Maulana Sheikh NazimThe sign of spiritual health

People with good characters are healthy in their spiritual lives. From the amount of a person’s complains you may know how much bad characteristics there are that are left with him. When you finish all your complaining, you may know that you are healthy. No more bad character.

This is important, because a person with a good character, if he has no complaint, has patience; and that means he has real faith. When you can escape the pull of your bad characteristics, there are no troubles for you either, wether in this life or in the life hereafter. You must remember that this is going according to your Lord’s Will. This is the key, the medicine for that illness. You must say: “Why I am complaining, when Allah Almighty has ordered this to be?” When you remember this, you will be satisfied with His Will and agree with it.


BookOnTheBridgeToEternity, CategoryAdab
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