Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim The sleep of the tyrant is his worship

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

If you are understanding, why you are sitting on front of me? X.! Understanding?…They are all sleeping…

(In Turkish:) ”There is a proverb: ‘Naumu dhalim ‘ibada’- the sleep of the tyrant is his worship. That is why you shouldn’t wake him up; you will save people from his cruelty, because when he is getting up, he will do some cruelty. As long as he is sleeping, it is written for him like worship.

Each ego is dhalim, cruel, and the degree of its cruelty is according to the chance you give it. If you give it much opportunity, it will be a big tyrant and do a big bela. For example a street-sweeper. You tell him: “Sweep here” and he is saying: “No, I will sweep there.” He is also showing his ego, he thinks he is someone. What is speaking is his ego.

Today there is a handful of people here from all over the world. I am thanking to Allah that with this meeting we are imprisoning their egos for one hour, or for half and hour, because otherwise, when they go out, their egos only do badness. So this is also a favour for us. Don’t give a chance to your ego! “Fa iza fagharta fansab, (wa ila Rabbika faghab)”- if you are free from one work, occupation, occupy yourself with something else, don’t leave your donkey free, because if you leave it, it will kite or kick or do some other trouble. Therefore: ‘Fa iza fagharta fansab!’

When you finish one service, do some other service, don’t stop, or the ego will do evil. This is important. In Islam there is no being unoccupied. No one is sitting around unoccupied, without work, the hands in the pockets, a cigarette in their mouth, smoking in the streets or in the coffeehouse. This is not Islam, this is not being human. Outside Islam people don’t become human, people become like wild animals. May Allah not leave us in the hands of our ego and not let us give a chance to our ego! Because we are not yet saved from our egos, we are not yet free! Who is reaching to freedom, they are Mujahids! Who is riding on their ego, they are Mujahids. We are still feeding our egos.
It is beginning in childhood, from 3 years old, that they say: “I like this, I don’t like that, I want to do this, I don’t want to do that, I like to do this, I don’t like to do that”…

This so-called ‘freedom’ is a Bela, coming from America.

(In English) There is a philosopher in America, who was putting in front of people: “Leave children in peace, let them do, as they like, don’t touch” and he is also giving to women freedom, he has a school… very famous one, saying. “You must leave children to grow as they like. Don’t make them to be threatened, don’t say this, that, no. Leave them to grow as they like.” That opening doors to youngsters, doors of discipline, taking away and saying: “You are free! Do everything as you like! “ That is his school and on that people (are) running; first America opening, making people, particularly small ones, to do as they like. And now they can’t stop people, because without discipline just they (have) grown (up) and (now) you must have as the number of man (police) for keeping youngsters not to do bad things, not to do violence and it is impossible! This is.

And they are saying after this ‘democracy’, democracy means: people, everyone may do as they like, everyone may live their life as they like. How it can be! And this is the fruits of that philosopher’s way, new life system. (It) just reached to (the) ends of this world, East to West, North to South. Therefore governments (are) preventing teachers, schoolmasters, even not to take like this (his ear), or to make like that… saying: “No, it is forbidden. You must keep children and they must do everything as they like, to show what they are keeping through their creation wisdom.” And bringing (that)… That is the limit of Shaitan’s desire: to reach to that level. When they reached… Shaitan (is) now (is) sitting on his throne, saying: “I worked so hard and now I must have my rest, because (there are now) so many of my representatives, no need (for me). Now I am very happy. I am looking how (they are) killing each other, how they are bombing each other, how they are burning, destroying everything. I am very happy!”

And also big cigarette putting… Freud! That is the top point foolish one to make people in worst position and situation! One person, Freud, giving freedom (to) women, (to) children, (to) youngsters- they must do as they like, and they may live as they like! Now all governments (are) thinking: “Ohhh, how we can save ourselves now? Finished!” As long as Freud and his foolish opinions, satanic opinions (are) in act, you can’t reach (a) peace, no. And nafs, our ego, (is) saying: “Oh, ‘Eidu-l Akbar, biggest pleasure for us, to run like this, like that! We are playing everywhere… We are measuring everywhere your ‘member’… Suitable this or suitable that?” Freedom! Someone saying: “Come, measure”, someone saying: “I must measure.” Freud’s philosophy this! Ibahiyun- everything permitted! What they are doing, it is free, Ibahiyun, they are out of (the) discipline of religions.

