So Said Allah

Let's say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Here you are O Shah-i Mardan, your friends admire
you! Ay yaran (friends) Shah-i Mardan. The arena is yours, please go on! May we open up, may
we be refreshed in Allah's way! There are no limits to Janab ul-Haqq's generous grants. We are
weak. Let's listen to Shah-i Mardan! We may get our share (naseeb) for today, whatever is our
naseeb, small or big. Let's say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O Shah-i Mardan, your friends
admire you! Let's open up! May we open up with your words, may we be refreshed, may we be

The ones listening to Shah-i Mardan will not remain contemptible. The yaran who love him, will
not be left deprived. They are honourable, they will be given honour. In an assembly, honour
belongs to the one speaking. Q?la Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. When the Prophet, alaihi s-salatu
wa s-salam would say, "Q?la Allah," he would tremble. The Sahaba too, would tremble. Q?la
Allah: be on the way of adab (manners). Q?la Allah jalla jalaluhu, Am?n ya Rabbi! Am?n ya
Rabbi, how majestic this majesty is! "Janab ul-Haqq said". Am?n ya Rabbi, who are we to say?
Shah-i Mardan is saying. Ay yaran Shah-i Mardan, the beloved ones of Shah-i Mardan!

The one whose naseeb is meat and grass, has no value. Those whose naseeb are the words of
Shah-i Mardan, whose words come from the Master of the Universe, gain words that strengthen
our bodies. We are weak. To the weak servants, the One Who is Al-Qadir, sends His support.
We are weak. Shah-i Mardan is our Lion. His yaran, his listeners, his lovers, take help from him.
No one is left hungry or empty-pocketed in the presence of the Sultan. He fills both the stomach
and the purses. This is the Sultan. If he cannot feed my hunger, if he cannot fill my purse, what
kind of sultan can he be? That sultan is a freeloader! Not a sultan, but a freeloader!

It is being opened. Look at the mubarak (blessed) one, see his power! Shah-i Mardan, Hay Hay,
gaining the presence of a Sultan like you. No one returns hungry or empty-pocketed. If so, then I
want to shake the world! Ay Ghani Padishah (Allah), there are ones to whom He gave the rank of
padishah, to whom He gave the sultanate. The Absolute Sultan gave them. The Absolute Sultan
is the Creator of this universe. He is the One Who gives everything. Our Allah is the Sultan
whose treasures are never-ending. Our weaknesses cannot be cured with pills or sherbet.
Weakness is not removed by these.

At the door of the Sultan, the asking is according to our levels. For an ant, naseeb exists for an
ant also. Pay attention - Hasan ul-Basri Hazrat, please go on Shah Mardan, your friends admire
you! What more and more, there's no end to knowledge. The ant's naseeb is according to the ant,
the naseeb of an elephant, according to the elephant. Hasan ul-Basri Hazrat, please go on Shah
Mardan, you know everything, you speak about everything. Hasan ul-Basri Hazrat, may Allah
sanctify his secret, that holy one was giving sohbat to an assembly in his dargah. Those attending
were taking their naseeb.

One day, he gave a light sohbat. He didn't deliver much to his attendees. After the sohbat, some
of them said: today's sohbat was uninspired/simple. An uninspired sohbat is like a meal without
oil, too watery. He said, "What can we do?" We cannot present an elephant's share to an ant."
Rabiatu l-Adawiyyah, may Allah sanctify her secret, used to attend his sohbats. So he said, "We
can't give a lion's share to an ant". Actually, Rabiatu l-Adawiyyah Hazrat, was attending his
assemblies and Hasan ul-Basri Hazrat, a lion also, was speaking on her level. "She wasn't present
today, so I was made to speak some words according to your levels/states."

Ya Rabbi, what beauty! - like this! O Shah Mardan, may we live for such things! Discuss the
universe, may we talk, may we meet, know and love each other. Finally, what is needed is to love
each other. Prophets came, alaihim us-salam, alaihim us-salam, to make people love each other.
Please go on Shah Mardan, how beautiful! Prophets came to make people love one another, to
teach them, Not to create enmity amongst each other. Prophets came to make people love each
other. Allah Dhu l-Jalal sent prophets, alaihim us-salam to people, so that they may love one
another, respect each other. They were sent for this reason. To teach people.

