Maulana Sheikh Nazim Adams descendents: Some obeying some not

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, ya Rasulullah, Meded, Hasbi Allahu wa niamal Wakil, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Man, mankind, people, when Adam alayhi salat wa salam was landing on earth and his generation (was) spreading around this world, becoming some of them were coming to obey to their Father’s. They were trying to keep that heavenly Commands on earth, (but) some (others) of them were refusing to obey heavenly Commands and the generation of Adam a.s. (was) coming to be into two parts: one part (of his children were) obeying (the) holy Commands that he a.s. just had brought to his generation, and some others (were) making themselves free and saying that: “We are not following your Commands. We are not believing what you are saying and our feelings (are) giving to us to be free ones. We are asking freedom, we never like to be under any command, no- we like to be free ones!” So that people (were) going to be into two parties: one of them (was) asking to keep holy Commands and the second party (was) asking to be free from any Command that had been sent from Heavens to the first Prophet S.Adam a.s.

When Shaitan was thrown out and kicked down on earth, he was swearing and saying: “Oh, the Lord of Heavens! Just (Your) cursing (is) coming on me for the reason of the Children of Adam and I am going to take my revenge from his generation. I am going to run after them to prevent them not to follow Your Commands, heavenly Orders! I shall try, as much as possible, to make them not to listen (to) Your holy Commands. That cursing on me must come on them also!” And when he (was) thrown away from Heavens (and) landing on earth, from that day up today, he never rested, he never slept, he never tired, saying: “I must follow everyone from Adam’s children not to be obedient ones, (but) to be cursed ones! You are giving to them the honour to be Your representatives on earth, but I am going to run after them, not to accept to be Your representatives, but I shall make them to follow me, to be my representatives!” (And the) divinely Command (was) just addressing to (that) cursed one: ”You can do anything, if you can do. Go, Demon, and try to do what you are asking to do with them. Who is following you, with you I am catching (both of) you finally and I am putting (both of) you in fire!”

And he was beginning his importance. How he was going to do this? He was so Shaitan, so dangerous ideas, to make servants of Allah not to obey to Him Almighty. How he was successful? He was saying: “Oh children of Adam, look! Those people who are obeying to Adam, they are not free ones; they can’t do, as they like! I am calling you to be with me! I am taking (away) every order that (is) making you to be servants, (and) I am making for you an earth, a free life. Freedom for you! Come with me and live as you like! I am putting my flag that (is) written on it: Freedom! Let Adam and his obedient children to keep Orders; that is a heavy burden on them, they can’t live as they like, leave them to be suffered, to make themselves always under a control and they are preventing their desires”, because there is a heavenly Order for your desires: some of them it is okay, Halal, granted to you, and (the) second (kind of desires) is forbidden. “Who is coming with me, I am not ordering to you anything, no! I am opening for you a land that everyone may live as they like! No any obligation on you, nothing forbidden for you- nothing (is) forbidden (for those) who (are) following me!”

And from that time up today these two parties’ struggling continues, their fighting is going on, and satanic freedom is attracting people and people are running after Shaitan, because his attraction- that he is promising to people an unlimited freedom- (is) collecting people to run after him. From that time step-by-step, step-by-step people are running and asking ‘freedom’, unlimited freedom.

Now we are nearby to the Last Day of this life on this planet; we are approaching there, and you are looking and seeing everywhere that (this) satanic freedom (has) reached to (the) top point, (the) top point of ‘freedom’. Allah Almighty is making (a) ban on 8oo activities or movements or thinking in such a way; (and these) 8oo kinds of (the) satanic freedom table (board)- it is a table and it is written on it, just the Seal of Prophets brought it- it is (these) 8oo (forbidden) points that Shaitan is calling people to do them, to follow that ‘freedoms’. It is just 8oo; can’t be 801. The limit for mankind to do, (the number of) that cursed and worst movements or activities, (it is) reaching to 8oo. (There is) no more power to run after that point more, to ask more freedom. And we in our days just reached what Prophets had written on that table: 8oo forbidden works and activities. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …every forbidden thing people now are making! Now it is for them the last point of freedom, under the flag of ‘democracy’.

(The) democratic system (is) giving (to) people unlimited freedom to do everything, as they like. Nothing (is) forbidden! And people upstairs, up, people on (the) top point, (who have) unlimited freedom, they are giving much more courage to people. First they are making man to waste their precious lives with something that (has) no meaning- no any benefit (for it): billions of people Shaitan (is) making (to run after) football! What (is a) football? One ball! Billions of people- not millions-are running after that, wasting their lives for this! What is that? What is that foolishness? And, Subhanallah! I was angry with that always, because from small ones, (from) childhood, up to 3o years, people are drunk from football. I was so unhappy and I was throwing this bad desire that people (are) just running on it. Then, from our (spiritual) headquarters (they were) sending to me a message, saying:

“It is as you are saying (and) showing, that billions of people (are) just occupied with that football. Oh Sheikh of this time, you know, but we are saying to you- perhaps someone is asking: It is a very good idea (from) whom (was) bringing that football through (the) whole world. They are playing and occupying the heads of (those) people, whose heads (are) only like (that) football, nothing in it, empty heads. You must be thankful, because they have been occupied with that football. If it was not coming in acting, that football, those people, billions of people should run after worse activities that you can’t find any way to save people! (Therefore) leave them, billons, even (if) through their lives (for) some hours daily or (the) whole day or weekly they are only thinking on football and (they are) looking on it! (They are) prevented from worse activities. Leave them, but say to them that this is a shaitanic activity that (is invented) to make people not to pray! They are occupied by football and football (is) preventing them to think anything else and they are forgetting their servanthood in the divinely Presence and they are wasting their lives!”

