Mawlana Shaykh stands)

Stand up for the honor of the Lord of Heavens, our Creator rabbi 'l ‘alameen. You are Lord for everything! Only one Lord and others, others, whole they are servants. For the creation only One Lord, for whole beings only One Sultan. Therefore, stand up and try to give your most high praises, all glories for the Dominions for Allah, Almighty Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa li' Llahi ’l-hamd!

And we are giving our high respect to His most respected one and most honored one Sayyidina Muhammad (s). We are standing up for his honor in spite of baatil people and no-understanding people and Shaytan's followers. I am standing up for that honored one who he is Sayyidina Muhammad (s). Endless blessings for him, endless honors for him, endless glory for him. Through creation, from pre-Eternal up to Eternal, most honor and mightiness and glory for Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

Allah is against those people that they are against our high respect for most respected one through Heavens and in Divinely Presence. For what? They are not taking care. For what? We know to Whom we are worshipping. We are not worshipping to Muhammad (s). We are worshipping his Lord and he is only one who calling people, whole creation and making to remind and to know and to learn that their Creator is only One Allah, One Allah!

Sayyidina Muhammad (s) is not Allah and he wasn't calling to be servants for him (to Muhammad). No! No! We are saying ash-hadu an la ilaha ill-Llah wa ash-hadu anna Sayyidina Muhammadan `abduhu wa rasuluh. We know his position, that he is only servant. One servant for Allah Almighty and others’ servanthood (compared) to the Seal of Prophet's going to be nothing. Alfu’s-salaat, alfu’s-salaam, endless praisings and glory for you, O Sayyidina Muhammad (s)! And they are saying, our masters who are following the Seal of Prophets step by step and have been dressed from the lights of that one who is just granted whole dominions! Allah is not in need for anything!

(Mawlana Shaykh sits)

I am trying to put this eyeglass not for reading. I am trying to search some secrets things. Can I see them or not? man tashabbah bi qawmin fahuwa minhum (who imitates a people is from them). That is, something that whole Grand ones and Holy ones; Grand ones whom they have been granted grandness from Allah Almighty. I am looking Dr. Saleem also putting. Yes, very important, putting, and asking to look and to see more deeply for something from oceans of haqiqah, realities oceans from the Creator, Allah Almighty.

(Mawlana Shaykh stands up)

Oh our Lord if we are standing up to end of our lives it is nothing and because You honored that one, that You granted grandness to that one, most honored one Sayyidina Muhammad (s) because You honored him, we are honoring. We are giving as much as possible according to our positions, our abilities, we are trying to give, and those Wahhabi people, jahannamiyoon and salafoon; they are also going to tire and because they are not giving honor that Allah Almighty just granted that honor.

(Mawlana Shaykh sits)

O People! Come and listen! If anyone saying it is wrong what we are saying, I am asking from the Lord of Heavens not to reach up to tomorrow! I am a weak servant, but I may do that prayer, I am asking. O my Lord, if anyone not giving full respect that You granted to him (s), whole glory and whole honor and whole dominions to be for him! Anyone that they are not accepting this from Muslim world, ...or any other nations, (they are) not to reach up to next year, to be taken away! TO BE TAKEN AWAY! But I like to see that they are going down, down. They are going downstairs, to darkness dominions. And we are saying a`udhu billahi min ash-shaytani 'r-rajeem because so many, min al-jinn wa min an-naas as Allah Almighty saying, so many countless shaytans from mankind and from jinns also are running around mankind who are honored to be deputies of Allah Almighty.

I am asking, what does it mean deputy, O Wahhabi people? The Lord of Heavens first saying to angels, "I am going to bring in existence a new kind of creation, that up to now I am not making them to be in existence; I was hiding them. Now, I am saying to you that My Divinely Will asking to bring a new creation in existence and their titles and their honors should be "My deputies." Deputy! After deputy, no any other rank or title or honor may be granted to any creation.