Please go on Shah Mardan. Ya. He said, "There is no one present here today, to receive a lion's
share on account of which, from here and there, we delivered some simple things," Hasan ul-
Basri said. When Rabiatu l-Adawiyyah Hazrat attended, he gave like a lion. We don't say like an
elephant. We may say, the rizq (sustenance) for an elephant is one, an ant another. Let's hear.
Every day dawns with a different naqsh (engraving/inscription). There is iftiraq (separation) in
idtirat (continuity). Do you understand? It means the repetition of the same words makes people
fed up, the monotony bores them. That's why, each day, the manifestation is new and different,
says Shah-i Mardan.

The naqsh of each day is different. Rabbu l-Izzat sends His servants daily, new manifestations
through His Habib. As you see, Shah-i Mardan is receiving from that manifestation. He is
speaking, they are making him speak. So, pay attention to the assembly. May our assembly be an
assembly of knowledge. May our assembly be an assembly of adab, our Allah! Our Mawla
doesn't make us contemptible, however our ego places us in contempt. He is sending Shah-i
Mardan to remove that contempt. He sends his (Shah-i Mardan's) representatives too. Let's say:
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May it feed the earth and skies - a Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-
Rahim. Let's mention Allah's name, first of all. It is a must for all works, for every servant.
Mention Allah's name.

You are a lion, don't fear! Here is Shah-i Mardan declaring, alaihi rida ur-Rahman. O what a
beautiful face he has, what beautiful words he says, what a joyful state he is in. He is joyful, they
are joyful. There is no gloom in their gatherings, they don't distress you, you open up in their
assemblies. Find Shah-i Mardan and follow him! Then the doors will be opened for you,
treasures will be opened for you, beauties will come, roses, rose gardens will blossom, nightingales
will sing, making you happy, full of joy.

In this evil world, satan has put everyone in a strange situation. It dressed them with robes of
grief and gloom. Every person is in anguish. There's sorrow, their hearts are distressed. There is
no one whose heart is without distress. Janab ul-Haqq doesn't want His servants to be troubled
and aggrieved. Say "Allah," and your anguish and worries are taken away. Allahu Allah, Allahu
Rabbi, Allahu Allah ma li siwahu. May we reach the rose gardens of the heavens. May we
receive the perfume from that garden. That is enjoyment, happiness! May we not strive for the
dirty world! Dunya is full of troubles. Filled with troubles and worries. Full of what? Troubles.
Everyone has problems. Allah Allah.

O our Lord, you have sent us beautiful teachers! Shah-i Mardan is speaking, listen! May you
listen and open up! May your hearts open up! Then your hearts will not be distressed! May your
fears be gone! No need to fear anything! "L? khawfun `alayhim wa l? hum ya?zan?na" (10:62).
There will be no fear for them, nor will they grieve. They will not suffer pain. Today's people, all,
are as if pressed in a clamp, do you know a 'clamp' (mengene?) Mengene. People today, are all
crushed with pain. Have you heard this expression? Crushed from pain by the clamp of satan.
People are becoming depressed with the pain and pressure of a clamp. Pain and grief are
everywhere! People have entered the manifestation of grief!

Why don't you enter the manifestation of Divine favour? You will see the beauties. How pleasant
it is! Please go on Shah-i Mardan! If only he kicks off he can move (the world) beyond its orbit!
The Lion of Allah, Shah-i Mardan, please go on O Sultan! You sent us Prophets, alaihim ussalam.
Shah-i Mardan has come to make this world beautiful like a rose garden, for you to be
happy! Our Allah! You didn't come to the path which is smooth, leading straight ahead. You fell
onto wild lands, where you are unable to walk! The way for walking, the place on earth I opened
for My servants, a point, they will reach there, they will be happy, I won't let My servants be in
difficulty. "Inna ard? w?si’atun fa’iy?ya fa'bud?n" (29:56).