But after this there are 799 other (things), that (are) harming humanity through their honours and destroying mankind physically and (also) destroying mankind spiritually. Full, under the umbrella of ‘democracy’.

People are running to make democracy- everyone must speak, everyone must be free, everyone (is) asking to live as he likes! But it is also a dream that (is) never going to be reality, no! They are taking up the flag of democracy and (they are) using it only for cheating people! (It is only) for (the benefit of) someones, (that they are) making (some of) common people to reach to their habits, to reach to their aims and (the majority of people) man commonly they are never given anything (of) what they are asking. (It is) never granted an absolute freedom, no, only (for) the headquarters for (that) bad system of world governing systems. It is only cheating people! They are 1st class liars, 1st class cheaters, 1st class wild people, 1st class violent people- no mercy with them, no justice with them, no any good quality with them, they are just (the) representatives of Shaitan! (The) head ones, not the feet ones! Feet ones (are) always kicked and cheated. That freedom (is) only for a few people. They like to do everything as they like, to use nations, to use men, to use women, for their bad, for their worst desires, for fulfilling (them). So that all nations, all mankind either (are) going to be the representatives of Allah or (they are) going to be cheated by devils and they are (the) representatives of (a) shaitanic life and (they are) running and running and never reaching to anything.

Oh people! We are making you to take care, it is a warning! People are every day crying and they are saying: “Ohhh, so many people (are) killed here”, “Ohhh, so many people are killed there!” We are looking that they are so sorry from bad events, but they (are) never asking what is the real reason and they are knowing nothing to stop it. If a physician (is) understanding what is (the) problem with his patient, (he) may cure that one. If he is not understanding, (there is) no cure (for the patient). Now (the) whole world is drunk and they never know how (they) should cure terrorism, never knowing how they should stop that violence on earth. I am saying: “Look (to) East and West- what you are finding? Your armies, your nuclear bombs, your tanks, your guns (are) never finishing that (terrorism), (but it is) growing up! It is like some grass- if (you are) cutting (it), after a while (it is) getting up (and growing again), because its roots (are) not taken away. Roots (are) enough (for it to grow, so that) after a while you are looking: “Ohhh, (but) we were thinking we finished it, now it is growing up (again)!”

If (you are) not reaching to (the) real cause (of a problem), (it is) impossible to finish (that violence) by guns, by planes, by rockets- you can’t do anything! You must leave Shaitan! You must understand in which trap you fall; with which trick people are coming in (Shaitan’s) trap you must know! You must know this, if not, (it is) impossible! All nations should die, but violence (is) never going to finish, until people understand (that) this is a shaitanic (that) they (are) making people to kill each other.

Allah (is) never ordering people to kill each other, but Shaitan (is) saying: “Kill and don’t be sorry! Kill them, don’t be sorry! Billions of people- let them half of it may die and then who (is) remaining, (they) may take their rest.” No, they are like that harvest field- after a while (it is) going to stand up, as it was…Until people (are) leaving Shaitan terrorism is never going to be ended!

That is only we may say. Who can understand, may save themselves. If not- leave them, don’t be sorry! (Allah Almighty was saying to the Prophet sws:) “Wa la tahsan alayhim! Oh My beloved one! Don’t be sorry for those people, whom you (are) calling to Paradise and (instead) they (are) running to Hells and burning. Don’t be sorry! You are calling them to Paradise, (but) they are refusing you and (they are) running to fire. Leave them burning!” Allah granted to His servants mind to use it and to obey through his mindly power; to choose (a) peaceful life with heavenly Commands, keeping heavenly Orders and being happy here and Hereafter. Who (is) refusing, (they) should be punished here and Hereafter. May Allah forgive us and bless you. That is only (what) we must understand.

Now we have no power in our hands. (The) power (is) through Shaitan and its representatives- we can’t do anything. “Leave them- you are not responsible for those whom they are running to fire; fire should burn them! Oh My Beloved one, don’t be sorry for them, and don’t be let your heart to be in unrest, because they are making so many tricks and traps for you and your message. Don’t worry, I am looking after them! They should find their punishment from each other. Leave them!”

Therefore- what we can do? We are waiting only (for the) heavenly Support (to) come for Allah Almighty’s good servants, even (they) may be (only a) handful people. But, as the Prophet (was) saying: “If (people) from my nation (are) on (the) same heart, on (the) same way, no any power (is) making them away, (and) they should be victorious!” We are looking (for) that ones…May Allah make it hurry to come and to save Islam and Muslims from (the) hands of devils, (the) representatives of Shaitan. As soon as possible may Allah grant us His divinely Support from Heavens for weak and poor Muslims!

For the honour of that most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 26.06.2004

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