Maulana Sheikh NazimShould Muslims accept social conditions they are born to?

Answer - Muslims do not understand about themselves. What they are - Muslims or non-Muslims - they haven't yet decided for their lives. If they are Muslims - to keep Islamic society; or non-Muslims - to keep their society. Till they understand this, they cannot decide.

As long as they hesitate about whether or not to have a Muslim or non-Muslim society, they must try to look after themselves where they are living. They must arrange their social life suitably for that country. They must try to come from a Western social life into their original social lives. They must try to transfer themselves from Western life to Islamic social life and it is not easy. Mostly in Western countries, Muslims are under the heavy pressure of Western life and it is not easy to transfer their lives to Islamic lives. If they want 100% or 90% or even 50% of their social life to be Islamic, they must leave Western countries and return home. It is easier to arrange for themselves and adapt to Islamic life in Islamic countries.

That is our advice to Muslims living in non-Muslim countries. It is difficult to adapt Islamic life in Western countries. Even if they are fanatical about maintaining Islamic social practices, as parents, they are unable to keep these practices in their children. If they are unable to arrange their children's lives as they like, the family will break down. It is no good. The parents will be on one side and children on the other and every day and every time that gulf will widen.

Every time between parents and children that crack will become wider and wider. Then they will lose themselves finally. So, whoever wants to be in Islamic social life, may move from Western countries to Islamic territories. They should be pleased with a small amount of money for that purpose. If they want to obtain more wealth, more business, more money from Western countries, they must carry heavy responsibilities for themselves and for their children. Thank-you!

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