What a majesty in it! The earth is appointed for you, the earth is wasi', it is wide. You can't
measure its width - fa’iy?ya fa'bud?n. Allah Allah. "Fa’iy?ya farhab?n" (16:51). Make us reflect
deeply O Shah-i Mardan! May we not be exhausted by the evil world! May we not live for this
evil world! Let's live for Allah! Let's live for Allah! "Yad?nan?" [call on Us (21:90)] Rabbahum
(their Lord) "raghaban wa rahaban" [with love and reverence (21:90)]. You are Subhan ya Rabb.
Prophets are with Allah, alaihim us-salam. People who are on their way, their hearts open up,
they become happy, they are joyful, they are praised.

O ignorant people don't fight! This world is not a small one. Inna ard? w?si’atun, says Janab ul-
Haqq, - it is wide. The world I sent you will not end. However long you walk, however much you
hoard, your greed and hunger will not simmer down. May it be opened for us O our Lord! Shahi
Mardan is adressing his friends. O friends of Shah-i Mardan! Your friends admire you! How
beautiful are your words, they clear the world's rust off us! They are a refreshment, they give
love, they give beauty, they give sweetness, they give energy, they give honour! Our Allah!
Janab ul-Haqq regards us worthy of honour. With His servanthood, Janab ul-Haqq dresses
honour on us! We are leaving our Lord's honourable service to collect the filth of satan. What a
shame! Please go on Shah-i Mardan! Help us, O mubarak (blessed) Shah-i Mardan. Everyone
admires you. Your friends admire you! May all the pain and grief be gone! May our days not be
dark! May our hearts not be dark! May our minds/thoughts not be dark! May our desires not be
dark ! Open up, open up! "Open sesame," - understand? The 40 thieves say, "Open sesame!"
Then the door opens and in they enter. Ey, that door is opened for them, bre.

Mindless people, listen to Shah-i Mardan! The words he is speaking can open treasures for you.
Not money, but treasures! Happiness is given to you; a joy, an honour, a beauty, a taste is given
to you. These favours are without limit. Our Allah, our Subhan, our Sultan, may this heaviness
be lifted from us! Shah-i Mardan is saying: If I kick this world, I want to move it from east to
west. They keep reciting satan's speech on that machine. Not a word of Allah. May they open up!
May they be refreshed! May they say: Al-hamdu Lillah wa sh-shukru Lillah, we are fine.
People, no longer say, "We are fine!" No more do people say, "We have honour! We are given
favours by our Lord, grants from our Lord beyond our wants and wishes. Thank You, Lord".
May we prostrate, make sajda to our Mawla. Please go on Shah-i Mardan! Your friends admire
you! Admirer or ayran (a yogurt drink), one asked? Yahu, when there is ayran you may drink. Do
you know ayran? Do you? What can we do? - from here and there. This is not from here and
there, these are Shah-i Mardan's words! Don't think 'yours or mine.' If he only draws his sword
and hits the world, he can split it like a melon.

There is no end and limit for the Majesty and Might of the Owner of this universe. Thus, when
He gives power to a servant, he can split the world in two. He doesn't want to divide this world.
We want our hearts to be conquered. May our hearts open up to say to our Mawla! “O our
Mawla, O our Sultan, all praises are for You, countless praises and thanks are for You, Ya
Rabbi!” He has sent His Habib, He has sent Shah-i Mardan. Those who are attending his
assemblies, O friends of Shah-i Mardan, this world and the Hereafter (?khirat) is open for you.
If you disregard dunya, the stations appointed to you in ?khirat are endless; ?khirat is limitless. O
our Lord, He sent us one from the community who can understand us, from the jamaat of Shah-i
Mardan. How beautiful, how beautiful! Wherever I looked there was a majdhub in Hijaz, he was
both, circumbulating and calling, how beautiful was his call, how beautiful was his call! He was
from the nation of Turks! A young man. How beautiful his speech was, what beauty in his words!

Beauty from its Absolute Owner is given to the ones He likes, the ones He wants, m? sh?’ All?hu
k?na, wa m? lam yash?’ lam yakun. Whatever Allah wills, that is going to happen! So run to
Allah. Whatever you say, will not happen! What you say are the words of satan! When in fact, to
special and pure servants, Allah's grants are countless. He doesn't leave us in need of this dirty
dunya! Say "Allah," Janab ul-Haqq should make you soar without wings! O Shah-i Mardan,
your friends admire you! May you glance on us, for an instant.

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