O Wahhabi People! What do you think this? Tell me, is Allah making sharik for Him to make a deputy? What does it mean, "deputy", khalifah? Khalifah, in Arabic, is someone following someone who disappeared from existence. For example, if a king giving honor of being deputy for someone, that means "when I am going away, you should be on my throne, you should be as I am." In Arabic, deputy, means khalifah. For what Allah Almighty saying this? What does it mean, "deputy"? It means khalifah! Yakhluf maa qad salaf lahu (he takes over from who was before him). Tell me, what does it mean?? wa idh qaala rabbuka li' l-malaaikati innee ja`ilun fi 'l-ardi khalifah (2:29), tell me; you are Arabs, you are saying, "We know everything!" Is this wrong or true? Mata` (when) He said this. His declaration, when it was? And the existence of Allah Almighty from pre-Eternal up to Eternal, was He in need to do a khalifah? But He is also saying that verse, honored verse, giving such a knowledge, like Oceans.

Look, Allah Almighty is saying, innee ja`ilun. Ja`ilun is something; khaaliqun is something else. O Salafi People! Why Allah Almighty is not saying, innee khaaliqun, but saying inni ja`ilun? If you are not understanding, some people are understanding. Ja`ala means to be always in existence and khalq is something else. Why He said ja`il? That their existence was in pre-Eternal, they were in existence, but Allah Almighty not dressing them with the honor to be deputies. Just came the time when, "My Divinely Will asking to bring those secret ones through My Secret Oceans to appear. Just they were in My Dominions, mankind, they were through My Dominion's Oceans. Now I am asking to show that creature, to show himself, to know people, that the Lord of Heavens, He has a deputy, khalifah."

He is not saying khulafah (deputies)! What does it mean, O Arab scholars? `Ulama, what you are understanding? I am min al 'aajib, you are Arab. Write a book, write a risaalah (thesis), and send to me! If I am wrong, say to me! If you are saying I am true, then you must follow from heavenly knowledge to get up more high ranks through your heavenly positions, because subhanAllahi 'l-`aliyyi 'l-`adheem, men they have real beings! Our real beings is not on this Earth, no! If it was our real beings, we are not disappearing. That is only an experience or a show; they are going to be seen in existence on this planet. But we must have a real being. Nothing going to be absent when Allah is in existence! His Divinely Sultanate was in most perfect position. He was knowing what is happening. He is knowing everything that going to appear in existence, here and Hereafter, on Earth or in heavens. He was knowing that; it is no new thing in Divinely Presence.

O People! Those whom are claiming, "We are PhDs, we are doctors, or we are `ulama," tajaawazu 'l-hadd, (went beyond your limit). No, you are passing to an area that you are not understanding, and giving such objectings when real knowers, real learned people, whom they are knowing something, you are always objecting on them!

One person coming to me today and saying, "O Shaykh, I was in London and I am coming to mosque, and standing there, asking to come down.

One person saying to me, 'Who is that one?'"
There was a photograph on front of his seat.
He was answering, "My shaykh."
"Ah, is that one your Allah?" he asked.

What is that, Shaytan? That is Salafi people’s `aqeedah? No shame to say this? If looking for a picture and you are accusing a person, and saying, “This is your Allah,” what is that nonsense? They are teaching their followers in such a way? If they are seeing a picture in anyone’s home or in their cars, and you are coming and accusing a person saying, “Your Allah this?” is it no shaming for them? That is their way? These Wahhabi people have false and wrong beliefs!! Yes! Anyone from those people who is saying we are on wrong way, and they are on true way, I AM CALLING THEM, I AM GOING UP THE HIGHEST BUILDING! Come with me and I am saying, "I am jumping from here. If I am wrong, I must die. If you are wrong, you must die. Come here!"

That is some people saying that we can’t stop Salafi and Wahhabi people, because they are attacking our beliefs. What we can do? We never knowing any answer. I am saying everything just mentioned through Holy Qur`an. You must look to Holy Qur'an giving a much more clearness for everything, tawdeeh. You know, O Wahhabi people, O Salafi people that you are always blaming our Ahl us-Sunnah people! I am saying, if you are thinking that your way is true and our way is wrong, in Holy Qur`an just mentioned one from Yemen coming at the time of the Seal of Prophets (s), a group of holy people, and from the king of that country they heard about Sayyidina Muhammad (s). (Mawlana Shaykh stands in honor of Prophet [s] then sits)

Wahhabi people! They are coming and asking to come in Masjid an-Nabawi ash-shareef and Rasulullah (s) ordered Sahabah to open a way for them to come, and they were coming to make polemic with Rasul (s). What saying Rasulullah (s)? They are coming in a baatil, false way, and finally Rasulullah (s) knowing that those people are never leaving false and never understanding from truth! Then Jibraeel Alayhissalam just coming and bringing some holy verses through Surat Aali-`Imran. For that occasion, just coming Sayyidina Jibraeel Alayhissalam with 80 holy verses and leaving.

