Maulana Sheikh NazimSigns of a Murshid

The sign of a Murshid is that you are able to trust him. Your heart gives the signal and the heart is never mistaken. If a person is sitting with a true Murshid, he feels peace, rest and satisfaction, very happy. This is the sign. He forgets all of his troubles in his presence and feels just like a fish in the ocean. Why do people go to the sea-side? Because when they enter the water, they find rest and enjoyment. The soul is also asking for an ocean. In our lives we need one person who is like an ocean, so that our hearts can enjoy and be satisfied with that person.
We have such bad characteristics. We need someone to give us good attributes; and they do not come through reading books but through one's friends. By looking at a person's friends, you may know his character. A bad character is contagious, like a sickness. Therefore, Allah Almighty sent Prophets as medicine. Prophets are not Angels; they are of mankind, and know everything about human nature. Whoever sits with them absorbs good characteristics.


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