And that bad idea, bad philosopher’s teachings (are) just going through secret ways, through Christianity and (through) Judaism and now (it is) running through the arteries of Islam, to say: “You may do everything, you must give freedom (to) your youngsters, (to your) people!” Finished! No more heavenly discipline on earth now, no! They are saying: “No!” They are not accepting heavenly Discipline, no. What do your think?

Governments (are) helping Shaitan; governments and Presidents and Ministers and Prime Ministers and Chancellors- everyone (is) accepting Freud’s philosophy and asking to run and they are saying in Turkish language ‘Cagdas’, in English ‘the age of freedom’, in Arabic ‘hurriya’. ‘Hurriya in barriya’, not in cities, no. ‘Barriya’ only living animals. Without hindrance to do everything belongs only to animals’ world, not for mankind; on (the) human level (there) can’t be unlimited freedom. No, you can’t reach to the level of humanity without using discipline! But commonly people they are running not to be under a discipline. Therefore first they destroyed (the) discipline of religions on people, beginning from 1789 in France. They were saying: “No more discipline for people! Open the doors of (the) Bastille Prison! Why you imprisoned our brothers, let them out!” and inside (there were) all wolves, scorpions, tigers, dragons, and worst violent ones, inside, in prison.

(There was) one mistake from the time of monarchy. They did some wrong thing, a mistake, big mistake: That, when they were catching some scorpion and dragon or wolf or bear or fox, (they were) imprisoning them, keeping them. Ottoman Sultans they were doing the best, because they were following (the) heavenly Order: Such a scorpion, even an officer, such a person that was keeping an area from security powers, he had an authority to cut heads, instantly, without asking, if (he was) seeing a scorpion. Not to take that (one) and put (him) in (the) jail, no, instantly his head finished. “Take away, throw away!”

(It was the) biggest mistake from Louis 16th to keep (the) Bastille Prison. For what? What is your hope from scorpions? What is your hope from bears, what is your hope from wolves? Do you think they are changing their nature or their behaviour? Why keeping (them)? You think one day (a) scorpion (is) going to be (a) silkworm? What is your hope for scorpion? To come to be silkworm? No! You think a bear (is) going to be a cow? Why keeping? Do you think that… what is your opinion to keep a snake, a dragon? Perhaps- it was written on Holy Books that this snake was the guardian on Paradise entrance and (that) then he opened, giving way for Shaitan to enter Paradise. But, as Adam repented and coming in his original form, if that King was saying: “That snake I am keeping in Bastille Prison; perhaps one day it is going to be changed into an Angel…” Do you think such a thing? There is such a possibility? For that keeping them inside, those Shaitans, those monsters who were putting even small children under (the) Guillotine and cutting!

Wrong thing they were doing! Holy Orders, Commands that Christians must use, are the Holy Torah’s Commands about Dunya. In Evangelos no, but they must use the heavenly Orders that Allah Almighty just sent to Moses, (in the) Old Testament. (In the) New Testament no. But in Islam (there are) coming Orders for whole people, for Dunya and for Akhirat. They were not listening- King Louis 16th – and (he was) keeping them, and one Shaitan (was) coming, opening (the) door and sending out hundreds and thousands of such… What you think (it) should be if zoo garden’s entrance (was) broken? What should be London, what should be Paris, Washington, New York, Malaysia? They are saying: “We are friends with our people, jungle people, therefore they can’t touch us…”.

Everything that (is) against heavenly Orders must be punished! That is punishment, coming: thousands of Asilzades, thousands of royal people even small babies (they were) putting under Guillotine, cutting. You must take care! And now Shaitan (is) just giving that freedom through Freud. They are not listening to Holy Books, but listening to Freud, what he said, giving full freedom, (and) now even (the) ‘superpowers’ are wondering: “How we can be able to keep ourselves?” They are trembling: From which hole they are coming out, from which direction they may fall on them, they are never knowing!

Listen and keep yourself! Keep heavenly Orders, if you are asking safety. Don’t give freedom to your children, to your wife, to your husband, to yourself more than what Allah Almighty just granted to you. If you are jumping beyond, everything is going to be against you and cursing area, the area beyond the area of loyalty beginning area of cursing. (On the) area, the field of loyalty, raining blessings, beyond that falling on them cursing.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 27.06.2004

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