Last was saying, Allah Almighty ordering, “O my beloved one, they are not going to accept what you are saying. Tell them, ‘O People! My Lord ordering to me (to say), "Tomorrow, this hour, you may come with your `ulama, with your women, with your children, and you may stand there. And I have been ordered to come in front of you myself, my grandsons, and who is from Ahlu 'l-Bayt, my holy family. And my Lord ordering to me to come there, in front two rows of people. And I am going to ask, ‘O my Lord! Which column of two groups of these people is true, which one is true--You sign them, each one that they are not accepting reality that You are sending to me—they are never accepting—say, O my Lord! Send Your Ilahi ghadhab, heavenly punishment, cursing them! Let them to say also!'” And then they are coming with al-haybat (awe-inspiring appearance), glory that dressed Sayyidina Muhammad (s). (Mawlana Shaykh stands to honor Prophet (s), then sits.) Such a glory, `adhamah (greatness) with him, and power coming out from his holy body! They are saying, "Ya Muhammad! Leave us, we are not doing this. Leave us to go and we shall give to you what you are asking from dunya to be under your feet, and we are going. "

And I am saying to Wahhabi people, "Come with me to go up the Eiffel tower," and I am saying to my Lord, "If I am wrong, take my soul! I am jumping from here." If they do this they may come. And this is what I am saying to them: if they have this courage and this braveness, I am going to a high building and throwing myself down, saying, "Oh my Lord, if I am on wrong way, take my soul!" I was thinking to make la`na (curse). I was asking instantly cursing to come on people. And I was thinking sometimes I may call his Holiness, the Pope, and I may call his Holiness, Patriarchy in Istanbul, and I may call all holy ones that people are dressing in such brilliant dressings. I am coming like this, a simple dervish,`abdun `ajiz (a weak servant). And I am calling Wahhabi people also! There is a leaning Tower of Pisa (in Italy). I was saying whichever one may put his hand and correct this, I am following him. Come here, try yourself! If anyone has such a power, I am ready to go there, (Mawlana Shaykh stands) and to say, "IN THE NAME OF MY LORD, STAND UP!" (Mawlana is very angry, then sits) Must come on true way! If thay can do, come. I am calling all the groups who are claiming they are on the right way. THEY ARE ON THE WRONG WAY! Come on the Tower of Pisa, and make it to stand up!"

I am coming and saying, “Oh Tower of Pisa, by the honor of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) (standing) STAND UP!!! STAND UP!!! STAND UP!!! MUST STAND UP!!! Anyone ready for this? I am here, flying there. Wahhabi people if you are not correcting you are under Divinely ghadhab, Divinely Anger may touch to you. (Mawlana Shaykh sits.)


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I am so happy! Wahhabi challenge! This is challenge for all nations, to all leaders of all nations. If I am wrong, Tower of Pisa may fall on my head! If you are wrong, Tower of Pisa may fall on your head, taking you away! Allah, Allah. Therefore my heart so happy to say to all nation through east and west, anyone they have courage, come with me if you are correct!

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Only for Wahhabi, Salafi people I may do la`ana. Which ta'ifa (faction/side) is on baatil, la`anatullahi `alayhim. I am not in need to Pisa Tower. No, come here. I am praying two rak`ats and asking, "O my Lord, if they are on true way, keep them. If they are on wrong way, and I am on right way, curse them!" Not one of them ever going back. Anyone brave? Anyone brave? Haha! I am weakest one, I am ready. Come to holy city al-Quds (Jerusalem) and to Prophet's (s) holiest mosque, calling Wahhabi and Salafi people in front of Ka`aba, and I am shouting, "The Lord of Ka`aba! I am weakest one, I am nothing, but if they are giving that power to me, I am changing this world from up-side down!!!!"

(Mawlana Shaykh singing)

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Fatiha. Okay time? (46 minutes, Sayyidi) They know, and then they stop. (Mu’adham!)

Alhamdulillah, haadha min fadli rabbee this is my Lord’s grant for the honor of His most honored one, His deputy, Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

(Mawlana Shaykh stands) Not Adam was deputy, deputy Rasulullah (s) (Mawlana Shaykh sits.)


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