Maulana Sheikh NazimShukr and Dhikr are Wajib for all

Shukr and Dhikr are Wajib for all… Adhkuruni adhkurkum, washkuruli wa la takfurun…(?) is an order. Man forgets because of Dunya and his ego. Dhikr guides him. There are Dhakirin and Sahibu Irshad. The Sahibu Irshad, a Murshid, gives light from Malakut to those who are in darkness. The Prophet said: Beware of the believer, because he is walking in the light of Allah and see the open and the hidden, because they don't have veils anymore.

On the Day of Judgment people will ask those who have light how they reached to it, because they need light in the darkness. But it is too late. A servant must reach to the light here. And therefore Allah sent the Book and a light to the Prophet. Who reached that light came to faith, others stayed in the darkness of disbelief. The Sahabas took light from the Prophet, the Tabiin took from the Sahabas etc. Holy ones carry Nurullah. Up today Allah didn't leave the Ummah without light, and it will continue until Yaum ul Qiyama. Everyone takes as much light from holy ones as they need.

Everyone needs nasihat.(advice) So that if you make a wrong step you will remember and come back. But all people want to live as their egos like without asking the Will of Allah. That is the Bela coming on the Ummah. May Allah give us guidance: Allahumma ahdina fima hadayt…(Dua Qunut). Allah doesn't give 'izz to His enemies. We are making this Dua every morning, but we don't think about it. We are sleeping and we are in the shadow, not in 'izz. The Jews do, as they like, and we follow Jewish fashions. May Allah guide us back to the true path and send us the one who brings us back to the Schariat. We have to show our power- there are so many Islamic states…

They don't give the true number for Muslims. They are 2 billion and they say 5x daily Shahada…

Damaskus, 29.04.2002

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