There is going to be an eclipse tomorrow. The Arabs are using one word for a solar
eclipse and another world for the lunar eclipse. The Turkish people use one word for
both eclipses. This word is “tutulmasi” and this is so easy. No thing in existence can
do anything by itself. Everything is under the Dominion of Heavens. Dominion is
more than malakut. Allah is Al Muhaymin ‘ala-l mulk wa-l malakut. Therefore this is a
very big happening through the sky and space. The sun will lose some of its light
coming through to Earth either partially or completely.

So many people say so many things about this. The Seal of Prophets too gave some
information on this. He did not however give a detailed description or definition about
this. This is because he was not authorized or ordered by Allah Almighty to give
details about everything that is to happen. Therefore he did not give complete and
full information regarding this. What was important from the Prophet (sal)’s point of
view was to call people to servanthood. As an example a person who looks after the
palace of the sultan does not give full descriptions of the construction of the palace
but instead only gives the necessary information about the palace to a person who
inquires. The Prophet (sal) has been asked to give important information on
servanthood to his Lord and therefore detailed information of some events like the
eclipse was not mentioned by the Prophet (sal).

Allah Almighty says that there are seven heavens and seven earths. We know it as
east and west or eastern countries or western countries. Now Shaitan is making
people to lose the importance of what they have been called earlier. This is like a
servant cleaning with a broom and then putting the broom away and saying that this is
not true.

The Prophet (sal) knew everything about creation. He knew more than anyone else.
Perhaps everyone else was taking all the real information from him. The Prophet (sal)
knew the reality of everything. Regarding the eclipses the Prophet (sal) was saying,
“there are solar eclipses and lunar eclipses” but he did not bring a full description on
them. He only described what was necessary. Perhaps he may say, “it is a
happening which only Allah Almighty knows.” As to what a solar eclipse or what a
lunar eclipse is he did not described. He did not say that the shadow of the moon is
falling on the sun or the shadow of the sun is falling on the moon and this is why these
eclipses take place. No he was not giving details. He was only saying that the eclipse
of the sun or the eclipse of the moon are of the big signs of the Power Attributes of
Allah Almighty.

A big sign that He is the only one who can make this happen through space, to let it
be light for a while and darkness for awhile and when the darkness disappears the
light appears. Therefore he was asking, “when there is light where is the darkness
and when there is the darkness, where is the light?” The knowledge of this is known
only by Allah Almighty. He has also given special knowledge about this to Seyyadina
Muhammed (sal). He was saying that this is ‘min ayati-llah’ that is to say a sign from
the Greatness of Allah Almighty and His mighty Attributes and that no one can prevent
it or have any influence on it. He said only this and this is what was important for his
servants. He is the only one who can command the darkness to come on the sun and
to cover it and therafter from darkness to make it bright again. This also so where the
moon is concerned.

We have never been asked to get deeply involved in finding out why the eclipses take
place or to go very deep into this. It is forbidden. You must use heavenly knowledge
to find the real cause of everything. Nothing else. But they now say so many things
and forget the most important thing. The important thing is that nothing can move by
itself or do something by itself. But Shaitanic teaching says to people don’t ask
anything about that type of knowledge, you must say that the moon’s shadow is falling
on the earth or the sun’s shadow is falling on the moon and this is how an eclipse

They give you so many interpretations on this and they finally say that it is going to be
an eclipse of the sun or an eclipse of the moon and they also say that it is of creation.
They never say that it is something that is happening and taking effect from outside.
They are giving so many reasons for the eclipse of the sun and the moon but never
that Someone is making that happen.

We however are looking and we see that the Prophet (sal) was saying that there are
some signs for this. It is not empty. It cannot be. There must be some reasons
behind this that Allah Almighty is trying to show mankind, asking to show His endless
power oceans in order to make people to bow to His servanthood and to take care.
This is the main purpose for the big signs from Allah Almighty’s endless power oceans.

People are expecting an eclipse tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be the last
Wednesday of Safaru-l Khair. It is not a coincidence. This is happening for some
reason. Allah says We are sending our heavenly signs to make people to come to the
level of servanthood. Not to try to go above servanthood. There is only Lordship.
Lordship is only for Him and it is only one and everyone else is for servanthood. Allah
Almighty is asking them to know that only He can do all things. Oh people if you are
doing something wrong, you must fear your Lord Allah Almighty as a punishment may
come either here or hereafter. There must be a warning of this. This is the warning.
This warning is given when people leave the right path and follow wrong ways. Allah
Almighty is then saying, “I am going to punish my servants.” This is a sign that
punishment is approaching mankind.

I heard today from my son-in-law that another eclipse like this after this particular one
shall only come again after 55 or 60 years. This means that it is a punishment or a
sign of a punishment that is approaching mankind on earth for their bad actions. This
is coming and will happen. After this happens for the next 55 years it will not be
happening as at that time there will only be true ones on this earth. Therefore there is
no need to warn them “you are on the wrong way, therefore correct your ways.”
Therefore after this eclipse for the next 55 years or 60 years another eclipse of the
sun is not going to take place. It is only after this that another eclipse will take place.

I am getting good tidings that the time of Imam uz Zaman Mahdi Sahib uz Zaman is just
about to appear because this is a sign for his appearance - “zuhur”. The eclipse of
the sun is a big sign. There is also going to happen an eclipse of the moon but the
more important sign is that Allah Almighty is trying to make His servants to wake up
and to look at themselves to make them to think on what they are doing as an
appearance of an eclipse of the sun is a heavenly order that there shall appear
something as a punishment. It can be earthquakes or tsunamis. The sign is that
punishment is approaching.

Make your Tauba (repentance). We are not talking about the thin lines that they say
are running across continents. They are old stories and there is no reality in them.
May Allah forgive us and protect you from the last day’s punishments. We are waiting
for the good days with Mahdi (alai) who is the Imam uz Zaman. We are waiting also for
every bad thing and falsehood to be taken away. We are waiting for the good days
and for the good works of people. We are waiting for enlightened days and
enlightened nights. May Allah forgive us.

People now are fearing and running away from their homes and putting up tents
elswhere but no one knows the time of that misfortune or earthquake. They may
expect it to be on the last day of safarul khair. If it is not happening on that day then it
might happen on the next day. If it still not happening on the next day then may be
one it will happen one week after this or may be one month after this or may be even
one year after this and then suddenly that punishment may appear. Therefore we
asking for forgiveness and that Allah Almighty protect you and us and shelters us both
here and in the hereafter. For the honour of the most honoured one in his Divine
Presence Seyyadina Munammed (sal). Fathiha.

Lefke, 28.3.2006

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